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Pretty much in agreement with Rynnik on this even though I am personally not a random player ganker, ever plan to be one, or really love getting ganked. When I saddle up a large load of raw mats or "crafteds" and have to move them a long way I do enjoy the feeling that I am doing something potentially dangerous.

Yeah, if I feel that way I can just opt to flag up. Why would I or the average trader do so though? That, I feel, will lead to many getting the "easy street" they "think they want" and consequently getting bored from the total lack of risk involved..

It is nice to "feel" something other than completion of a time killing chore. Besides, if I can transport valuables willy-nilly and without risk, it would really screw with any active populated economy.
Is coming across a character pulling a mule along and killing the character and mule to see whats in there a "random" gank?
Is coming across a character alone and killing her to see what is in backpack inventory a "random" gank?

Is it just the word "gank" that is the problem?
The Eternal Balance
The explanation is appreciated Edam.

Flari-Merchant & OrinSanders suggestions are both excellent ones.

I am wondering if any player divided the number of hours they logged into the game by the number of times they have experienced PvP in PFO in the last 3 years what the quotient would be? Something Undefined or equal to the dividend for many? Something half or a third the value for most others?

I also wonder what the mysterious Effort Bonus column in the Official Spreadsheets next to the different Outpost types refers to?
You know, one of the most disappointing things about the game's development direction since the very earliest versions was a serious fear/concern that PVP would get completely toxic and out of hand. Thus the trending development has been to nerf that possibility without trying to make PVP to be fun and rewarding. It seems like the first wave of population loss was those that had signed up for exciting PVP, even though they were willing(for the most part) to accept the whole reputation thing and other original proposed checks and nerfs. The things that would still allow PVP to be actually FUN were never developed while more nerfs were piled on.
I write that this is a disappointing trend because it has resulted in large exodus' of regular players while PVP never really ever got out of hand. I do not count PVP forum smack talk as "toxic" PVP. All of the fear/concern never happened.

I, to my shame, was a huge pre game advocate toward nerfing PVP. smile

I do acknowledge that PVP, if it did get out of hand, might have negative affects. Yet you shouldn't say you have a game wherein PVP is supposed to be a big component and nerf it to the point that PVP enthusiasts lose interest.

Edit: To answer that question I would say that early game PVP(all kinds lumped as one) was experienced by myself, and turned out to be more fun than I thought, about 5-10%. Last 3 years .0001% or less.
Might be interesting if the Officer skill could enable some bit of control over your Thorn Guards for both PVE and PVP defensive actions.

But I know: Coding, coding, coding…
I have the impression that it is more a matter of new "try it out" players commenting in game that the world seems and feels empty. That being assumed as a "negative" feeling and harming new player retention in many(not all) cases.

A genuine problem, but moving settlements in closer to TK will not help. People are not standing around in town waiting to wave at passing players and chat to them. They are logging in, grabbing power and ammo or gusher kits and then almost immediately heading out to get some work done. Or they have their head stuck in a vault and have no idea who else is around.

If the issue is the towns look empty you need to do something to get players to stand a character around in town. Maybe spawn some of those loot goblins people talked about earlier at random times in settlements near TK and have them run off when spotted.

That may be a better solution and cause less drama. There are lots of other ways to make a game world feel alive as well. More interactive NPCs, quests, and just plain a larger pop. All of these things need some level of coding that Paizo just can't afford right now.

Talk about your "rock and a hard place"
It seems to me that if players really wanted to encounter each other more often, they'd already be doing that. They'd have found a way. Which leads to the conclusion that the current player base, by and large, is already encountering each other roughly about as much as they want to, and shrinking the map won't increase their collective fun.
I have the impression that it is more a matter of new "try it out" players commenting in game that the world seems and feels empty. That being assumed as a "negative" feeling and harming new player retention in many(not all) cases.

Not so much about how the few or a dozen or twenty(whatever it is) feel about player density. Many still here seem to enjoy mostly doing their own thing and grouping up once in a while with others still hanging in there. smile
We'll have to see if Bob decides to float some ideas that would make it completely painless for everyone if the map were "shrunked". That might be interesting to read. smile

For the most part though, I am really agreeing with those that see it as an exercise in futility. Even if I was behind some form of it before.

One thing is certain. The focus of this game is to be very "niche" but it is a little too "niche" in this current incarnation to succeed at all.
Most threads do swerve off topic.

I would not be too concerned. There is little likelyhood of Paizo doing something so drastic with so few of player base supportive of it. smile

On the "Fun With Content" track, and without that nasty "coding requirement" stuff, it would be nice if some benefactor could have maybe one day a month@ one hour that he would exchange T1 tokens for like 1cp/2 tokens situation until the excess is reduced. I have noticed that they do drop less often than back in the day, so that is nice.

Now the "salvaged ammunition" is starting to pile up to the point that it can't be sold very fast even in the AH. So there is that too…
Well if such a large adjustment is made, I certainly hope it would be for the good of the game. Quite a bit could change(for the overall better) and if it really made the pop explode, I think I would stick around/come back more actively.

That includes major personal character sacrifices. For the best interests of the game really improving.
I am just not seeing how shrinking the map while leaving the "Old Order" standing but some of its members damaged would really solve anything. Something so drastic would only be fair if it affected the entire base equally(as suggested in the thread "Start Over"smile and even then probably would not make the game suddenly massively attractive to new players.

Lots of things probably need fixing first.

For me, it would be fun for the game to be totally new and the whole "race" to start again for all.