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Bump and advertisement: There are buy orders for Azoth at Thornkeep.
I wonder what exactly the idea behind a communal vault was in the first place? Perhaps that a party would divide up a pile of loot that was placed inside?
Actually guys, my main point was not about "fixing" the economy, pre se. It was about Paizo selling more Azoth and about more players being able to acquire Azoth.

And yes this thread is motivated by personal wants as well as wanting to benefit Paizo. smile
Duffy Swiftshadow
It's a problem of scale, we don't have scale and thus we don't have an economy. Trying to make Azoth a currency just transfers the issue around in circles, doesn't solve the underlying problem: not enough people and resources participating/needed to support the populace. Your currency thus has no value regardless of what it is.

Now if a working economy suddenly sprung up and Azoth was directly used as currency for a bunch of stuff, gold to Azoth ratios would plummet because Azoth has demand and it can be used instead of gold and can only be acquired via micro transactions, which also means the buying power of Azoth is harder to control since it's not based on gold gametime value it's based on it's own inflation to items, skipping the gold conversion step. The key to something like the Azoth system working is that game-time needs to have an in-game coin value to function, but for that to happen you need demand for coin which ties back to the my previous paragraph.

(I may have muddled it in there a bit, but I basically second Stilachio Thrax's comments based on my experience in other games and being very familiar with why and how EVE's similar system works and the research that's been done on it. )

There is an economy of sorts, most of it off-auction-house and direct trade. It is gatherers that we lack.

The current attitude to gold in game is rather odd and contradictory. People will not sell raw mats for gold even at 50c for T1 or several silver a piece for T3 as "gold is worthless". Yet at the same time Keepers are told by some people that our Keepers Auction House pricing, entirely based on what we need to pay for mats, (40 to 80 gold for T3 armor depending on the armor type, from 5 to 20 gold for T3 weapons) is "too expensive". Note we do regularly sell stuff at our current pricing so the market is there.

Note, I do expect Gushers to change that and you may see a substantial drop in both our bids and sell prices if gushers improve the raw mat supply over time.
There almost should be a way to see other AH's considering that the only options are locking down Alts in foreign, faraway places or running your legs off to usually be disappointed at end of that long trek.
Even a month between Maintenance "touches" would help.
I grok what you are saying here, Brother, and I even agree with some of it but not all. There is some danger of an economy becoming totally centered on Azoth, but don't forget that Azoth is already designed to be traded for anything and even sold for coin. Just nobody needs coin so nobody is going to buy Azoth to sell it for coin. That limits the use and want for Azoth. It is only thought of in one way: To try and bump up crafting results.

Nothing reasonable is going to make coin more valuable. There really has been no reduction (noticeable let alone effective) in the amount of coin that rolls in from PVE or gets "sunk" away from the thing that we are calling "an economy".

Coin really can't become more useful until A. It becomes far more scarce than it is AND B. there is a genuine NEED for coin. The combined unfortunate circumstances of coin being magically generated by killing mobs and nearly exclusive "in house" production of all player needs puts almost insurmountable odds against coin ever becoming a main currency. Ultimately though, players expect rewards for doing PVE and coin should be a valuable example of such a reward. The bottom line is though, that as long as coin can be generated through PVE, no MMO can really have a chance at attaining and maintaining a balanced and engaging economy.

The best exception I can find of a working MMO economy is Eve Online.

Too bad for all the players that enjoy workable trading economies in their MMO's….
Stilachio Thrax
The problem with doing that is that Azoth will immediately become the defacto currency on the auction house. Every game I've ever played that gives the option of payment in regular or premium currency, the premium almost always becomes the default for anything of value, and even for things with marginal value. This means new players are either required to purchase premium currency in order to "keep up", or are relegated to the poor and often suboptimal offerings that except the regular currency.

New players are not necessarily any real world cash poor than older vets and can buy Azoth just like we can. If I were setting this up, I would do it so that a coin price was mandatory and an Azoth price was optional to give as an alternative.
Now we can say that "Well sellers will just put ridiculous coin prices first because what they really want is Azoth."
To answer that, I would point out that sellers already can put ridiculous coin prices on anything that they sell. Also that there are still plenty of players that only craft and sell, at reasonable prices, lower level gear just to help new players out. I doubt that they are going anywhere soon and will still be perfectly happy to continue these acts of kindness.

Edit: The idea here is a two way street. Paizo sells more Azoth. Azoth is available to more people that are on tighter budgets to obtain and use it. I know that I could benefit and be motivated to craft and sell more higher tier gear. Coin is almost worthless to me at this point…
Who do we have to go through for the source of any Azoth entering the game server and making it available for use?

@ Paizo

The state of any coin economy is well beyond your priorities at this time and possibly beyond anyone's ability in a system where "coin or valuables" are unlimited and generated by killing monsters or gathering.

You are missing a great opportunity with your product. Azoth can be traded and it can be listed on the Auction House for sale. The opportunity you are missing is Not Making Azoth, More Directly, An In-Game Currency. Add to the Auction House by fixing Azoth as a form of payment(alongside coin) for items listed to bid on/purchase on the Auction House.
Iterating on Premium Housing, perhaps there could eventually be as many as three(or more) levels of premium housing. Each larger and more loaded with benefits. Like "House", "Town House" and "Villa"(or any designations you like better).

Buying a "placement Plot" could require a fee and maybe a regular upkeep coin tax to be paid directly to Settlement Upkeep (or better yet a desperately needed coin sink).

Bigger House means more plot space and higher taxes. Maintenance tax helps houses F-f-f-fade away if not maintained by active accounts, opening opportunities for "desire and hope" that more players can place housing if there is limited space. House Deed returns to Owner's vault if not maintained.

Increase (even further) desire to own housing by allowing the largest to have a resource node that can only be accessed by the owner. Keep it minimal with like an output of only 1 material and one piece per level of quality. As few as five pieces of Foxfire plant per day are not going to wreck any economies if they are only possible through owning a "Villa". The space for Villas is limited.

Edit: And even better. Please have Small Holdings return to owner's vaults if the door is not touched once every seven days.
@ Bob

Edam first brought up separate containers for sorting and even an extra vault available through a player's house. What about melding that into multiple "vaults" that are actually intended as "containers" and bonus to you if they could be labeled?

So I mean a number of extra vaults that come with a premium house and can be used to sort/store the myriad things that we all have on hand and lumped in very crowded existing vaults.