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Caldeathe Baequiannia
I agree that things need to be done right, although I don’t understand the desire to protect former subscribers who have for all intents and purposes, exited the game. They are not paying customers.
Maybe because most of us did not expect to still be paying for an incomplete game for three and a half years after we started paying?
More than a couple of things strike me as being worthy of borrowing your example as an illustration, Cal, and I hope that you will not mind. You where very heavily invested in PfO with more than a cpl accounts, numerous companies, and a legit claim (probably) on more than one settlement. For your own reasons (probably common reasons) you decided not to play anymore. These companies and settlements still have "Leader" tags on them.

There is a difference here though.

You are still in frequent contact with those who are still playing and still running what you left behind. You are non hostile to those people. You are always willing to help get done what can't get done without you still being here.

That isn't a universal situation.
Hopefully our change in alliance name and reminder of separate settlements combining to govern our territories will help get the message across in a better, more complete way. While The Commonwealth is proud and supportive of the distinctness of all of it's member settlements, it is NOT based on the outlook of just one settlement.

*The Commonwealth is NOT Lawful Good.
*The Commonwealth is just Not Evil.
*Commonwealth citizen's should not all be expected to act Lawful Good or be expected to present themselves as such. They are individuals.
Hi,Lisa! smile

I've got a burning question. When we refer to the Org that is developing this game now, should we be using "GW" or "Paizo"? I am not quite sure and feel a bit funny not knowing. smile
What listing tax ?

There used to be a listing fee but it was abolished years ago.

These days there is only a AH tax if an item actually sells.
You are right. It's a sales tax. Thank you for the correction.
One further thought that I had almost forgotten: When you are sending the player to a "Player run Settlement" with the idea to train one or more skills and get next destination, isn't that kind of a roll of the dice for that player? A player settlement could be closed to them through lists, "shut down" or simply not have the buildings that offer the training.

Questers already have enough running to do don't they? Might be better, for "training tasks" to always send them to an NPC Sett. Or maybe "instruct" to ask in Gen Chat to be sure there is a nearby Sett with the buildings they need?

I tried to only send questers to player settlements when those feat ranks aren't available at NPC settlements. Ideally we'd have some in-game ways for players to see which player settlements would work for them, but for now giving them some advice on finding one is a good idea. I'll file a bug report to look into that.
Or get rid of the lazy option of white lists and "allies only" altogether smile

I am aware that people like white lists as it lets them block people they are in dispute with without having to track down all their alts and companies individually however they are a real PITA for new players.
They don't have to be PITAs for new players that are not affiliated with a group that another feels is "unsavory". Any settlement that builds and supports it's own buildings should definitely have the option of deciding who trains there. Blacklisting alone can serve that, though. A problem with "unaffiliated" is that I can drop group and pay a little extra coin for the skill levels that are not currently supported by my circumstances.
I think that some groups have been accidentally lumped into "Unaffiliated" is the same as "blacklisted" as happened with Staalgard. That can be fixed. Cleaning out a large blacklist of individual players is the real PITA in the room.
I spent 3+ hours over two days this weekend trying to find *magic using skeletons* in the Skeletal Uprising Home hex where the Finding Your Path quests sends you. I tried both simply running through every group on the map to see which ones attacked with spells (which didn't work - there was only a single skeletal caster in the whole hex) as well as killing every skeleton I came across. I finally found and killed 5, but not until I would have become very frustrated as a new player. Maybe 3 would be a better number since they seems so rare?

My hunch is the skeletal mages only appear when the home hex escalation has dropped in percentage. Problem being, that is a very good hex for running gushers and people keep killing off the home hex boss to reset the escalation thereby making running gushers easier smile

Overall, the main complaint i have heard concerns the continual running home to TK to hand in the quest and get the new quest. Something easily solved. Simply have the initial quest giver send you to talk to someone in a nearby town who gives you the local quest and when you report back to them sends you to the next location.
For the most part you are sent to local quests. A few LONG range runs to quests are in there but you are not sent all the way back to TK between each quest.

All of the first 1/2 or so are with in one or two hexes of TK.

P.S. Finding skeletal mages is nothing but frustration. Especially since it is the task right after one of the really LONG runs of the quest line. Notice that no one is complaining about the scarcity of any other Mob-kill-task for this Mega Quest.
@ Bob

Just a simple curiosity motivated question for Ya. I wouldn't mind reading Lisa's, Cole's and anyone else's picks on this. Purely hypothetical as I know we are no where near this point yet. Also, not trying to lock you down. This is speculation

Here we go: If you were at a place where you wanted to introduce Factions to the game and you could only start the mechanic with 3 separate factions from PFRPG, which 3 would you start with?

Thanks All who reply!
I should add that I don't think adding characters able to auto earn xp to an account would harm GW's bottom line. It may alter the economic balance in-game as there would be a bit more possible gathering/refining/crafter toons, which could be bad or good, but I think it is the best bet for increasing value to a subscription without raising the costs to play a "work in progress".
My support of it is about multiplying the customer base. There are so many games out there, developed with 10's of millions of dollars and huge staffs, which offer grandiose sets of developed features, eye candy, polished visual/sound effects, etc… where I can have LOTS more characters and explore LOTS more content because of that.

Why am I here instead? Because this game has my group of game buddies in it, this game is HARD and I like that, this game just has SOMETHING even if it just potential, this game has a really great community. Finally, honestly, I can BE SOMBODY in a small game like this, or at least FEEL like I am somebody that matters.

But I am an edge case, niche weirdo. There are not many like me. I am thinking that a lower price or more characters per account might help multiply the player base of those willing to pay a premium price for a game that is far from finished. I would definitely say though, think carefully and do diligent research before anything like these suggestions are put into affect. They may make little or no progress, after all, and you can always lower price/add value but its not so easy to raise prices…

PS one of the top 10 "negative feedback comments" (in my experience) from new players is that one character is not enough.
Thanks, Bob. smile