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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

That's a detailed answer and makes sense. Thank you. smile
Hmmm… I guess that you missed the thread wherein I agreed to an idea to add a cost for High Sec hexes. I just disagreed with Low Sec hexes getting an income bonus.

PVP isn't anathema to me at all. I champion for it all the time, especially better mechanics for both loot and banditry. I think that you know that or you do not retain your reading or you just don't read the forums. Will state again, as I always have, that the "open world PVP vibe" really isn't the intended structure of environment that The owners and developers want for the game, as far as I know anyway.

This "zone" type setting we have now is mostly beneficial to new players without developed skills. I gather almost exclusively in areas that are totally open to PVP at all times. IMO, your dissatisfaction with PVP is mostly a symptom of lack of players in the game. You find it hard to find them.

A little forethought and a feud could be one solution for you.
@ Bob

I have a wonder about this:

"•If the amount of DI banked in any Development Index is above the Max DI for that Index, the settlement will shut down. Settlement leaders can reactivate the settlement at any time by downgrading and/or destroying the settlement’s structures until the DI requirements are met."

The whole goal is to build DI potential. Couldn't extra over max just be "lost" as it is/was with influence? Shutting down the whole settlement for going over a bit in one Index seems a bit counter intuitive to building "cushions" as well as harsh.

All you have to do is feud the particular group that you are after. Then you're good to go anywhere but TK.

Your idea would be alright and I wouldn't object to it if the game's focus was on uncontrolled PVP, but it isn't. The focus has always been on PVP for reasons worthy of at least feuding groups mostly, with some ways (a few small ones) to just kill for the sake of killing-to add some danger and risk elements.

I can understand that you want more options for unrestricted PVP but really, that wasn't in the original plan, nor is it what a majority of players here signed up for.
Edit: Removed. Going to make sure I grasp the system fully before I start the questions.
Thanks for the update, Bob. Don't work yourselves sick. smile
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Always happy to help brings smile


Yeah it was a bit of a tangent but not completely unrelated. We don't want to lie to new players by claiming we are one thing and then having a completely different culture when people get here. That's what I was going for with regards to identity and culture. What is the character of said group and the people in it?

To approach it from another angle, lets say that the impossible happened and Dun Baile joined this Commonwealth of yours. What would change and what would stay the same? What could I expect to see in my day to day life?
Honestly I think that you are getting a little too deep here. lol What is a day in the game life that you experience right now? Do you look for and do escalations as a group while some of you choose to gather and others move bulk around? Do you fight when you have to and/or when you want to? Do you work as a group to help each other meet gates or get influence through all of that? I expect that you do.

That's about it. smile There are no lies anywhere in anything posted herein.

But, this isn't a philosophical discussion thread. It should be moved elsewhere.

PS: What would change in your daily play if Dun Baile joined The Commonwealth?
Would have to know what your day is like now, Paddy. Something that I have no real idea about… Except banditry against non enemies would have to leave your realm of options.
Hmmm… hadn't really thought that I was advertising to attract new players here… You were asking about culture. Which is not really the same thing and is pretty much stated all through this tread. Though I feel that culture is probably more important to me in looking for a group to join.

Is there something to do in this game that some groups never do? I doubt that very much. What I'll say to that question is that things are "Under Development".

Is that closer to what you are phishing for? smile
Looking forward to reading it.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Hang in there Paddy. The only reason to keep playing is having faith that GW can pull off some miracle moves/mechanics that draw and hook new players eventually. Then you can re-start all that you worked so hard for back then.

You are one of the few groups that boot-strapped your own settlement against opposition and that is kinda historically important.

Well you will be happy to know (in case you somehow haven't noticed yet) I am back.

So I discovered very recently that interesting stuff is happening and it is the kind of interesting I liked. So I'm back to what is obviously everyone's delight smile
I am happy to know that you are back. Kinda knew you couldn't stay away. smile