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Hmmm… Admitedly I only posted T1 archer ammos for sale but they are not selling at all. Is there just not going to be a market for ammo and so all of this is a moot point and useless worry be default? smile
Well if we had the option to place things in "lots" for sale on the AH, a group of things for a single price, that would open up ALL kinds of possibilities. Honestly though, I kind of feel that the AH is probably so little used that putting much work into it right now would be a less than optimal investment of time.
Anyway, regardless, T1 ammo is on the AH starting at 1cp per arrow. smile
I have to say that I partially agree with Iram here but probably not for the exact same reasons or at least not on the same data points that he has figured. I will only address parts of his comment here.

First of all I have been working, watching and using the TK auction house for some time now. We can't take many reliable measurements on the actual value of raw materials from it because it is barely used. Perhaps that is because the population is small and it just seems barely used or perhaps it really is under utilized by the players so far. I have been able to get as much as 50+ cp for a piece of coal and the same for iron. Why is this? Simply because no one else or VERY FEW are gathering and selling raw materials at all. For the most part, players are gathering what THEY need and then ceasing to gather….

I have put up numerous buy orders for materials needed to construct ammunition. I have shouted this fact out in general chat and the offers to buy materials have been at or close to what Iram suggests that they should sell at. Guess what happens. Materials barely trickle in! Not even enough over several days to make ONE batch of ammunition, let alone enough to craft and sell ammunition for affordable prices to new players.

One way I can see to address this issue but first we need to KNOW what the problem is: My best guess is that the low level materials need to accumulate for gatherers faster than they do because gatherers will not (or do not) want to spend the time to gather more than they need for themselves. This points to a problem in the scale of return for time invested gathering basic stuff like iron and coal, woods and chemicals and raw textile materials. What do I base this assertion on? Many T1 raw materials can be sold for much more than their T2 equivalents!

So we wind up with a situation in which crafters may not want to craft and sell ammunition to players at a price that players can reasonably afford to pay and make GAINS for their investment in ammunition.

I definitely do not think that the overall loot drop rate should be increased. That seems like a steep slope on the treacherous, slippery hill that is inflation. I think that Iram is right in that salvage ammo could be slightly increased as a drop. Also, I strongly feel that if T1 materials were gathered "faster"(probably I mean double) than T2 and T3, prices and values would adjust to a more realistic place in the markets.

Definitely not suggesting that the life of a new player should be extremely easy! Much of the fun is starting with nothing and difficulty and growing from that to "Big Rich Hero" status. We should not take that away.
Iram Thelbane
Hello Bob,

You were very busy yesterday, so i add this post just for remembering.

As an Officer of Clan Maugrimor, i can not promote or demote members. I don't see the promote and demote button.

Good luck Bob!
Hi Iram,

This may be a dumb question, it happened to me smile, are you sure that you have the name of the character highlighted? Probably do but I thought I'd ask to be sure.

How would your teleport account for the original premise of the game concerning risk vs reward. In collecting valuables, taking them home and moving them to places for trading there is supposed to be "Risk of banditry" or enemy encounter. I am supposed to have a risk if I take a chance and travel, whether I am moving valuables or going to join a group for a battle.

If I can go out and dig up "gold" somewhere then simply "recall" home, where is the risk?
I still see it.
Hi Runesire,

Yes you can be a gather/crafter and without martial skills! I have a new company called The Free Highlanders. It's for new players. Look it up in game: on your screen in the top left corner you see some icons. Click the inner left "tower Icon" and search for The Free Highlanders. apply if interested!

Then please go to and register there.

We'll get you set up and going in no time. smile
Just asking that it be looked into! If this site was built from scratch well that may not have been the best decision. If it is "out-of-box" then it should have been added long ago, PM ability I mean.

Why don't we go back to the Paizo forums? Most subcategories/forums are meaningless here anyway. They served us just fine for everything back in the day.
Sad Face