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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Hang in there Paddy. The only reason to keep playing is having faith that GW can pull off some miracle moves/mechanics that draw and hook new players eventually. Then you can re-start all that you worked so hard for back then.

You are one of the few groups that boot-strapped your own settlement against opposition and that is kinda historically important.
@ Bob

Heya! Hope things are progressing well enough. Do you think that there would be any value in wiping Blacklist Settings when you publish EE 15? Or mainly putting in a command to so do individually by settlement? My main issue is that much of what is set now for at least our alliance, "The Commonwealth", we would like reset and operable from scratch. That is some 9+ operating settlements and kind of a chore to manually fiddle with still at the current iteration.

Would any other settlements out there like a similar fresh shot at a clean slate for EE 15?
End of an Era…

Well written too, BTW. smile
@ Bob

Hiya! Here is a new one for you. How difficult would it be to make Settlement Chat persistent until server down? Almost like a daily message board no matter when you log in during the daily cycle? How hard to turn "Help" into Alliance chat?

Or some more reasonable combination of the above…
Latest list is posted.

T2 arrows just will not stay in stock - I believe someone checks every day.

I will take orders for anything you want (assuming I can make it).

My Bowyer is also close to a second type of T2 arrow, so we may have some more soon.

Sounds like the ideal situation. Congrats! smile
Thanks for looking into that and the adjustments, Bob. smile
Need more map reveal for those to be useful.
Well, that is a lot of explaining away the simple truth that the developer team got axed before they actually finished building the world, which included water in the rivers. I had to laugh about "the Earthly Exsiccation" though, I am sure the vets will embrace that. smile

For real now, the ToT will make short work of this unfinished part of the world. The current vets may be forgiving but the masses will not. It will function as a big red flag to all the other unfinished stuff, like all those bridges being dragged and dropped between two banks without much attention to smooth transitions to the roads they connect to. And it being the same bridge a hundred times over…. or the fact that lots of those bridges do not even make sense, even if there *was* water in the rivers.

I am still subbing an account, I am still hugely interested in the project and vision and I am amazed at the amount of work this small team is doing when it comes to the mechanics. But I feel the game is still aimed straight for the abyss if Worldbuilding, graphics and animations will get no love up to the moment the ToT are invited.

I know it is expensive, I have no other solution other then Lisa finding an investor after all. I hope Paizo will give that another go once you guys have all the mechanics into place. It is not that you are trying to pitch a mere idea by now: you have a working game with almost fully fleshed out mechanics and working servers. And even a small, dedicated population. That is nothing to sneeze at.

Who knows, the market may be more interested now in funding. But please, do not put this on Steam while there is still no water in the rivers. smile
It would be an awesome distraction tactic if it included some kind of server mega quest to solve while the team got actual water, bit by bit, drawn into a backup copy to reveal as the quest was completed… smile
…. 700 of each bulk a week gets you level 20 support but very low level training/facilities. If you want to go to the other extreme and get level 20 training/facility on everything 24/7 (equivalent to a current level 20 settlement) you will need to find 1475 of every resource a week instead.
Interesting as I had thought that was a set of game-able results that GW was most interested in avoiding for many reasons…

Those are in fact the correct numbers you were looking for. And you're correct that we've moved away from making the support requirements quite as harsh. We decided quite a while back to look into ways to let settlements have more support than was strictly available from the structures themselves, as long as that support was at a reasonable price. Yes, you can get pure support at level 20 for half the cost of actually having the structures, but then you have to train elsewhere, and you can't charge other people for making use of your structures. That should make for a reasonable tradeoff, and still make settlements that just want their support for PvP purposes have to work for it.

And, if it doesn't turn out to be quite restrictive enough, we could always add some requirements along the way so that your settlement has to be somewhat developed before you can even choose the higher settlement levels. Probably overkill at the moment.
Thinking about things… I agree that the effort to get support to lvl 20 in an easier fashion than was previously shown to us is probably a good move at this time of lower population levels.
Well it certainly is true that no one(I know of) has reached out publically or privately about any sort of "Building Arrangement" hehe, so I suppose that your observations and assumptions about us wanting to be our own little kings are spot on. smile