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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

I'm really just nudging for details on a firm plan or proposal(if they want to discuss the system first) because even 2 months will not be enough advanced time for all of us to cobble together what we need to achieve high support levels.

There is a bit of anxiety over this. Concern that we will not make the grade in time for the update, we'll (lots of us) get angry, tantrums will run rampant, baby pandas may be harmed, etc….
Challenge for Developers:

Please take this lighthearted as it is meant.

1. Build yourself a settlement on the test server. Use as many people as you can get to help. Just be sure to note the total plz.
2. It must support level 20 training.
3. It must control enough holdings to pay it's own weekly upkeep.
4. It must have maximum buildings and infrastructure.

Great Headstart on teamwork.
1. Your earlier larger numbers have left you with 20,000 of each raw crafting material in your Upkeep vault.
2. You have stockpiled 500 T1 crafting recipes and 500 T1 expendable.
3. You have stockpiled 100 of T2 crafting recipe and 100 of T2 expendable.
4. You have stockpiled 50 T3 crafting recipe and 50 T3 expendable.
5. You may have the same total free building kits that the WoT contest winners are allowed as well as the previous universal starting kits.

That will give you an idea of what even the most productive groups have to deal with(though I think most lack this much). Maybe this will help generate ideas about how to finalize DI and support rules.
Forgot to mention Ghouls after you put some xp on and are a bit more strong. Kill ghouls too! smile

A melee based cleric is a pretty good choice but a difficult path. There are divine weapon type attacks for each "God" that are not bad choices(most of them anyway). The hardest part is usually that they require 2 ability scores at 19 and 20 to master completely(rank 6 attacks).

Planning for that from the beginning will make the sting much, much less painful…
Use "F11" button to see many of the categories that you can earn points in and how many you have already. There is a window with filters to narrow and find exactly what you want to.
Kill skeletons, cultists, fight with a cleric focus.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
My take,of course there is never gonna be a server wide agreement on everything but there doesnt need to be.

There are objective game mechanics that already dictate how territory works. You got a holding in a hex, then the hex is your territory. If you lose it, then it is no longer your territory. If someone sets up shop next door, then they aren't putting up a hex in some arbitrary claim, the other person owns it and it is their territory now. Want your hexes to be your territory again? Take it back, that's how this kind of ebb and flow of territory conquest works.

As for escalation matters, the mechanics say they are all open hexes. Some groups want to make some escalations part of their sphere of influence and that's all fine and dandy if you can back it up. That is it. If I bring a crew of folks to an escalation hex and no one stops us, it's our sphere of influence regardless of location until someone does something to kick us out. If not, well,then you dont hold it.

There is no need for a server wide agreement because there is already an objective standard in place. The only way this changes is if the mechanics change. This applies to all of us regardless of any factions gameplay philosophies. Personal agreement or not is irrelevant because that won't change what the mechanics dictate.

You have what you hold.
Seems like everyone is saying just about the same thing. The only differences would be playing alignment expectations(largely personal opinion) and political friendliness considerations. Outside of that, you have what you hold, however you hold it. Applied force, intimidation, or whatever…
Aha! Pine hoarding.
So bottom line, IMHO there is probably no agreement possible server-wide. At the same time, active players should not have to suffer for absentee players or those less interested in the escalations in their territory.

Therefore since there can be no agreement and there should not be lack of momentum, players should decide to do as they think best in escalation hexes and be willing/unwilling to pay the price (if any) that is the consequence of doing so.

The key here is that they should not have to feel bad due to public pressure. Whatever results, they are progressing the game and making things happen…
Would you say you’re…pining for it???

Your text to link here...
Yeah, I wood! smile
Why is it so hard to get any good amount of pine wood collected? I see one or a few pieces occasionally. Can never seem to gusher it though. It is more scarce than T3 materials…

Did a bunch of people complain that there was "just too much pine laying around"? Is it going extinct as a tree species? What the hell, it's a T1 resource isn't it?

Please Help Save Pine.