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The balance was actually set around never being able to use those spots for typical structures, so we'd discussed eventually creating some more decorative things that could be put there, or at least structures that filled an entirely different role. However, that would again require a lot of art work, and therefore wouldn't likely get done very soon.

There a few other options here:
  1. You could just make them very large versions of the infrastructure wells and statues. Basically giving a little bit of DI at the expense of Bulk
  2. An alternative would be allow them to be built on but have a mechanic where only two of the three large structures can be on "active" any time. On any given week the settlement owner must choose which one to "disable" for that week. The downside of gaining this flexibility could be an ongoing bulk cost for such structures even when disabled.
  3. You could allow them be be built on BUT have a structure limit on the settlement. For example if you want three large structures you need to leave two medium or 4 small vacant or the equivalent, a medium and two small, vacant (I made those numbers up but it gives an idea of the concept).
Faction Chapter Houses?
One minor point. Currently wearable gear above +0 looks and behaves identical to +0. There is likely to be very little market for wearable gear (jewellery, boots, helms packs etc) above +0 in the current iteration of the game.
I'm looking forward to how wearables and enchanting work together, but yeah, +'s do nothing ATM.

A question about all gushers:

Do you think that increased material regen rates are why, even though there may be 10 material types in a certain node in a hex, gushers in that hex and specific node types always seem to be only of a few types?
Contracts were very high on the list of things we wanted to include in the roadmap, but they just didn't quite make the cut. Hopefully we'll be able to take another look at them soon.

I'll bet that most of us really underestimate how very "trade friendly" and convenient contracts would be for the entire server. If they were done well, as a mechanic. Imagine not having to rely on others being there at specific times to trade things.

Just saying….
What would Y'all think about one of the perks of Factions, whatever they are, to be quests through which players can earn "faction tokens" to earn not only faction favor but also the ability to buy more xp for your character?
-Paizo can control how many such quests can be done per server day thus controlling rate of earning
-It is a way for returning characters to catch up xp lapses
-It is not unfair as ALL can earn the extra xp
-The "faction tokens" could have to be matched with azoth to become "xp" so Paizo loses no revenue potential
-It increases daily activities which players can do and possibly even social activities
- The coming "Social Companies" would be a perfect and simple way for Bob and Cole to create GM run Factions
etc., etc…
So each settlement that wants to maintain 20 will need roughly 12.5 perfect 800 hex +3holding sets or some combination that equals 1512 of each type of Bulk coming in weekly? Edit: Oops, that plus whatever it takes to upkeep those holdings which is… 29 Bulk daily or 203 more weekly, each holding

Honestly not sure if that is "crazy a lot" or barely doable or fairly easy. I'll have to look about and see. Thanks for the numbers, Sir. smile
Thanks Bob. This really helps take the pressure off the play-time, making it seem more like it isn't necessary to be 100% focused on gathering, gathering and gathering when logged in. For myself anyway. smile

Are there firm numbers for the totals for upkeeps at various settlement levels yet?
"provided the actual settlement level is 20 or above"

Is the "above" there a typo or will we eventually be able to have settlement levels above 20 ?

Good catch. Just a copy/paste typo, now fixed.
Darnn it! I'm ready for T4!
I really do think that almost everyone remotely believing that they should be The Leader when they come back and that they should be able to come back to a "paused game" will respond to a challenge. That right there will put a serious crimp on things like take aways.

We really have NO IDEA what these absentee leaders really think about expecting what to find when they come back. We here now, though, do have a duty to secure all of not just the current subscribed players have been working for but these absentee players as well.

You can look at it emotionally if you like or you can look at it practically. In my mind, if I were coming back from a long hiatus, I would expect that there were probably going to be some changes and that the situation of "The Game" politically will have changed.

I would be darned thankful if "My Company" were still there and I was still part of it. Possibly still put back as leader.

Do some of you really not expect that if your company is a security risk to a settlement that you will find that hole plugged because…. common sense? These will boil down to extreme cases, I am fairly sure, and I really hope that no one is able to abuse this system. And no you can't control every danger about losing thru back doors, but you probably should control the ones that you see and can control.

But just like leaving that hole open and losing a settlement (too bad), closing that hole and losing a company could be just as important(too bad). This is supposed to be (at least in theory) a territorial conquest and control game, right?