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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Bunibuni is Dominion. We almost always have heavy armored characters involved in escalations. Without logs to look at, I can't say if they are all that effective in comparison. I will say that in most tough escalations the Heavies are constantly wounded more.
You are a Troll
Am I reading Goblinary right a T3 Master's Empowered Charge - Iconographer makes 250 charges, hopefully enough for half an hour wandering about in an escalation for a T3 cleric, at +3 to match the focus the gem needs

1 dynamic crystal (@9 cryptic/7 synthesis/5 dweomer/5 superior consonant),
21 intense crystals (150 seething/50 resonant/100 anagogic/100 greater numinous),
3 dusky crystals (@ 16 dweomer/7 Superior numinous/8 greater numinous/2 platinum)

If that is the cost for 30 minutes of escalation play time for a Cleric then they are going to spend the vast bulk of their play time gathering raw mats to make their charges.

Or the economy(whether private group or public AH) will improve because we will be able to trade or buy ammunition…
Ammo might be fun for crafters and traders…
You are a Troll
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Arrows should be somewhat heavy and bulky enough to cause some trouble trying to carry around 100s and be effective with them.

That sounds super duper annoying and anti-fun.
Yeah well there has to be some sort of equilibrium somewhere. Some sort of limit on how GREAT! something is. If it is SUPER GREAT! but includes hassles and limits, then we might cry less…
At least Alchemies will now get to compete with Ammo Crankers for the best price of Jolly Pots and Bombs balanced against cantrips and orison gems.
Perhaps such a thing would come across as too "gmmicky" and be rather annoying if it was a constant barrage of flash messages, though I do not think that players reach achievement 10 in anything very often. Still we are only a handful of players compared to what the game needs to be successfully productive.

What I am wondering is what things bring players to sandboxes and what keeps them interested enough to stay playing? What are the "hooks" so to speak that are reasonable to implement for the developers? Obviously they are counting on the implementation of The Roadmap. Are the various features in that going to be enough?

Things that I think make me stick around:
1. The community that I play with
2. I like holding land and being reasonably powerful in game (very much long hard work involved here, except the fact that I was GIVEN a plot to start with)
3. The game's potential

Parts of those things will come naturally to just playing the game. Parts of those things are a very long and difficult thing to attain or wait/work for. Parts of those things are probably too difficult (to the average player) to want to strive for. There currently are not reasonable mechanics to achieve some of these things. It is only reasonable to wonder what percentage of trial newbies will find the "hooks" that make them long term players.

Anyone have any other ideas?
Duffy Swiftshadow
Cold iron arrows as far as the eye can see!!

Also prepare for the dominance of range attacks.
I will be interested to see how it is going to get balanced. Skilled ranged attack should be impactful but so also should LoS (including cover), melee proximity to range armed players(easy interrupt) and the logistics of encumbrance of things like arrows.

I realize that it is a fantasy game and am excited that ranged attack will become interesting as an option again but I(for one) do not seek for it to be Too OP. Just about any more swift melee attack should interrupt an archer that you are toe-to-toe with. Cover and LoS needs to matter. Arrows should be somewhat heavy and bulky enough to cause some trouble trying to carry around 100s and be effective with them. Some of that should be factored into cantrips and orisons if possible.
I trust the above 3 posters as Proven Wise Men of my tribe.

Lesson: If it's been a long couple days, and you are very tired you should think twice before you post your "brilliant" insights. smile
I have written before that it would be a sensory reward to be able to personally get a chat (or better) a screen notice when something we have on the AH sells. These kinds of flash notices are mini endorphin producing jolts that tie players to games psychologically.

While playing tonight I received "Goblin Exterminator!". No big deal as I am sure I am not the first by a long shot but a thought occurs: You want to tie players to your game and doing it through achievements is GREAT! It would be 10X more powerful to, for example, flash "Joe Smith has reached Heavy Blade Expert 10!" to the server for all to see. Too late to enjoy that for most of us, but we are a very small group compared to The ToT's.

Spread some Fame around and change your game…

How difficult would it be to get something like that in?
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Is it safe yet to expect that every type of ammo recipe and materials are going to be in the mix? Can we confidently start to craft them?

Yes, all the gems/arrows that you can make will work as ammunition, and all the quivers/charge gems will work as ammo containers. We probably won't get in all the keyword aspects that are supposed to be attached to various kinds of ammunition, but I'll do my best to reflect the values of different ammunition variants in their basic damage numbers until we do. That said, you may not want to craft much specialty ammo unless you just happen to be able to get the materials for them more cheaply than you can for more standard ammunition.
Thanks Bob! smile
@ Bob

Is it safe yet to expect that every type of ammo recipe and materials are going to be in the mix? Can we confidently start to craft them?