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Stilachio Thrax
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Crazy off topic thought: What if every time you perish in PVP you lost use of a Thread for 24 hours?

That would kill PVP even more. People, even heavy PVPers, don't want to lose gear if it can be avoided. This would have the effect of "one death and head for the night."

Probably would. My overall goal is that there be PVP but that taking or defending one holding doesn't have to last up to two hours or more.

But I can see that adding a new stick at this point would not be a great option smile
@ Bob

I guess that what I am hinting at with all of this "too much coin is floating in player hands" ranting has to do with the game's economic model.

So long as it is possible for players to print coin by killing mobs, you have no real handle on controlling inflation. There is less confidence that my coin can for sure be exchanged for x pieces of y at the AH. Barter gets you more value usually than coin.

A more manageable economy might look something like:
1. There is X amount of coin minted and loose in the world.
2. Characters adventure or quest and so get some of that loose coin.
3. Coin sinks continuously replenish how much loose coin is available.
4. When necessary, Thornkeep mints a batch to replenish the coin that is available. Keep a nice medium since players do value their rewards.

Doesn't make all that much sense in all stages, but is more easily regulated than magical coin generation.


Your response doesn't address how to get more gathered materials for sale on the AH or I don't see it.
Crazy off topic thought: What if every time you perish in PVP you lost use of a Thread for 24 hours?
The costs have a great deal to do with the lack of gatherer become seller. More characters selling means competition and costs are likely to become more reasonable.

There isn't a silver bullet to make this happen but I believe that less magical coin generation would go a long way toward players seeking other ways to get their hands on coin. Might encourage more gathering and selling….
I would like to suggest that notifications for mules also pop into the chat window. Not perfect but it might help give an idea where you lost a mule.
I think that, bottom line, unless materials can get from nodes to crafters in large quantities and much lower prices than currently then ammunition (even T1) will be too expensive to be even close to reasonable.

When I look at what I can likely sell the raw materials needed to craft Cold iron arrows for and add some for refining and then crafting, I see a price for one Cold Iron Arrow +3 being between 8 and 10cp.

Edit for math error
wrong thread. Please delete
If these are going to be rare items, it would be nice to have the ability to loot these items in a PVP setting. Currently we cannot loot anything from a husk that the character is wearing, but if we know of a character that has a Mithril Full Plate of Speed, you better be sue you should watch your back. There are baddies in the woods….

Interesting - some people want them invulnerable while other people want them lootable. Be hard to be both smile

Once threading is in you could just make rare items take all a characters available threads. That way only one rare items is protectable at a time and doing so means everything else you wear is vulnerable.

Or some reasonable combination of that. Seems like the feedback from Paizo, about gear dropping, has been that they are leery about "loss feelings" and how they will affect player morale.
Doesn't seneschal craft codex collections? Aren't codex collections the only way to get some "plus" into your recipe for buildings, from codices?

You can see how we might be keen for some ways to earn social points and achievements? smile
Another question: Why can't any of the multitudes of quests that require interaction with NPCs not have Social Achieves and reward social points?