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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Paddy Fitzpatrick
No Dictators. Freedom of self governance. Guaranteed back-up when you need help with anything from building to crafting to sensible military matters. More players to do content with. Assured access to high level training. Smart economics. No EVIL, thank you.

That's about it.

PS-Don't let Paddy yank your Freedom Tethers guys. smile

So how are you different from us in those regards? We have all those things in multiple settlements across the map and we also got no dictators, several training level 20 capable settlements, always got folks to play with, will hook you up with everything you need, and so on. These are all things any alliance worth their salt wpuld provide. My question is what stands out about you guys, what kind of identity do you guys foster? What kind of culture does the group have?

Everyone knows who we are, what we are about, and our identity and unique things we bring to the table are easy to pinpoint.

Of course there is alignment but until more mechanics come in it is just philosophical debates and making alignment claims for advertising to new recruits smile
I suppose that the only difference is that We are primarily builders, while you are primarily(or so you project) about being bandits. It's just a playstyle choice. It is a cultural difference, however.

We plan on being just as aggressive as anyone in terms of securing territory to successfully run our alliance. We plan to have top tier training. We definitely have the numbers now to achieve all of that without difficulty and to maintain it. We are about negotiating first but the ultimate form of political negotiation is war and we will not shy from it if no other options work.

I don't think that anyone has claimed The Commonwealth to be much different than any other alliance. We are currently just "Mo Bigger" than any other.

Have you seen some post that states we claim to be different or "better" than any other alliance, or is it that you just can't stand that another group wants to let the server know they are there and what they are about?
Fult knows nothing about economy, but Fult would like an engineer to craft a market stall or a cart for Fult. So when Fult comes back in town with loot, Fult can install the stall or the cart in town and sell goods even if Fult goes back fighting. Fult knows stalls not as good as studios because studios always there while stalls are disassembled at the end of the day when Fult is asleep. But Fult likes to think if Fult sees stalls in a city, it means life, colors, and it means people are busy somewhere.

Sure, Fult could move a stall or cart in another city and sell things, but at the end of the day, the goods would have to go in the local vault, so it is only useful in towns with no auction house and Fult would have to go there to reinstall the stall. Lot of work. Better to use auction houses. But it can be fun to say "Hey! Fult will be in your town for a few hours with lot of things to sell. Only today so buy quick quick!"
That is actually an intriguing idea you have there, Fult. +1
@ Bob

I know I'm pushing my luck here bugging you so much, but… Would it be possible to just connect the character's "History" tab to all AHs on the server?
Ideally there are benefits and downsides to all security settings. Bob and crew set it up that way. I believe that it is part of a more evolved vision for the game. It adds depth. It allows some areas to be free of all but feud based PVP. It allows some areas where anything goes.

As is, it is inviting to a broader audience than an OWPVP game and getting some more broad appeal of features into this game is one of the best things they can do to keep it running and get it going. I am not saying that PVP is not needed. It most definitely is needed as part of a balanced game.

Whether it should cost anything, and what that should be, to set security levels is probably not a great direction to go in. Not if it sets High security at a cost and low security at an extra earning advantage. Seems foolish to punish player groups that want you to have to feud them if you want to attack them while at the same time being rewarded for getting the game state that YOU want to play in.
If you want to PVP penalty free, spend some Inf to do it. Man up.

Coin will always seem meaningless as long as there is too much floating around. Coin NEEDS to have some mechanics that drain it from play. Perfect opportunity right there.
Is it worth 25 influence points to surprise a character that believes he is safe in a High Security hex? Not knowing that a feud is incoming or active is the character's fault.

Defeating the entire purpose of those hexes with a 30 sec action is not that character's fault or worth paying for.
- having it take coins to set high security . ? uggg no !
Holdings deal with bulk resources for operating cost -
The guards come from the bulk being put into the vault or it is shut down for the day- no guards, trainers etc (i.e meaning by default it should shift to low security setting- maybe a reduction for low security is enough to make it run effectively and not get shut down every few days ).

Besides if the cost was coins what would balance the equation for the low security setting? Would hexes placed in low security gain coin everyday and medium hexes would just be 0 coin cost?

The most logical thing in my mind is bulk usage cost- anything else just sounds wonky .
Low security should not get anything. What low security is amounts to "open zone" for those that prefer and enjoy PVP. As far as I can tell, this game is wanting to attract the types(mostly) of players that "like PVP" but are willing to go through the process of using feuds to get it. Notice that I wrote "mostly". Your advantage is open free PVP which is a bonus, not something you should earn or gain from.
Ok. Just checking. Thank you for responding. smile
How about it cost coin instead? Either way, the benefits seem worthy of paying for. Edited.
@ Bob
Would you be able to get in a simple notification of buys/sells or a remote viewing feature to see these new AHs along with the introduction of this?

It might go down a bit easier if we could see these locations if you think that having many more about the map really is better. One of the main objections is having lots of extra places to run to and check if they are supposed to be loot and far range gather dumping sites…