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@ Bob
Thank You for taking the time to answer those questions. We appreciate how interactive and open you are with us. smile
@ Drizzle
Since you asked, I am questioning whether mechanics that require built up settlement maintenance are really needed when the population is so low. You have to if you want to enjoy the exp and feats you have bought (over time) to their fullest potential.

*You want to gather as much as you can and find the cool stuff?
*You want to craft those recipes that you have found, learned and trained for?
*You want to be able to fight those mobs that are the most exciting and most rewarding in quest of good loot, best recipes and spells and maneuvers?

Well, you got to live in(be a citizen) a settlement that supports lvl 20 skills if you have been playing for a while. That takes someone some effort to maintain. Some(there aren't really many players about anyway) are voicing that it is a system that is not real fun when handled, for a long time, by only one or very few players.

It is a neat system for a busy living world but I am just questioning if it really is relevant enough now(given the pop is so low) that it is worth the frustration it can bring to logging into the game to do chores.
Having a balanced mix of ongoing activity costs that increase as a settlement grows helps keep PvP from overly bypassing the mix of activity required to build settlements in the first place. I say "overly" because obviously PvP depends in part on having the equipment to win battles and the influence to start them, so someone had to perform all the activity to build those up, but we didn't feel those were enough to balance against the huge investment the group that built the settlement made in the first place.

Different activities will feel more or less chore-like to different players, but admittedly transporting bulk resources hasn't hasn't had much of its intended gameplay implemented/realized as other activities have. That said, one of the main things keeping it interesting was supposed to be the risk of attacks along the way, so more interesting would have translated into even more activity required. More recently, we've discussed some other ways to make that system a little less chore-like, while keeping it balanced relative to the game's other systems, but all our ideas so far definitely involve more work than we can tackle right now.
Interesting. Your replies lead me to feel that your intent is that:
the mechanics stay in operation despite them(some feel) having little relevance in this tiny pop circumstance.
there is nothing that can be done to scale them now but someday you intend to.
you intend to leave them(the mechanics) all turned on.

Is that all correct?

Maybe it is mostly my own perspective(only) that there is little use for them and they are a burden on fun and should be turned off (JUST FOR NOW) until the pop rises to where the mechanics can function correctly and have that relevance. Because, as things are, they are just an obstacle to enjoying the game.

There may be just as many silent supporters for things just as they are. Is that so?
Are you referring to the attempted "group setup" that is now at the Settlement known as Middenheim?

I didn't have any deep discussions involving that try. That was another player from my group, so I would have to defer to them about many of the details. I can say that I got an impression from brief talks back and forth with my Alliance Brother about it. I can say that my Brother came to me as I had that extra settlement on my plate and was looking for a way to get it out of my hair.

*He found a guy(part of a gaming group, I think some group of buddies) that wanted to try it out
*They were turned over the settlement and enough bulk for at least 6 months
*The vaults were stocked also with kits for new holdings and outposts to swap the hexes around the thing
*Seems, to me, like the problem was that the original guy that wanted to try could not get his friends to try or at least could not get them interested to stay in the game to give it a real go.
*One thing that may have felt daunting is that there were almost no free ready built structures in the settlement itself, but that is just a guess at any kind of negative to "The Easy Free Gift" that was offered.

So was that an example of "The Chores" being too onerous for many to not want to run a settlement? Or was it, back to basics, an example of the game(as it is) simply not being compelling enough to attract your average player into playing for a while? I think the latter is the truth from scanty evidence.

I DO FEEL that running a settlement is a real set of chores that should not be doable by one player, let alone actually HAVING TO BE DONE as it is through obvious numerous examples. As in "has to be done" to maintain a great deal of effort by many players previously and to maintain top power lvls for those sticking the game out.

Really. Turn The Chores Off for now, please…. smile
Influence gains are based on achievements I believe. That is fine in theory but the fact that a new player gains numerous achievements quickly is not at all balanced for running a settlement, since older characters need to be a lot more active to gain the same influence.
I honestly think the whole influence system needs to be reworked cause it is just not at all balanced and is a very inaccurate measurement of character activity.
I have a couple characters who have Expert 10 in their main weapon as well as Bandit slayer 10 (and wolf 10). They also have Midden Digger 10. So if I run gushers in normal hexes full of Bandits for something like wool or other stuff from scavenger nodes because settlement buildings need a ton of T1 mats, then I gain a tiny amount of influence compared to a new character grabbing a club and bashing 25 goblins near thornkeep.
It just isn't working at all, IMO.
Yeah. You do run out of gain until you branch out. Then you can get a little more progress. Like working a different weapon up the Expert rankings. Trying for a mob type that I haven't maxed yet. Etc… Used to do it all the time.
I'm all for new activities generating Influence, like crafting etc… However, keep an eye on how easy it is to do that generating or a "New Influence Tax" will not do any good for Holding Hog Control.
Harad Navar
"River Kingdoms" might work except there are no "kings".
Eheheehhehe Short on rivers too smile
River Kingdoms Adventures
I am mostly referring to what the actual long term players have been saying needs fixing. Not the ones that pop in as "try-outs". Do listen closely to their comments.

My point is that, as players, we have asked for many things over the years and Paizo has given some of them to us as well as proceeding with what they think needs done in what order they can. None of these things have been able to pull the new player and "retained" player base up.

Again part of that is probably because the world doesn't know about all these neat things that have been added. I forget more than 1/2 of them myself. Flip-side: No one that tries the game stays around long enough to notice all the "nuances".

If Paizo's main goal(above all others) is to increase that pop level immediately, well, neither what they have been doing (whether player driven ideas or Paizo driven plan) has been working too great. So that kinda shows that some of our "Old Timer" advice ain't worth spit. I didn't say ALL, just what Paizo has been able to work into the game over the years.

If Paizo's main plan is to hover at idle pop lvls and SLOWLY improve the game until a critical "perfect game" is achieved then I can understand.

So in short, yeah listen to new try-ee feedback for what it is worth. Take what we "Old Timers" seriously advise as critical change with a grain of salt.
Actually thinking…. do Y'all really want all skills easily accessible to all classes. Don't you want certain roles to have unique things about them?

It is well pointed out that Wizard spell/skills and potions already give that stuff to players.

Maybe it really is the same old issue that the world is underpopulated so we all have gotten used to having to travel far to get things done and maintain things.