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Stilachio Thrax
Paddy Fitzpatrick
My complaint wasn't that 2-3c per round was an unreasonable price for T1+0 ammo. My complaint was that 55c per round for the same level of ammo is insane by any measure. No new player can afford that, and it is a rip-off even for veteran players to pay that kind of price even though we can afford it.

How can you avoid someone just buying all the cheap arrows and re-selling it? Is there a way to identify who is buying all those items and reselling at a higher price? What tools, if any, do the AH need to be more useful for new players?

Can someone set up one of the new shops and limit to who they sell?

I avoid the AH, so I really don't have any way to suggest

Exchange/Auction PVP is a common occurrence in any healthy economy. There are a number of merchant/traders who derive a lot of fun from it. Doing anything to curtail it will likely backfire- mostly likely by reducing the already small number of merchants and traders.
Totally agree. You can't start messing with GM pricing mandates in sandbox auction houses. Disaster and few to no merchants result.

What you can do is just not buy the stuff that is sold at crazy prices. Create incentive that interests players to both make coin on the AH and to actually need ways to make coin on the AH.

You need competition for player's expendable coin.
Probably the same as other peoples questions: What is hoped to be accomplished there that can't be accomplished here? What is hoped to be communicated there that can't be communicated here?

Look, we all know the situation here. There is a Roadmap. We are on that map and making progress. We do not all agree that the points along that map are the points which are the most important points to hit along the way. Even though we don't get much say in what is worked on for this, we do get to influence some of the things about these goal markers. How they work. The numbers/mechanics involved.

I am not against Outlaw Council meetings. They are a good place for Settlement leaders to voice opinions and concerns and issues but we need citizens following and informing these leaders to make it work right. Otherwise it really is just the voices of a few potentially having a large impact. I do think that a more wide look at issues is available here than in a 2 hr voice chat amongst leaders of settlements with populations of 1 - 5.

That will eventually change.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
How about just adding horses that just follow the roads?

That is in fact one of the things we've discussed. We've even talked about simpler things like providing a speed boost when near the roads. However, there's a lot of work we'd need to do to get there in terms of getting the game to actually recognize where the roads are, so we've had to push that off in favor of other priorities.
Still a lot of work but couldn't you blend "speed boosting code" into or onto the road areas that you want to?
Paddy Fitzpatrick
My complaint wasn't that 2-3c per round was an unreasonable price for T1+0 ammo. My complaint was that 55c per round for the same level of ammo is insane by any measure. No new player can afford that, and it is a rip-off even for veteran players to pay that kind of price even though we can afford it.
I think those are either prices by Day One speculators, not very realistic dreamers, hopeful con artists or some combo of those things, Paddy.

Low level characters can be in positions to craft ammo in a short period of time if they like. REALISTIC other characters will come along to craft ammo and sell it at more realistic prices. The problem isn't that there are unscrupulous merchants out there The problem is that there are too few scrupulous ones that care enough to BE MERCHANTS. When you don't really care much about coin(whether you have PLENTY or don't care how much you have as long as it is enough), crafting and selling things for minimal gains is… not exciting.

Whatever the solution to coin being unimportant is, that is a fundamental problem. I think the ammo pricing will eventually balance out, but it might take some time. That is rough because new players need ammo now….
Some people like complexity. At least many settlement leaders do or they would not be doing what they do to keep a settlement running. They like crunching numbers. They like chewing finger nails to source materials that they need to keep the lights on. Some like the idea of complexity because they are starting from a position of DAY ONE POWER BASE and they want it to be as difficult for everyone as it has been for them and what has been planned from the very early beginning. There has been lots of time to line things up to run from WAY BACK THEN…

But that isn't even a good picture of ALL settle leaders or their wants. Just a percentage. Now, remember that Settlement Leaders are just supposed to be a small percentage of the player base. They are not the bulk, or not supposed to be the bulk of the game's population. You have to build a game that is attractive to the Player Base and one in which that base can expect to grow in stature and power as they pay and play for your game. Like they expect to. There can be and is plenty of complexity between blacklists, convenience for crafting, convenience concerning where to train, accessing banks and facilities. LOTS OF PLAY IN THERE WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE SETTLEMENT SUPPORT BOTH EXTREMELY COMPLICATED AND EXTREMLY DIFFICULT.

Let's have some more effort on making a regular John/Jane's Daily EXPERIENCE in the game more FUN instead of making the game more difficult or impossible to advance to high levels of skill because we can't support the xp and achievements that we have worked hard for…
The point is that whether you manufacture base ammo at a cost of 1.1/cp or better base ammo at 2.14/cp, expecting to see a minimum price of 1cp or less for any ammunition is unrealistic.

Further, it IS realistic to expect even new players to be able to afford that cost and make headway.
Did a quick calculation. Even if a crafter could get materials(T1 +0 charge mats), through whatever process, for 10cp each piece, the cost of a charge will be 2.14cp/charge without a stitch of profit for that crafter. Nothing for gathering it themselves, buying/sourcing it or anything for whatever craft time it takes.

Unless something changes(output of recipe or reduced production costs) you will never see a T1 +0 charge selling for less except through a philanthropist and direct trade. Placed on the AH it will get bought by speculators, double++ repriced, and resold for profit…
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Even so we're trying to keep new players in the game and if two classes have to pay half a silver for one round of T1+0 ammo that's absurd. New players won't have that kind of money to toss around.

As for making it so players can have affordable ammo, if I had more time I'd do it myself even though I am not a dedicated crafter. I can't see how this is fair to a new cleric or wizard player if we are talking about making ammo more accessible for them. I could understand maybe if it was a T1+2 charge but a +0? This is salvage level ammo we are talking about it's really not worth 55c.

It would be good for those who are dedicated crafters to pitch in of their own accord but there isn't much anyone can do if no one is willing or able to make T1+0 charges affordable.
I can't afford to throw a 1/2 silver out for a cleric charge myself! At least not for long, lol.

Here is the issue with charges for me. I don't have a very high level Iconographer or other role that crafts them and charges take three different essences and some kind of gemstone to make. Is there anything more boring than gathering essence? Not likely.

New players need to know that lots of the salvage and loot they get can make them wealthy enough to easily afford 1cp/charge or arrow. Then we need players to craft what the new players sell into ammo. At first new players will barely make it but as they sharpen(train) the skills better the loot value taken in rises for them. Works that way everywhere. Get better at what you do, you make more money…
@ Bob
Have you given much thought to the notion for letting Keep lvl stand in as support lvl and/or can you give us any strong leaning that you are having towards support, DI and other buildings mechanics yet?
Just no one civic minded is listing them for less. smile

I will add that they are more output per batch but they do take many more varied materials to make….