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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Thanks, Bob. You guys are obviously making progress! smile
Thanks for the numbers, Bob.

Can you tell us what % of training fees will go to "sink hole" so we can know what part goes to a settlement? smile
I am curious as to why you would want a Level 20 support town with a +0 Keep and single +0 large building.

A town with a +5 keep and single +5 building to provide training not available elsewhere makes some limited sense (though you are investing a lot into a +5 keep to support just one other +5 building) but why level 20 support in that case?

Or is this all just a hypothetical scenario to get a better understanding of the math?[/quote]

That's correct
Your 2nd paragraph is more like what I was talking about. I didn't say that I would want it. I wanted an example to extrapolate from… Be sure that I understand the math.
Thanks for not just posting "yeah that would be great, blah, blah, blah…", Guys! smile
So you think that Bulk costs will roughly be 2x what they are now. I doubt that you plan such for DI but what about coin upkeep? Will that be 2x what is listed in the wiki?/quote]

The Bulk/Coin/DI costs listed in the wiki for the individual structure upgrades should all be accurate now. I've got what I hope are final numbers for the settlement level upkeep, which are as you say roughly 2x the current numbers for settlement level upkeep (more than double at the low end, less than double at the high end). However, since you only pay half the difference between what you're already paying for structures and what you need to pay for your targeted settlement level, that essentially means that an empty settlement can get support bulk upkeep roughly similar to what's currently being paid.

For coin, if memory serves, I think it's around 1 SP per week for level 9, ramping up to around 24 SP per week for level 20. Again, you'd only pay half that if you skipped the structures and just paid for the support. I'm pretty sure those numbers are close, but don't quote me on them quite yet. I've left myself a reminder to post them on Monday morning when I get back into the office.

When you have a wee bit of free time, could you show what a specialty settlement that wanted lvl20, a keep and a large building would cost? I hate to be a pest but I still don't feel confident I grasp every thing.
I do not mean "yeah that would be great, blah, blah, blah…". I mean BEFORE OE. What little tweaks could make TTers feel a more recognized "atmosphere" when they play? Why isn't this a priority in planning or is it?

-Spells(cleric and Wizard) should be useable like scrolls and there should be success/fail rules for using them correctly
-There should be recognizable recipes to make pfrpg named gear
-There should be some way to make some NPC interaction and quests (more of them)

What else?
Hey Bob,

So you think that Bulk costs will roughly be 2x what they are now. I doubt that you plan such for DI but what about coin upkeep? Will that be 2x what is listed in the wiki?

Previous owners can't access secure vaults unless A: their co has access to the new holdings vaults(i.e. not blacklisted), or B: Retakes and rebuilds a company holding that they can access.

plz correct if I'm mistaken, Bob. smile

–but yeah, the lack of warfare "lootz" is not helping PVP grow and mature in this game–
Thanks for the update, Bob.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Coalition did it twice actually, first with Mediash then with Dun Baile.

Plus side, we already got two nearby settlements which cover all our needs. So transferring Dun Baile wont disrupt anything.

I am going to wait and see what happens. After the current support mechanics were complete it really took the wind out of the sails. Hopefully someday I will return home again.
True. My mistake! smile