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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Hey Bob,

So you think that Bulk costs will roughly be 2x what they are now. I doubt that you plan such for DI but what about coin upkeep? Will that be 2x what is listed in the wiki?

Previous owners can't access secure vaults unless A: their co has access to the new holdings vaults(i.e. not blacklisted), or B: Retakes and rebuilds a company holding that they can access.

plz correct if I'm mistaken, Bob. smile

–but yeah, the lack of warfare "lootz" is not helping PVP grow and mature in this game–
Thanks for the update, Bob.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Coalition did it twice actually, first with Mediash then with Dun Baile.

Plus side, we already got two nearby settlements which cover all our needs. So transferring Dun Baile wont disrupt anything.

I am going to wait and see what happens. After the current support mechanics were complete it really took the wind out of the sails. Hopefully someday I will return home again.
True. My mistake! smile
Hang in there Paddy. The only reason to keep playing is having faith that GW can pull off some miracle moves/mechanics that draw and hook new players eventually. Then you can re-start all that you worked so hard for back then.

You are one of the few groups that boot-strapped your own settlement against opposition and that is kinda historically important.
@ Bob

Heya! Hope things are progressing well enough. Do you think that there would be any value in wiping Blacklist Settings when you publish EE 15? Or mainly putting in a command to so do individually by settlement? My main issue is that much of what is set now for at least our alliance, "The Commonwealth", we would like reset and operable from scratch. That is some 9+ operating settlements and kind of a chore to manually fiddle with still at the current iteration.

Would any other settlements out there like a similar fresh shot at a clean slate for EE 15?
End of an Era…

Well written too, BTW. smile
@ Bob

Hiya! Here is a new one for you. How difficult would it be to make Settlement Chat persistent until server down? Almost like a daily message board no matter when you log in during the daily cycle? How hard to turn "Help" into Alliance chat?

Or some more reasonable combination of the above…
Latest list is posted.

T2 arrows just will not stay in stock - I believe someone checks every day.

I will take orders for anything you want (assuming I can make it).

My Bowyer is also close to a second type of T2 arrow, so we may have some more soon.

Sounds like the ideal situation. Congrats! smile
Thanks for looking into that and the adjustments, Bob. smile