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As for who is going to gather all those materials to craft the ammo… I don't know. I think that even now there are going to be serious shortfalls in that area. If coin did not flow, generated "like magically" by killing things, some characters would need other sources of coin and gather materials to sell in the AH. But it does and they don't.

I agree that ToTs playing one character because each cost $15/month are almost surely going to want to play an active adventuring role. Perhaps not all but definitely most. There will be a definite shortage of gatherers and crafters if nothing changes.
I think that where there is a disconnect that people are having is that:
1. Even 100% archer characters do not all use 1000 ammo per day. Some archers do not get played every day.
2. Charges for cleric/wizard batches take 2 times as long to craft but produce 2.5 times the ammunition that bowyers produce.
3. T1+3 ammo is pretty much equivalent to the damage that we are doing today without the ammo system.
4. T1+3 ammo can easily be produced fast enough for multiple characters to stay supplied.

edit: I am not opposed to things that are terrible calculations being addressed and fixed. I am just not sure that ammo which does significantly more damage should be easily and swiftly craftable.
Personally after also having crafted 1000's + of ammunition, I would like to hear a pretty damn good reason to go the increased output way if there is no way to compensate crafters that have been busy like beavers in preparation for this.

It would not be fun to find out that after having asked a few times on the forums here and by email "Can I start crafting ammo? Are the numbers locked?" that all the materials gathered and the time on Queue checking AND training up additional characters to craft ammunition was "My Bad".
That reads about right. Maybe this is why we have been seeing some new faces around here. Nice find Giorgio!
Lisa Stevens
I really like this idea! Of course, the big blocker for this is going to be artwork, since we aren't sitting on a pile of unused artwork and the first new artwork we get will be used to fill out the classes and their armor tiers. But on its whole, it is a pretty cool idea.

We have been pretty good at hand waving unique art for armor and weapons and even though that is part of the fun of having/wearing different armors, I can say that I (only opinion of one) can continue to hand wave it for some time. I know it will get done up proper, eventually. smile
Thanks for clarifying that stuff, Bob.

I'll refrain from digging too much so you won't have to repeat all this when you do your write up.
Live!: From Zog Space

Housing: Small Structures, but art we have not seen… I think. Upkeep is 1s/week and must be paid or the structure is torn down to Go to your bank, I suspect. Direct link to the bank (YOUR PERSONAL VAULT only)AND for a party vault. Training mentor right there, not sure if you can upgrade him/her or how. Looks like "weaponsmith" house mentor trains Expert skills only. As suggested there is your own mini Auction House right there. Looks like you can only sell what craft type house you choose when you purchase it. Does that mean no AH feature for a Fighter's Cottage? Finally a management tab to pay upkeep (unused balance refunded if torn down).

That's the quick and dirty lowdown blurty.
LIVE!: From Zog Space

I like that the difference between T1 arrows and T3 is not like a pea shooter vs a bazooka and dmg gained makes up for the terrible! smile df's.
I don't like the "slowed to 50% for 2 secs" instead of stationary but I like it better than stationary (make any sense?). 2 REAL secs is like 3-4 real secs after lag and any other issues between the server and myself. I think that 1 sec would flow Mo Betta.
The ammo counter on the UI is a nice surprise as is the text notices in the chat about reloading.
At first I couldn't figure out the trick to "offload" the ammo but got it easily enough.

Have not extensively tested LoS, but I can say that among trees it is working very well. Feels pretty good as far as playable and impactful.

Very well done, Gents!
Thank you Sir!
-Put some Wonder and Thunder (mostly keep refreshing it) into the game for those that participate in it's activities.
-Add more "familiar ties" to PFRPG TT to help it seem more similar.
-We know that you can add recipes and manipulate crafting UI's relatively easy.
-We are going to need "new things" to strive for so that we can respark/keep interest alive.

For instance did you consider adding katana recipe to this new escalation? Or an Asian named pole arm?

We can handle hanging in there for future animations and/or weapon attacks for this stuff. We just want the horizons extended.