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@ Bob

So I would like to make a suggestion. I am hoping that this would be a trivial amount of work. Please turn down Critter Invulnerability time as much as possible for mobs that get stuck.

1. Gusher waves come 90 secs after the previous wave is finished. Waiting for stuck mobs both slows Gusher output and lengthens the time that a gusher requires to finish. It is almost a bit too long for a fun experience.
2. Tab targeting causes many repeated tabs and attacks on invulnerable critters. Lots of ammo gets(will get) wasted and that will likely not be a popular situation besides lowering the profit from the enterprise.
@ Bob,

Did we ever suss out whether iconographer and artificer ammo was going to be different as the names are the same?
On the highest end side of the ammo for arrows and with top notch crafters, I can easily gather the materials to craft faster than I can craft the arrows. This without gushers. The craft time is in the "Days" range however.

On the low end of the ammo spectrum, it is not possible to keep the pace of the gathering up to speed with the crafting. This even with gushers.

I do not know if that is intended but I do know that it will mean that T3 ammunition(for bows) will not be inexpensive or something thrown around casually. Adequate supplies of T2 will be challenging enough to maintain.

I like it.
Hey Bob,

If you need a break from crunching numbers and code, any chance to get a short write-up (if you are ready)on housing or how LoS is going or even some more detail/numbers on ammo? I am fine, personally, leaving the New Esc a complete surprise. smile

No pressure, just if you need a Brain Break!
Those ammo requirements will be slightly lowered by the ammo that mobs will drop, and possibly by makeshift ammo if we get that working. Also, if you're running around in a party, since you're getting credit for everyone's kills, you could be getting credit for up to 6 kills for every kill you handle yourself, though obviously things slow down if your party is tackling tougher escalations. Still, it will absolutely take a lot of ammo to get 8000 kills. On the other hand, that number of kills is expected to take place over many months, so the time spent gathering those materials will be spread out as well, hopefully enough to be sustainable. If not, adjustments can be made.

Bob makes a good point here and something that I thInk we often forget because of the low population numbers. This game was never meant to be 'soloed' from a PvE standpoint. Likewise, one character (or even a player without multiple, multiple accounts) was meant to be self-sufficient in gathering, refining, and crafting equipment. What we all suffer from at this time is lack of a viable economy where players trust that if they need cold iron blanks and yew shafts for their bowyer, they can go to the auction house and buy their supplies.

Hopefully supply will be a non-issue in a future state of the game. For now, we should focus on the mechanics of how ammo will work.
Good points, Maxen. We keep looking at all of this through the lens of "How will I be able to do this realistically with just one or a few or even ten accounts as TIME will still be an obstacle?" The game wasn't intended, and still isn't as far as I know, for a single player to do everything that is needed doing to support themselves at lower or higher levels. It does and still will take a village to raise a settlement(or support active characters if you prefer). That isn't a new concept though I think that we have forgotten it in the slow and easy way that we are allowed to play PfO in the low pop circumstances that we are in.

I am much more looking forward to the possibilities of an enriched and stimulated economy, stimulated necessary teamwork, and especially the hard numbers about ammunition so that we can make some choices about what kind and what flavors of ammo we want to craft…
You are a Troll
WOW - you wimped out on nerfing Devourers Caress before you even gave it a try huh? Very sad. Your changes aren't going to make any difference at all, especially with 1 rank in Negative Mastery. I don't think I have ever seen you flip-flop so quickly on an issue Bob - must have gotten quite a few e-mails about it, or at least a few from certain special people.
Every forum needs it's own particular Disgruntled Troll.

Give things a chance to be tried. Please turn down the salty paranoia. More can be done if more needs be…

What can you tell us about Player Housing? Do you have ideas nailed down as to what features will make it attractive for us to buy into it?
I still think that ammo that is significantly better than melee will be much more difficult to produce and so will be used sparingly.

Ammo that is on par with melee and the lapse of some of the "stationary" mechanics from some attacks is the danger. Ranged attacks should have to exchange distance and power and mobility with a few things. They should be a bit slower so that a long ranger toon can get off 2-3 attacks(3 being dangerous) before a melee toon could catch him. Ranged should be just about useless when you are toe-to-toe with a melee guy.

If you have a ranged toon laughing and leading a pissed bull in circles while the ranged toon slowly kills the bull with dartboard worthy missiles, something is wrong.

In short: lots of ways to interrupt, relying on ranged when being chased/charged = bad idea, prohibitive cost for the "best" ammo.
There have been a couple mentions of the possibility of "makeshift" ammunition, and we've been tossing around possible implementation of that. Basically, any time you finish off the currently loaded ammunition, you'd run through the reload delay, regardless of whether or not you have any additional ammunition stored in your ammo container. If you have more ammo, that represents the time spent transferring it from stored to loaded. If you don't have more ammo, then it represents the time finding/creating 1 piece of makeshift ammo. Makeshift ammo wouldn't be significantly worse than regular low-end ammo when used (it would have no bonuses for use, where T1 +0 ammo would have at least a small bonus, just enough to bring rank 1 attacks into a reasonable range), except that you'd effectively have to reload after each use. This way we don't really have to keep track of not-really-existant ammo (we just pretend "no ammo" is the same as "one piece of makeshift ammo" and force reload anytime an attack leaves you with "no ammo," which you already had), but there's still a small penalty for having let yourself run out completely.

If we went this route, it would be on top of mobs dropping small amounts of T1 +0 ammo, so you'd still be picking up some loadable ammo along the way. If used sparingly, you could avoid using makeshift ammo except for emergencies.

I am for it. Much better to be able to contribute somehow than not at all if a character is built as a one trick pony, which many are (by xp gain default) when they are fairly new or have pretty low encumbrance capacity.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Here is a problem: There are only a few voices speaking up. It is dangerous to make changes in that circumstance. The only thing that I really am concerned about is Wizards leaving the game the way that many Archer characters did when range was "adjusted".
If it is an attack that is spammed, ammo cost just might put it somewhat in check.

Balance changes do often arise out of complaints, but we've always avoided making them unless we look into them and find there really are underlying issues that need to be rebalanced. In this case, Devourer's Caress definitely has some issues that the balancing equations don't take into account at this time. In particular, it's very easy for the same character to apply, maintain and repeatedly exploit the conditional that makes its cure so powerful. Cooldowns are the bluntest tool for dealing with the "repeatedly" part of that problem. Ammo will also help a bit with that, since repeated use will get expensive, but many of a wizard's other options also use ammo, so it will have a limited effect.

A 4-second cooldown should be just long enough to get wizards to throw 1-2 other attacks into the mix between uses of Devourer's Caress, but not so long as to prevent wizards from using the combo to give themselves significantly better durability at melee range. That's all I'm really looking for, just taking this out of the "two-attack combo with no point in varying it up at all" category. Once we try it out on our internal servers and on Zog, it'll be easy to dial things back if the cooldown kills the combo completely.
Fair enough for me, Bob. I suppose that I should have known you had looked into it or you wouldn't be sharing your immediate solutions with us. That is my bad.