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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

The new players are, in essence, telling us what is wrong with the game with their questions. We need to listen and learn what the real issues are so they feel the game is worth more than a night or two of poking around and finding the experience unrewarding.
Thank You for making this point. It is so true.
I play Division 2. Players enjoy what the community calls 'Loot Goblins' (there is no goblins in the game, just a colorful moniker) The Loot Goblin is a single top tier mob. He is well armored, hits hard, and runs like hell once he starts to lose. Kill him before he escapes and you get better than normal loot in quality and quantity.

So, make a unique 'goblin' for T1, T2 and T3 that can be found in the open world. Color them so the players know it is not a normal goblin. How tough to make them can be discussed. You want to make them tough but no impossibly so. Their loot drops are from a special loot table, not the standard ones, so the drops are guaranteed - maybe coin (like silver instead of normal copper for a T1 loot goblin, for example), some enchantment mats of the appropriate tier, a recipe or expendable of the appropriate tier. Maybe a special souvenir like what we have in the Home Sweet Home event, that can be collected and handed in for ever increasing rewards based on number turned in. Whatever. Just make it interesting so that players get excited if they come across one. And make them rare, to make encountering one something to talk about.
Lots of good ideas here that just make random things which tickle player endorphins. I like it.
Well, I think you are all being delusional. The game is dead, or nearly so. It certainly isn't operating at anywhere near the population intended. As I said before, several times, go ahead and wipe out half, 75, 90% of the holdings, go ahead and expand the map and make more hexes for people to put holdings on, let people settle the currently *turned off* settlement hexes…..and you know what?


The game will be EXACTLY like it is now! Aint nobody goona come play this game as it is in the numbers necessary to make the River Kingdoms the LIVING place it could be (and NEEDS to be). You really think HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of people are going to want to play PFO when there is an entrenched upper class? Its simply not going to happen.

Finish the Unity Upgrade, get some new art assets in here and whatever other cool tweaks can come with the upgrade and then WIPE the game and reboot it, offering a chance for everyone to claim their piece of the River Kingdoms.

Do people *seriously* think PFO is ever going to thrive any other way?

(I hear you Nightmare - I know you have worked hard and stuck it out and grinded your ass off to make your settlement work, and I salute you for it! You could still play around at T3 for another 8 months until the Unity upgrade is done, then, after the Wipe we'd all be Newbies again in Thornkeep eager to tame and claim the River Kingdoms!)

Obviously, my opinion is in the minority, so this is the last post I'll make about it. I'm still here - even if I don't play much any more, and I will support whatever the community thinks is the best path forward.

Cheers all!
Sigh. It must be really hard to imagine all the accumulated power, recipes, skills, resources, etc… going POOF!

So hard to imagine that people forget how much fun it was trying to find and acquire all that stuff along the way. That was where the real fun was. You found the right recipe you were The Star for a few days or weeks. Sigh. It is the journey and not the destination that holds the most wonder. smile
Our general take on a wipe is that most of the problems it solves just come right back after a year or two, so it's better to tackle the problems themselves. The biggest exception to that would be the possibility of shrinking the initial map, which would certainly have some advantages. That comes at a pretty high cost though, including the likely need to make some adjustments for features that currently make use of the larger map (quests, enchantment raw materials, …)
That depends on your point of view. Remember that just about all of the Settlements in the game now(maybe all?) were pre awarded. That set a stage for the "haves" and the "have no chancers". Or maybe it is inaccurate to state that as there has never been a sufficient incoming group sticking around long enough to try and build a settlement from nothing.

A year in to a reset might look different if everyone had to earn(through some type of gameplay) a spot to put their Settlement.

Not that I am still against an Influence tax now that I understand where the mechanics are. If that truly does free up hexes then that would be the less painful move and not rock the precious boat.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Here is a suggestion:

How about something that can be built to reduce travel time like a horse saddle or carriage? Make whatever it is be at least twice as fast as haste spells. That way crafters get a new job in making horse saddles and people will buy them to reduce travel time.

Make them last for a time limit, similar to mules. You can have differing tiers of horses with different tier bonuses.

I'm not sure how much work that would be right now but perhaps after the unity engine upgrade it can be added? Still drives me bonkers that it takes forever to get to someone else's settlement.
QoL +1 Also adds to crafting, economy, etc…
It could lead to that and it would be sad if it worked out that way. I don't really see anything Paizo has been able to do since the very start of this project that has INCREASED the number of players that have subscribed and play actively.

Perhaps the number of hanging on players is so low at this point that they could be offered some free months of play as compensation. Until the playground is leveled and the game made fun for all, I have doubts that the game will be attractive to new players in large numbers.

Give up your power for the good of the game. If you are a clever player, you will be able to get it all back. You already know, intimately, how things work. That is enough advantage.

Currently I do not play so I do not really have a horse in this race, so to speak. Yet I too have many very advanced crafter and character toons as well as REALLY FULL bank vaults that I would let go for a chance at the game as it was originally envisioned.

I would play again if there were a complete wipe and restart at ZERO. Not that One Guy's promise is worth considering, lol.
Keep it simple. Start Over.
You read that right. Start over with everything wiped and all players in ONE settlement. Players have to behave themselves within the control radius of the NPC city but are free to compete/ally/ignore for territory/resources/etc… outside of that.

*The NPC City(Thornkeep I guess) would have a base lvl max that can be increased by player group contributions to the City directly.
*Player groups would get some small boon or advantage the more Bulk that they contribute.
*Jiggle the resources a bit and separate them more.
*Keep it in Phase I(only holdings, no settlements) until certain conditions are met whether population or accumulation goals or some combo.
*Meanwhile, as players merrily scrabble about the world, improve the game/QoL/fun/#quashbugs/#fixstuff

I never had so much fun as when all the world felt open and unexplored.
* The Map is TOO big for the current Population, it need to be shrunk down (like the size of the test server).

Everything is too big. Every concept and every mechanical function was envisioned(originally) for a game that would have several 1000 players to start and many 1000s on waiting lists to get in. Suppose they can't be faulted for dreaming big, but yeah, it wouldn't hurt to scale things down a bit until some players sign up.
If you were to implement something along the lines that you are proposing, would abandoned and/or unaffordable Holdings REALLY be removed from the map, freeing up these hexes?
It seemed pretty clear on Thursday when he made the initial post that they REALLY would be:
Our existing Max Influence code would kick in and start shutting down holdings and outposts whenever a company's Max Influence drops below its Banked Influence, with holdings and their outposts being torn down any time a holding stays shut down for more than 7 days.
The intent was made clear. I am just hoping, for the sake of returning and potential incoming players, that it doesn't wind up being a facet of the new mechanic that gets put off for "reasons". Like "we were unable to get to that part of the job, for now" etc…

Previously there has been Paizo push back on the idea of abandoned Holdings being removed.

To get behind it, seems like it would only be effective if it was a full package. Otherwise it is just another annoying thing to keep track of.