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Duffy Swiftshadow
That scales poorly. The same set of materials can have different rates of conversion to items. It's better to account for the time than to adjust based on the materials, that way you're not shorting yourself as you have limited "time" per day to spend on crafting items.
Agreed with Duffy on this.
I generally don't bother with minutes until I'm crafting T2 and up. I think that 1c/min is fair.
Now can we talk about Lodestone and having a 100%, bottomless lodestone hex right near Ozem's Vigil? It seems that is not one of the things that you guys are not going to change without being asked. smile

Interesting, I hadn't noticed the number of T2 resources that had at least 1 super-abundant hex. Not the majority of them, but more than I would have thought. I was expecting to see some high percentages for the T1 resources, since they're super-abundant in the T1-only hexes, so the high numbers didn't stand out all on their own, only when you look at them in comparison to tier. I'll file a bug report to look at limiting that, or having it happen more often/evenly, or more likely some combination of both.
No, I didn't mean we have one like that. I meant we would like to. Apologies for the confusion.
In fact, many times things get changed when zero people make a request, which would be infinitely wrong if decisions should be made based purely on the amount of feedback we receive. However, it's not as much about the amount of feedback as it is about what we find when we look into that feedback.

In this particular case, the issue was pointed out to a compelling enough degree that I took a closer look at the demand curve for resources. It quickly became obvious that structures hadn't been added in yet, nor had enchanting. I figured out a way to add them in relatively easily, so I did and Pine was definitely underrepresented.

Another thing that had been mentioned was that Pine didn't seem to have any hexes where it was easily gathered, whereas most other resources tended to have at least some hexes where they were a good percentage of what could be gathered there from a particular node type. Since I was already adding more pine and a few other resources, I figured I'd tackle that distribution at the same time.

Also, all these fixes were purely content, making them safe and relatively easy to implement.
Thanks for looking into it, Bob.
Now can we talk about Lodestone and having a 100%, bottomless lodestone hex right near Ozem's Vigil? It seems that is one of the things that you guys are not going to change without being asked. smile
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Wait, let me make sure I understand this….2.5 people ask for more pine and VIOLA! more pine is added to the game???


Maybe 2.5 people are the only ones that care about upgrading their buildings? That would say much more about the state of the game than anything.

Or maybe Bob looked around and realized that after a few successive resource adjustments, there really is a problem finding Pine.

Either way, since there are about 5 people that comment on ways to improve the game, 2.5 is a pretty good % of that.
Sure would be neat to have a central monster hex that was a constant progression hex with this same idea and a 1 week cycle…..

or even a random "floating location" for each spawn of such a hex.
This is one of those things (IMO) that I also would like to see but is a strange one to decide to work with. Not strange because it is weird, this is a high magic world, but because it is both a limited value feature now (with low pop) and because if the pop explodes, it would be best in-place already.
Will a settlement not be pretty much a level 9 or 10 (for counting building hps) by the time that all the Bulk cushioning is gone and the Structure Destruction phase is under way or does the settlement keep it's level as recorded when the siege started?

All the calculations that use Settlement Level will get recalculated if the Settlement Level drops, and there's a good chance it will start to drop once the bulk destruction phase is finished. However, while the rules for replenishing bulk limit the amount of bulk resources that can be used as part of the bulk destruction phase, there's nothing blocking the settlement from bringing in additional supplies to pay for upkeep. Also, once the bulk destruction phase starts destroying really large amounts each day, it may be in the settlement's interest to remove the last bits of bulk from the upkeep vault so that it doesn't all get destroyed, so that the structure destruction phase takes place with higher defenses.

To be honest, most settlements reaching this point should have seriously considered suing for peace at an earlier stage, or may have already abandoned the settlement and preferred to force the attackers to go through the motions before taking over. If the attackers managed to surround you, and can keep you surrounded long enough to deplete your initial bulk resources, it's going to be pretty hard to break the siege during the structure destruction phase. On the other hand, the defenders can make the attackers pay for their victory, in siege costs, destroyed buildings, and in the gold needed to keep the buildings they preserve, and this seemed like a reasonably balanced way to give the defenders some control over how much that will cost the attackers. In the end, pushing those costs on to the attackers may be worth giving up the potential advantages of a negotiated settlement.
So you are saying that even though the original calculated Bulk totals (+ any extra brought in through times when the "ring" is technically broken) are used up then the Building Destruction Phase begins. However, extra Bulk(uncountable for progress calculation) may be there and still count for Settlement upkeep at Target Settlement level or as close as can be maintained?
In other words, the settlement may reach the Building Destruction Phase but may still be of higher level(for this phase) than a settlement without remaining Bulk reserves… ?

Am I grasping that right? smile
It would be pretty interesting to do neat things like these with the buildings that we can. Add some character to them. Add some flavor to the game.

The state of the AH economy couldn't really be harmed by being able to see the stock listings in a few of them before traveling to them…
Absolutely fantastic! This is SANDBOX! Best wishes for your success, Maker and Carpe Noctem. smile