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Alright Fellow Golarions! Thought that I had better let you know that now through July 4th all materials listed in the Thornkeep Auction House have been price slashed to 50%!

Take advantage of these savings and have a Happy 4th!
Hey Folks,
2000 coal for sale at Thornkeep for 100cp ea. First come, first served! smile
"But as always, if you have a lot to sell, it is best to sell directly to me and avoid those pesky taxes. (Did you ever think this might be a game design to encourage people to work directly together?)"

Love, when I am selling, the idea of beating taxes. Who doesn't want an extra 5%+ for their efforts? smile
Biggest issue that I have with that method is the human factor. Humans being humans are not often where they say they will be when they say they will be. Not pointing any fingers, it is just what it is and a game shouldn't take priority over real life things that pop up. It is just hard for the person waiting to remember that sometimes.

It's why I would REALLY like to see player to player contracts, ASAP…
There is a way to get off of the "blacklist" or move from "unaffiliated" and that is by asking any Commonwealth Settlement for such a move. You should indicate that you would like for it to stretch to ALL Commonwealth Settlements. We will be most happy in most cases to oblige such requests except for a few cases where some Commonwealth Settlements have unresolved issues with some persons, companies or settlements. Then some more complicated discussions will be involved.

We remain proud that the Commonwealth does not enforce all settlements to be the same and under pressure to comply with every issue or request that comes along as a policy or situation. We are a collective of free settlements. We are not an Empire of Law.

Of those that use these forums, I only see one poster that seems to repeatedly agitate, question and criticize the general policies of the new Commonwealth. I have to conclude that this is because of jealousy or direct dislike or some combination of those things. In reality we are here to make and keep some part of this game fun for all, different in different areas of the map, and be on as friendly terms as possible with our neighbor states.

It isn't the Commonwealth's duty to provide mechanics which allow more broad minded options to accomplish the things that we would like to. These very few critics, one in fact, wish to comment in a way that some could call trolling are useless unless better solutions can be shown.
Paddy Fitzpatrick

New players are unaffiliated by default unless they immediately join a settlement. Whatever policies you put in place for unaffiliated players will directly affect them. I also dont see how a reimbursement process for new players would be scalable even if it were possible not to be abused.

Finally, how many sandbox MMOs have a mechanic that explicitly marks a new player as such? Would it even be realistic to expect one?


This settlement by settlement foreign policy wrt this sort of thing seems quite cumbersome and potentially inconsistent. Is there no way to get an agreement from the entire Commonwealth all at once? I sure hope all foreign policy matters aren't settled like this.

Right. By definition "unaffiliated" catches every settlement and single players that are between ally and blacklisted. What is your point and where is your example of a system using the new tax and fee mechanics?
We are doubting strongly that newer players will be as far out as our Northern settlements , on a regular basis, before they have seriously considered joining a settlement.

I have no opinion on commonwealth taxes as your active crafting settlements are so far away from Keepers pass it never effects us.

Nevertheless this particular statement is wrong as every new player that does the beginner quest is sent out to Commonwealth territory multiple times. Though of course it may have minimal effect as the tendency of the commonwealth to use white lists has meant new players generally cannot interact with NPC's in Commonwealth towns anyway.
That is a fair point. There are two. perhaps three times that a new player would have to train at a PC settlement, while on that quest, that are nearest to Commonwealth settlements. So again, they'll be out here rarely before they need think about Affiliation. And…. What new players?

Again, I will state that there are only settings for Member, Ally, Unaffiliated and Blacklisted. That's it. If we intend that "Members and Allies" are to be exempt from increased taxes and fees, we are left with only Unaffiliated and Blacklisted players to charge for any taxes and fees. I am sure that we would be happy to reimburse new players the difference in cost for the feats that they must purchase. I can see it as being a very clunky system if handled manually but not impossible. Certainly difficult to get across to new players without tools however. Also extremely open to abuse as a "free cash" scammable pursuit.

It is no one's fault that there is not a setting for "New Players" or "Nationals" except perhaps The Devs. Pioneers using the newest mechanics always take the arrows which others so love to fire. I would like to see the plans of the other groups so that there could be comparable alternates, but those are not here….
As I said, each settlement in The Commonwealth is it's own self governing body. Those that choose to alter their blacklists may not have gotten around to doing it yet. The update has only been around for 4-5 days so I am not really surprised.

Unaffiliated players:
1. We are doubting strongly that newer players will be as far out as our Northern settlements , on a regular basis, before they have seriously considered joining a settlement.
2.As for Unaffiliated settlements, if your settlement has no serious direct intention of aggressing toward Commonwealth settlements then there is no real downside to seeking out an alliance with The Commonwealth. The expectations for alliance are low in most cases. The benefits have to be set somewhat high. If you do intend to be aggressive, well then you are stuck where you are stuck as far as being unaffiliated or blacklisted.
3.There are limited categories, such as "allied" or "unaffiliated" in which to place other groups so each needs to fall into one or another. If there were a more wide range, we would be able to have a more broad tax/fee scale.

We do not know how things will turn out from a business sense. That is kinda why we wrote that it is all subject to change as the game play develops.

Does that answer your questions?
Commonwealth General Policy

 This document is an attempt to define the general policies of The Commonwealth of The Free Highlands for the server. It is not an exacting or exhaustive document. It is subject to change after the Update EE 15 has some practical use in-game. Also, each Member Settlement is an autonomous, self governed entity. Rather, it is a guide to what non members can expect, in general, from interactions with Commonwealth members, companies and Settlements. It is my hope that any Commonwealth Settlement which chooses alternate policies than those defined here will take the time to post them below.

Status and Fees/Taxes:

As there are only a limited few settings for "status" into which characters or companies or settlements can be placed, The Commonwealth has decided to determine them in the following ways.

*The term facilities or Commonwealth facilities below refers to all services including banking, training, crafting, mule spawning, AH usage, etc…

Members: Members are, of course, the banner pledged citizens of each individual settlement. We also consider "Members" as being the same as all actual Commonwealth Allied/Partner Settlements. Since there is not a setting for "National" yet, allied full Commonwealth partners will enjoy Fees and Taxes set at the minimal level allowed throughout all the Commonwealth's settlements. For example, they will be universally allied with every other Commonwealth settlement.

Allies: The status of "Allied", while applying to both regular allies and actual Common Wealth Member Settlements, will have to work out alliance with each separate settlement of The Commonwealth. Because of mechanical limitations, Outside Allies will enjoy fees and taxation settings according to whom they are allied with and whom they are not. They may be allied with some settlements and not with others in which case they may be listed as "Unaffiliated" to parts of The Commonwealth.

Unaffiliated: This status setting will mean that while not an enemy and not an ally, characters or companies or settlements will have full access to Commonwealth facilities but will pay Fees/Taxes of between the mechanical minimum and 1/2 the allowed maximum throughout all Commonwealth settlements and holdings for facility usage.

Blacklisted: Characters or companies or settlements that are Blacklisted may possibly still be able to use the facilities of Commonwealth settlements as determined by individual Commonwealth local authority. Such Blacklisted characters, companies or settlements will, however, pay the maximum Fees/Taxes allowed by game mechanics.

Hunting and Gathering:

The Commonwealth claimed territory is open to both hunting(escalations) and gathering by outside persons or groups with the following restrictions. If an escalation is clearly being worked by someone, i.e. it is reducing by 20% or more per server day, it is "hands off" to outside parties. Clearly Commonwealth members are working it. As to gathering, The Commonwealth will not interject against Ally or Unaffiliated gathering that does not reduce any material below the second level of abundance. Blacklisted players will possibly be attacked. Allied or unaffiliated seen gathering below those levels will be possibly attacked. There will be (possibly) other repercussions as well.
@ Paddy

Were you around when UO had the pickpocket mechanic? They dropped it eventually (I think) because of player complaints. I have often thought that it might have been problematic mostly because of how they designed it to work that made it more annoying.

Some of those earlier tried mechanics for games should be looked into and tried again with more well thought out workings. They might actually be attractive if revisited and built better. smile
Bolos that add the "Stand and Deliver" message. The message should be presented overhead and in the chat box. Most will miss it if only in the chat box.

I do not see that it should be anymore of a powerful skill than any other similar role's skill but I can see no reason that it shouldn't be just as powerful as the best of any other role's immobilize and slow skill.

Note: Keep it as simple as possible or it will be years before they can get it in. smile