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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

It isn't as if there are not many settlements that are essentially "dummy corporations" and many potential settlement spots, all over the map. There are places that could become settlements for new player groups.

There just aren't mechanics/requirements set out on how to take over these spots and develop them into "settlements".

Actually, I feel like there is a missing dynamic in potential play here (an unnecessary limit in thinking) by calling all places "settlements". What about the Manor House holding as a starter placement(Starter Keep) that allows some training and a PVP window. Maybe that could be a "village"? Maybe the next step could be a Keep with up to support 15 and be called a "town". Finally a settlement with support 20 and all spaces filled to a certain upgrade could be a "city".

Play with the numbers and the designations all you need to, but giving a clear pathway for new players to achieve (without grognards having to give handouts) by themselves feels like a very important set of features for a sandbox.
Awesome! Polish, polish, polish… smile
Thanks for an encouraging reply! You make it all look like it might be something that you guys could do if you had TIME! smile

Not only for more interesting PVP but also for some interesting "Beyond Escalations" PVE. Things like "A clan of ogres has built a fortress in the Badlands hex NW of Marchmont. They are raiding the lands around it and have taken The Marchmont Mayor captive. Can you help us by storming that fort and saving him?" etc, etc… permutation, details, details…
Totally agree, Iram. +1

Bob & Cole. You two are making the game better steadily. We do appreciate it and hope that you continue. It must, at times, be exhausting.
@ Bob & Cole

Hey guys. How difficult would it be to raise the sky a bit on the upgraded holdings? Like when I do climb the stairs to get on level with the door, the "camera" gets all weird.

How difficult would it be to create a monster with no movement(except maybe settings for open or closed, no attacks, just resistances/defenses, some hit points and collision then call it a gate or door?

How about 2nd story walkways that we can stand/move along on and stair cases that can be climbed to access them?

See where I am going here?
Have any of you having trouble with the mob tactics tried jumping?

My mage stands on a table, and when I get mobbed, I key the attack, jump up, and the attack goes off.

Tis another tactic to use with AoE attacks.
Will give it a try. Thanks, Mistwalker
@ Bob

Only really seeing in groups of gobbos, bandits and including ogres when they are there in the shared spot. Probably wolves too.

My gut is also telling me that poles for standards/flags/maybe lamps probably shouldn't block LoS or have collision at all.
I find the same problem that others have found with melee AoE. Many times Whirlwind will not trigger until I can get a lock on something outside the actual cluster. For a 2+ year character, it only adds a lil difficulty.

For a newer character, it adds much difficulty to an already (IMO) feature(gushers) that should probably be solo-able within a few weeks or month of play(in the weakest cases of gushers). Not that this is OT with OP, but I think that the "get with Group now or fail" way this game is structured could be eased down. Just a notch or two, maybe.
We are the funniest little bunch of gamers! We ask for features. We demand features. We howl for features.

We get the features.

We cry about the features. We hate the features. We dislike anyone that uses the features. Instinctively we assume the features break things, wreck things and all for the bad.

@ Bob,

I find things(sometimes) a bit of a cluster frack while doing gushers. At times the mobs, I am assuming, also trying to get LoS on me, dogpile onto my character space and no one can hit anything, or a few can hit me but most can't. Still the strength of the kit-site declines rapidly.

To be clear, using some quick thinking reflex actions I can always extricate myself(so far) and lay about me to "Strike down the rascals".

What I am wondering is if mobs "stacking" onto each other(or the character) to be able to get LoS on characters, but thus causing themselves being very hard to lock LoS FOR characters can be or should be addressed?
To counter frustration, add depth to combat, and give players options with the apparently new situation of mobs running right up on characters (I mean INSIDE their hit boxes where no one can do anything) why not simply make lighter-shorter weapons effective in that pesky "zone" and keep big-or-large ranged weapons useless as they are.

Add a little nod to close quarters fighting….