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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

@ Bob

1. So not intending to put any pressure or get you to set any concrete dead lines, things done right take what time they need, but I am intending to open a slightly different kind of "general market". Can you give us any type of guess at the publish of the next milestone update?

2. Do players still pay the 5% listing tax through their House AH's? This 5% is really killing me. I have 8 little dwarves to feed! smile
Ok. I'll get back after I have done a few complete runs. Thanks. smile
The situation with complete companies being AWOL can be as simple as booting the company and taking the hex away by feud.
@ Bob

I am curious about some of the mini quests. How likely are the required "kill this mob"'s likely to spawn when that hex's escalation is down? Would there be any way to add in "either, or" requirements, as you have done with other mini quests from the main Super Quest?

Thank You smile
This is something we do want to look into at some point, but it's going to take a lot of design thought to get it right (there are a lot of edge cases in things like this), and anything we decide to do will have to be rolled out very carefully to make sure everyone got appropriate warning that their leadership is at risk.
Sorry Bob but I disagree. I understand that many settlements and companies got themselves into this situation but it is a miracle, with all of the accounts which have been bought and sold, that there has not been a tragic "vault looting" or "settlement wrecking" situation (that is public knowledge) yet.

At the very least can we contact you with petitions to cut off access to unsubscribed characters/companies/etc.. to fix dangerous access weaknesses?
I think that the real bottom line is just that more players are needed to make the game run in a way that more closely fits the original design intentions. Not sure if most or any of those are still what Paizo wants the game to be like anymore or not, but a much more large population will help out with most every problem or frustration that we communicate to them.

Unfortunately progress on that is going to be slow until some things get fixed and some "neat" stuff can get implemented and polished. Some just polish and some need to be fairly unique features, not offered in any or very few other games.

@ Paizo/PfO

Keep trucking along guys. We appreciate your efforts very much and know that it isn't easy to do this without many more hands, tools and time than you have. If I can give you any acceptable advice as one of your playerbase, the best would probably be: When your Roadmap is finished, focus on easy to implement features. Bring small scale PVP into a realistically viable activity choice. Figure out how to get micro transactions (and merchandise) into your store. Improve the social connection abilities within the game. Get more "crunchy" game info accessible In-game, at our fingertips.


All for it
Iram Thelbane
@Flari: i need more time to understand what you says, because of my english skill level, i will try later.
That is no problem, Iram. Let me know if I can be more clear about some things. Your English skill is one million times better than my French. smile
I like the concepts behind everything that Smitty has presented here:

* Add PFRPG elements that are recognizable. PFRPG flavors from the NPCs to the naming of objects to Adventure Paths To ANYTHING that reminds players of PFRPG when they play this game. If you are going to call it Pathfinder Online then damn well do everything you can to add a PFRPG "feel" to the thing!

*Add fantasy world depth to the "atmosphere" of the game. It just seems so freaking sterile…. All places that players can build to live in are called "Settlements"! What about just lone towers, keeps, villages, towns, cities?

*Leverage existing graphics so that players can be skinned as monsters if they want. Make these rewards for something players can achieve.

*Random World Boss Events.

*Random GM run mini adventures. GMs can spawn mobs wherever they like. GMs can spawn buildings where they like. Use this to create mini adventures. Bring the thrill of TT as much into PfO as you can instead of the same old generic, actually static, worlds that published TT worlds and MMO worlds REALLY ACTUALLY ARE.

Remember though, we are very diehard players. We are used to all of the workarounds that lack of "Quality of Life" things that most players expect to see in MMOs. Much better developed UIs, social tools, etc.. We are all used to "going without" but new players expect to see much more ease of use and function than we do. That needs to be addressed, BIG TIME, also.

I know that Paizo's focus for this Road Map has been to try and flush out all of the features that they have promised for this to be a "complete game". I appreciate this and it isn't a terrible goal and focus for the past months of development BUT IT ISN"T MAKING THE GAME MORE "STICKY" for new players on a moment to moment, day to day way. Need a Road Map that is all about BRAND NEW PLAYERS and contents that are accessible to them. This includes UI, quality of life conveniences, more PVE variations, and yes more small scale and rewarding PVP possibilities…

Much of these things could probably be done with minimal coding but time heavy investment.

PS-Get out of the BOX. smile It is way too stuffy in there for your imagination and creativity to work at 110%. Break "the loop" that makes everything seem impossible without direct $$$capital$$$ funding. The game has so much potential. smile
The loop needs to be bypassed or broken by out-of-the-box thinking.
Unless Paizo is cool with carrying a micro populated game for years before any real progress can be made.
Unless Paizo is not actually suffering from a tiny pop and tiny Dev team and is pretty much content with what they have going now.
Unless WE are content with the game as it stands and are happy to have it so for many years to come…

If all parties are satisfied then that is cool and ok. I'm just one player but I'm not really seeing a satisfying version of the Kickstarter presentation of the game yet.

My idea may be impossible to implement now or may be complete crap that will not work but SOMETHING has to work because I believe that anything is possible. Anything except getting the game on its feet sooner than 2024 with the current approach. I think the DEv team are great and I admire how hard they work but they are just 2 guys.