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A new version of EE 14 was just deployed to the test server. For this build, attack feats and ammo have been rebalanced so that attacks using any level of crafted ammo are generally a bit more effective than those attacks would have been in EE 13. That may vary a bit from feat to feat, since there was a lot of rebalancing done for other reasons, and sometimes those changes may balance each other out to different degrees.

This build is a Final Candidate for EE 14. If we're satisfied that it's ready to go after testing it out today and tomorrow, it will be deployed to the live servers on Thursday, November 9 during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific).
That bolded part is good clarification. I had just tested a miniscule part of the new build with only one type of attack. YMMV with other combinations and so takes a bit of the value of my comments in the Ammo thread away.

Thx, Bob! smile

P.S. I was only using Vital Strike 6. Short on time and only wanted a clear comparison between ammo strengths.
Tested only with a pretty advanced skill and gear Archer: couldn't be bothered to mess with various builds on limited time

Having taken another look at the EE14 build (fresh today) concerning only archer aspects, not testing in so many places with difficult LoS, variously updated damage spreads and vs. a few different critters:

1. The "slowed by 50% for 2 sec condition" did not seem so clunky in open terrain but I still feel it is more like a hamper for 3-4 secs.

2. The way that I was trained and geared made even "Salvage Arrows" seem as effective as they are in the real game now. At least on bandits and gobbos and wolves

3. Obviously, it looks like T1 +0 arrows are either exactly equivalent to current "no ammo required' game play or really close.

4. Higher strength enemies (Ogres, Eles, Bandit Captains) there is a clear power hike for higher tier higher + arrows.

Have to see the new numbers but if they are consistent with what I have seen, I would be careful about making arrows any more quick/cheap to craft or melee will be really pissed off. OR at least put in an interrupt mechanic against ranged attackers that are toe-to-toe with melee attackers.
Oh and I also want an in game mailbox with a fancy candy cane stand and a golden box on top. I know that Lisa has mentioned a better forum set up on the Paizo site for us but I want that Candy cane mailbox for Christmas, plz!
These ideas are fine an good alternatives just so long as something is done to help add value and something is done to keep players busy when things bog down and the "charm" of the single character build starts to wear thin. But it is just one of MANY areas on things to add value to the subscription until the whole game can catch up to the asking price.

Edi: Forgot to add that I back the plain old 1 or 2 additional other character with full xp because I thought it would be the least confusing and easiest to implement.

Don't get me wrong! I started at the start with 6 subbed accounts and still have 4. Obviously I enjoy the hell out of playing PfO, personally. Then again those four accounts are allowing me to wallow in the activities and needs of 8 different characters!

One is not enough…
Unless I'm missing something? World is dead, in-game chat is dead, forums are dead, tons of alpha-like bugs, I could go on and on. I'm not trying to be negative, this was my first hour impression and I'm shocked at how lifeless it seems.

Anyone got a silver lining to let me feel like I wouldn't be wasting time playing it?
Hi Psomm,
Mostly as has been said above so I could repeat here below, but I won't. We are out there in a fairly big play map with a small population nothing like the size of a triple A game. We are just very far apart and on different Comms by group.

Don't be shy about asking questions in Gen Chat just because it is quiet. We all truly enjoy helping out new players and it gets Gen Chat busy again when we can help you. smile
@ Sometimes and Giorgio

Uhm, yeah your thread has been hijacked as all this multiple character stuff has little to do with the OP. Sorry about that. It happens often.

Pathfinder Online's main problem is not that there is not enough to do within it's playable features. One of it's larger problems is that one character build does not offer enough variety, learnable within a reasonable amount of time, to keep players interested enough to become avid fans. Another is that it is simply unable to compete, despite valiant efforts, with such a tiny budget and consequently very busy but (tiny) Dev Team. No modern flash-bang graphics, some cool ideas but not enough population to make them work as they should, many things to do but not really much interesting variety in any of them to keep specialized roles enthused. There simply isn't as much value as a $15.00 a month sub should deliver when you are limited to one character. The specialist style character system also makes it not so easy to play at full potential as it is often difficult to acquire the gear and other things outside your limited character's ability to get easily. Long time groups have systems worked out. They have contacts and high level crafters. Low and mid level characters need to do much asking around and hoping which can be frustrating until you get used to it.

Destinies Twin accounts were a special reward for supporting Goblin Works and that is great! Unfortunately it isn't helping catch and keep new players interested much any more. It was a special reward and I can understand that players may be protective of it. We have had that extra subscription free ride for almost THREE YEARS now and this game is not growing much, is it? Lots of new faces right now to be sure but how many will be here after their 30 days?

The game needs income to be able to deliver what we all expect/want/hope-to-see from it within less than a decade. Allowing for multiple xp earning characters may not be THE ANSWER to make that happen because there is no one answer, but it would SURELY add value to that $15.00 subscription fee that is not coming in right now.

It couldn't really hurt much more than Alpha Aristocratic Pride. <–yes I went there…
I don't think that this is the big marketing push that Lisa alluded to in order to attract the ToTs (Tens of Thousands) to try the game. But it is bringing in some new faces!

It might be a "test" or it might have been just to add value to the bundle or both. smile
There is Discord. Maybe we can PM friends on the game's Discord? Otherwise they should be registering at

Aside from that, it is pretty frustrating. Friends list and in game PM should have been a priority from DAY ONE. It's a social game about GROUP ACTIVITY as the game's paramount Golarion Life Lesson.

Prospective: "Can I solo this game?"

<laughing in the background>

Developer: "You are going to die a lot!"
You are a Troll
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
I disagree with those that disagree!!!

Or quite simply, there is a $15.00/month charge to play this game and only one way to advance 1/3 of your characters at a normal (but actually very long process) speed. At the same time the refining and crafting skill lines are so very specialized that there is no flexibility between them.

You need at least one active type of each refine/crafter in a group unless the population is large enough to encourage trading, which it isn't. Playing one dedicated crafter type might sound like a fun enough way to engage the world to someone that has very little time but I doubt even that is really true.

The ability to explore different roles and crafts is what keeps interest high in a game with so much specialization in all roles, but it has to be doable within a reasonable amount of time and within the budget of an average gamer. Most players will only have ONE ACCOUNT….

Time to make all accounts DT accounts?

Something's gotta give, Brother. smile

Sooner or later, and I'm not sure what the answer is, the game has to make money by having recurring subscribers. For that to happen it has to be made an attractive choice to the masses looking for a great game. Sometimes I think that because WE FEEL IT, we expect that enough of the massive available market out there should FEEL IT too, just like we do.