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Idea has merit, but not without Social/Communications tools already available (EE16), for reasons that should be obvious. smile
Totally agree. If I were in charge of altering the rest of the Road Map or planning a new one, it would be all about Quality of Life improves like character communication, easy access to Feat info BEFORE I BUY IT, UI improves such as right click from chat to invite/trade/ignore/whisper/etc…, more granular bank commands, you get what I mean. smile

P.S. I really am of the opinion that several intensive efforts(Road Maps if you will) are going to be needed to make a noticeable difference in player retention. What I don't know, but hope is so, is if Paizo can make that kind of commitment.
OK Thnx Guys. More input is always welcome.
The numbers are just for example. smile I would prefer that a "Mentor" could be a teacher to more than one trainee/student/apprentice. I think I like "Apprentice" best. That word adds more "flavor" to the concept. This game needs to add theme appropriate flavor to its terminology, in the worst way.

Any-hoo, all Paizo would have to do is create a blurb about the Mentor System, a data base of players that want to be Mentors, and some way to reward Mentors and Apprentices that use the system.

You need a database so that willing Mentors can be found, write a little about when they play, what they might help with and also be rated by apprentices on performance.

You need to reward both because players will just play solo and get quickly discourage, quitting and moving on. Encourage them to participate by offering attractive tangible rewards, hard to turn down. Reward Mentors so they do good jobs.

If a bonus xp system is too much work or too hard to create, figure out another reward…

Not sure what to do if it would be too much work to track when/how long Mentor and Apprentice are on line and partied up…
How much bang for investment could be gained by creating a "Mentor Program"?

(please consider numbers as examples. Use whatever formulas you like)

Mentor and Trainee earn extra xp when they are logged on and in party. Maybe Mentor earns bonus influence(small amount more than normal) when earned while in party and in proximity to trainee

Mentor earns +1% xp while working with trainee. Logged in and partied up

Trainee earns +5% xp while with mentor. Logged in and partied up. Only accounts younger than 6 mos can have a mentor.

Both Mentor and Trainee are incentivized to play together often. New Player gets involved with experienced players and see much of the game while also learns much. New player builds bonds which encourage longevity…
Iram Thelbane
We have to think about something:

There were an offer, the bundle, that's allow a lot of new players to try the game at a very low cost there are few months. But why only all of them don't stay, and why only few of them stay?

I think it's really an important thing to know!
They do not stay because there are too many negative impression factors. The community is fantastic so that is not one of them. The Devs are fantastic so that is not one of those factors either.

Because of the negative impression factors be they feeling that you have no purpose, graphics, don't like the xp system, wanted/expected more PFRPG in your PfO, whatever - this is a "niche" game. Unfortunately a niche game needs to have a few features that can't be found in other games. PfO really doesn't yet.

-Put the FLAVOR of PFRPG into the game.
-Drive more toward DM(GM or Player) designed and run adventures
-PFRPG equipment names, NPCs, atmosphere
-Niche stuff…. add short time possessed artifacts, powerful short lived items, add stuff that makes the world shake shiver and roll for a little while now and again…
This is all only really "fluff" stuff and low on code impact

OTHER STUFF-just a few things, ranting too much
-add roles/classes(what are they really except a collection of armor feats, feature feats and a mix of other feats?)
-If you want PVP to be an attractant feature… damn it! Make it REWARDING. Most of those left playing avoid PVP (of all types) because losing gear or losing territory is all out of proportion(cost wise) with reward for the activity. HIGH END GEAR AND BUILDINGS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE TO RISK. That is not in player's control. It is in Paizo's control

The game needs to be exciting. If you can't do it with AAA coded art and mechanics, do it with activity and events
Bah! The most important thing that Paizo can possibly do is to increase the revenue generating player base. Period.

Things that are only going to bring in limited infusions of capital are still great if they can be done with minimum amounts of work and as little negative feedback as possible. Otherwise do not waste effort on them. The player base is like a capital source, sure. It is limited though. It only holds so much juice.

Instead of spending too much effort on squeezing a limited small source, GET MORE LEMONS.

So much I want to write here but it has been written 100+ times…. Leverage THE FEEL of PFRPG. Leverage it to the max.
What level necromancer is required to raise this many skeletons at one time? smile
One thing that would help lessen the waste of effort and keep more proper supplies of ammo available for sale would be knowledge of what type of ammunition is really in demand. Clearly it isn't going to sell fast at the prices that I feel are fair for the effort expended, lol, so knowing this "better" will help keep the customer with full clips locked and loaded. smile

Do you all know that there are different bonuses of Base Damage and Effect Power for conditional effects to the different types of ammo?
Do you all know that the "types" are all made with different materials?
So, in other words, crafters can make the types at varying different costs (to themselves) and so offer possibly different(better) prices if they can specialize what they craft?

You can compare the various ammunitions here under the ammo tab. Could some of you share what types and pluses of ammo you would prefer in the form of arrows and charges?

Thank You! smile
Food for thought. Thanks for the info! If it were possible, I can see where "Good Guys" might pay for certain terrain looks and the same for "Evil guys" and maybe even shades of "Neutral" like Wild Wonderlands.

It would have to be something that was within the range of a Crowdfunding thing for interested players and a Terrain Artist that wants some "sidework" as you say. Maybe someday it will be a workable option…

Flari-Merchant also sells Azoth in addition to arrows, how about you Carpe Noctem guys give him some friendly completion. smile
I buy Azoth, Giorgio. smile

But I love friendly competition.

Thanks for the bump.