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Stilachio Thrax
I'm not expecting much right now with player housing, given staff size and other road map items. I'd love Star Wars Galaxies level player housing, but even AAA releases don't have anything approaching that, so I'm not holding my breath.
I'm not expecting any game breaking marvels either. As it is a Premium Item though, they will need to make it attractive enough (someway) to be bought and for the account that does use it to be better off for having it. Whatever meager or major benefits it provides, I'm just curious.

It could even be a tool to earn Social Achieves or bolster a Settlement's DI for instance. smile

Edit: Use it to help solve some part of the game that is more difficult to slog through while work can't be done on it yet.
Still hanging in there, hoping to read some Kool stuff about this.

Maybe like a crafting station that allows a 2nd queue….
Maybe like a "magic crystal" inside that generates 100 Azoth per month…
Perhaps a link to bank vaults…
Definitely an alternate place to "rest" at an increased speed…
Related to "Commands", how rough would it be to add mouse wheel scrolling to all windows?

In very stuffed vaults it is rather frustrating trying to navigate with the slider. mouse scrolling might add more finite control and reduce some of that…
Regarding UI commands, for the polish stage I'd like to recommend the following that my Dominion brethern and I recently chatted about. Feel free to pile on.

'/' - automatically bring up a command line, vice needing to click in the command box first.
'BACKSPACE' - auto-reply to the last person to Whisper you.
'Up/Down' arrow keys - when in the command field, allows you to scroll up or down through your commands/dialogue since logging in.
'Right/Left' arrow keys - allow you to move through your text and edit it.

'Right click' to interact - right click on objects to bring up an interaction menu. Of particular interest would be the ability to right click on another player in Invite, Trade, Kick, etc.
Yes. The UI will play a large part in retention.

I doesn't have to be sophomorically easy, but it should have basic functionality that meets modern standards.
@ Bob and Cole

So far I can't recreate any of these problems with any attack types, available to me, (of which Whirlwind is one)* for parties from the same company group. I believe that your bug must be in more complex relationships only. That includes 2nd+ party members taking from the box. No issues.

*Last minute, I realize I have not tested with mules…
Annnnnd Thank you to, Jim!
Thx, Duffy!
Hi Jim,
I'm not real familiar with Discord. Can you give me an idea of some of the things possible with it? Will I be able to PM any other player with it? Will I be able to create "invite only" sub-rooms for sensitive discussions either with my own alliance or anyone I choose? Is it possible to create channels just for parties in escalations, etc… Are there limits to capability in numbers of more specific rooms?

Looks like a pretty neat setup, so what will happen to the mumble server and what are some things we can't do with it?
You should have sold your account. Then you and another could have both been happy.
@ Bob

Sir, we haven't gone much into ammunition concerning things like buff/debuff orisons and cantrips. Is there anything to note about how they will be affected? Will it simply be about increasing duration and affect power like it is already for keyword matching?