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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

It's a great problem finding materials for sale on any AH. Not that, that was the question but it is a problem.

Carpe Noctem sounds to be laying in a selection of player housing shops that might prove to a busy place.

Caer Coedwig has possibly the busiest(or best stocked) place after the above.
If you are using your weapon as much or more than an average party member, I highly doubt T3 +5 ammunition will be beneficially profitable…

In general, no, but if it means the difference between getting a +3/4 medium structure for your settlement in the current event, or just a +3 small structure, then that could be profitable for your settlement. Likewise, if it means a significant reduction in ninja raids on your holdings, that could be worth it. If those kinds of considerations aren't really affecting you, and to a really high degree, then you're correct T3 +5 ammo will rarely be beneficial enough to be worth the cost. On the other hand, if it means the difference between keeping and losing your settlement, then virtually any expense will be worthwhile.

I agree with that. I am not a lvl 20 bowyer but my skill is still pretty high. At better than 5.5 days to craft just 100, T3 +4 arrows, I can't see them being anything like profitable for less than "emergency" type benefits.

Edit: just trying to be clear for Giorgio(or anyone else) who is seeking straight uncomplicated answers where there really are none. smile
Again thanks, Bob! It is much more represented now with Gusher Kits and REAL SERIOUS building's being planned, etc…

Do you think we will have better chances to gather it before we NEED to complete upgraded buildings?
I would define "Benefit" as coming away from a play session having not lost coin in participating. Coin being value in lost gear(character death) as well as loot and relative(personal) value for things like gained recipes/expendables.

If you are using your weapon as much or more than an average party member, I highly doubt T3 +5 ammunition will be beneficially profitable…

If it is just to clear the escalation, like for the current challenge, then that is more subjective a value.
Until you have T3 attacks, you can't use T3 arrows.
So, if it is damn the cost situation then use T2 +3 arrows.
If it isn't then tell us how much coin you want to lose in any given situation. That's what it really IS ALL ABOUT! smile

Good points about the T3 attacks, so T2/+3 arrows are the most I should be shopping for.

I still need to figure out the T3 arrow info, so I can start stockpiling for when I have rank 5-6 Longbow attacks.

I have no idea how much coin I want to spend because I have no idea what arrows I need to buy.

I haven't see anyone offering to sell arrows on the GW Forum/Trade section, and I don't know what Auction Houses are actually open for business and what prices they are selling things for (as I don't have 1,000 alt pre-positions to do AH market value checks, and I don't have time for my primary PCs to add AH checking to their already busy things to do list). There is also no merchant companies or traders that I know off that I can outsource this work to.

So, I just added my questions to Bob's Ammo thread as it seems to best place to try to start getting information since ammo was recently implemented, and the market for them is still in it's infancy.
Okay, all kidding aside.
I know that getting the info is certainly not easy. There just plain isn't a lot of info or guides at all about PfO. This is something that you are going to have to figure out for yourself, past what has been written and advised to you here. There isn't really a secret.
*It has been written that Salvage Ammo is good for most everything up to Deurgar Slavers or Dark Elves if you are a maxed out archer.
If you aren't maxed out yet, like you, but you still want to do good damage compared to your party; mix with some T1 ammo.
Save anything like T2 or T3 ammo for things like this Escalation Challenge or PVP.
There is only so much advice that can be given out. Ammunition just isn't used enough yet for highly technical or EXACT answers. Players writing examples of what they are seeing is about the best we can expect, short of you noting what and how it works for yourself.
There is no "perfect information" to pass along. At least not yet. smile
Thanks Bob. It is in a few places, but it is less common than Yew or Maple. At least not as common as hexes that have Forestry Nodes that offer ONLY Yew and Maple. I realize this is likely because those are arrow ingredients. but a cpl hexes where there is a reasonable chance to gusher pine and oak would be appreciated.

Right now I can't even get more than a few pine per encumbrance load in any hex I can find.
@ Giorio

I skipped this: There really isn't a standard cost vs profit calculation. Everybody has different bonuses, buffs, etc.. and no one has charted all of that out yet. Just know that anything you pay for arrows will cost more than a 100% melee character has to pay.

Further back in the thread, I noted down that against Duergar with T2 ammunition, I lost coin. With T1 or maybe Salvage(which I value at 1c/per), I made more coin than I spent…
BL and Bob,

I have read this whole thread but I am still not closer to understanding what I actually need to buy (since I cant craft the items myself). Let me try rephrasing my questions above.

With a Longbow +2 and Rank 4 in all Longbow attacks, what arrows match the requirements below.

Standard Monster Hexes:
Note: Standard cost vs. profit calculations use above


T1/Normal Group Escalations
T2/Normal Group Escalations
T3/Normal Group Escalations

Holiday 2017 Escalating Escalation Event
Note: Damn the cost; I want the best money can buy!
There is a competition and I want my Fighter Archers to punch way above their weight.

T1/Time-Limited Group Escalation
T2/Time-Limited Group Escalation
T3/Time-Limited Group Escalation
Until you have T3 attacks, you can't use T3 arrows.
So, if it is damn the cost situation then use T2 +3 arrows.
If it isn't then tell us how much coin you want to lose in any given situation. That's what it really IS ALL ABOUT! smile
WxCougar of KOTC
My observations with no math involved as a shortbow user with level 6 attacks and T3 bow - I have been doing fine (the same that I was pre-ammo) with just using salvaged ammo. It's definitely fine for all the low end stuff - and I've also worked on Ustalavs, Elementals and elite duergar with them. I've only done loners on the Gathering of Legends and am still using salvaged ammo. I've actually not tried using T1 +0 or any other plus ammo yet, but I might pull that out further along in the gathering and likely when we get to the Crown escalation.

Also of note: I am mixing up my attacks with dagger attacks too so I'm not a pure archer character. I am a scout/cut-throat rogue type. I also have not tried to do anything alone either - usually go out with at least one other player.
Well said and excellent back up, WXCougar. smile
@ Bob

Any chance you could take a look at the pine gathering situation? Lots of pine is needed for Keep construction (at the least) and it has become pretty unreasonable to find.

Thanks for anything you can do, Bob! smile