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@ Bob

In the Settlement management window we used to be able to see what the exact weekly costs were for upgrading or downgrading settlement levels. Why is that information gone now?
Edit: apologies Bob. I found that info.

Also, how can we upgrade to the "temporary freebie" levels. Do we still need to wait for DI to catch up in some cases?
A new Era has birthed. Long live The Prepared!

Congrats to The Team! This one was a Bear.
Thank you. smile
@ Bob

Question about Fees/Taxes. We will have the tools to set these at certain percentages but even if set at 0%, will there still be existing minimal Fees/Taxes? If so will this be universal for all types of Fees/Taxes, just some, or not at all?

Thank you!
Congrats Guys! <crosses fingers>

There is also the possibility of a pickpocket attack that randomly loots the inventory if used when a target is stunned.

Some care needs to be taken with banditry as if it flips to far the other way and becomes too easy it will become the default way to play the game with no-one bothering to gather or craft smile

That is actually an interesting idea for how the mechanic could play out….
I always did believe that Cole could magik the cure. Just a bit of code. smile
Perhaps there should be a "Stand and Deliver" rogue expendable that essentially 'stuns' a character. A high Recovery score (I believe that would be the appropriate counter) or some spell or feat that would 'shrug off' the effect would counter the effect.

Maybe this already exists. I really haven't explored the rogue expendables. Just a thought.

We were thinking very much along these lines. I don't think anything quite right exists at the moment, but there are some definite possibilities here.
Some sort of love needs to be given to that style of gameplay as soon as can be fit in. It is a segment of the market that is currently one of this game's most neglected. The alternative being only an option to kill the bandit's target which ends up causing probably more customer dissatisfaction (overall on all sides) than a workable alternative. I know that I would not really enjoy having to Type: Stand and Deliver! while also trying to keep in contact with a target. Relying on a fleeing target to read chat also seems problematic.

Along the lines of the old blind/hideout theme. I liked the idea that such things might have a "stun" or "root" zone of affect. You do have to be cautious that something like that not be abused. I think that is the hardest part.

Even though not planning on ever playing a bandit myself nor planning to ever make it easy to be robbed myself, I think that it would be a pretty neat form of play (overall) to have in the game if there were ways to do it without having to get killed and options to not have to kill to "Get'R'Done".

Get that plague under control, Cole! Hope you feel better soon.
Thx for the response, Bob.

I see things like this making more sense when compared to things that are designed to counter entire systems.

Not sure it would be satisfactory for everyone but it addresses at least one issue.