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Have you considered objects(hills, buildings, large rocks, etc… ) simply breaking the target lock on things?
Oh yeah. Did anyone mention to you guys that the map markers for gushers are persistent until we physically re enter the hex? Getting a little crowded. smile
And just to be clear, this also means you'll have to start defending your gushers again starting tomorrow, so don't be surprised when that first wave of mobs shows up.
Yeah. Going to miss the easy mats. It needs the mobs to help balance things out a bit. Never brought in so much material in so short a time…
Keep looking in that hex. I know that it seems it's low on banditos and large on goblins but they are there. Especially in the east and south of the hex.
Orisons and cantrips and bows already had a nerf for not needing ammo. I suspect the players who don't use rogue or fighter feats will complain loudly when that is reversed. Although to be fair, the 10-120% buff for beneficial effects warrants some added cost.

Some ammunition is clearly intended to add keywords not otherwise available (like Cold Iron). I don't think having those keywords interact with the target is in the roadmap. Given that one of the reasons to use better ammo isn't in the game, should a carrot be added to the more exotic ammo types?
I agree that it is unlikely we will see a hookup between "specialized ammunition" and actual creatures that it can be used against very soon. Seems to me that if equivalent cost between that ammo and regular/Tier is equal or pretty close, then no carrot is needed. If there is a markedly higher cost for the exotic then there should be a temporary carrot. If one half of exotics can be used to advantage (silver vs undead, i.e.) then, again, no carrot required.

There is still the circumstance that the exotic components are actually less expensive to craft in some cases for some characters.
Alright, now that we have EE13 out and other than a few tweaks needed it is working well enough, what about EE14? Specifically the preliminaries on Ammunition.

What are you all expecting?

Some things that I would like to see in the mix:
1. I am hoping to see Cantrips and Orisons that are "personal" and "melee range" be free of ammo requirements.
2. For those attacks that do require ammunition I am hoping to see a system in place for reduced strength/range/duration/attack speed/whatever that allows attacks without crafted ammunition. Maybe something like we are always granted the assumption that we have "makeshift ammunition" no matter what. It is just so weak that it is much more efficient to have crafted ammo to use. Give new players, coin strapped characters and long time mission active players a break. Just make sure that we are well incentivized to prefer the crafted stuff. Competition and min-max will drive the want for the real stuff.

Finally, I have the feeling that the new "EPro" vs "Beneficials" settings are destined to be followed by ammunition requirements for pretty much ALL Cantrips and Orisons.
That is fast work Guys. Congrats and I hope it goes smoothly. Enjoy Gen Con! smile
I can see it being of some value to players because it just takes too damn long to get to a "group valuable/contributing position" in anything except gathering(which is not everyone's favorite thing).

Are you going to seriously come into a game with a $15.00 sub and be a bowyer because you have only one toon and you can be a bowyer or an archer but not a bowyer/archer in a reasonable(subjective opinion) amount of time?
Hmmm… Well, if it will keep and attract more new accounts, not piss off original KS backers and actually help the game; I wouldn't care much I suppose. Knowing a little about human nature, I have my doubts all those conditions could be met.
Not for nothing,and I may have missed something, but could we extend the DT aspect to normal accounts before giving more perks to the DT's? I would pay $ a month to MAKE my accounts a DT…

I believe that was the idea behind the "Subscription +" and the "Subscription ++" suggestion. A standard subscription could have multiple characters earning XP just like a DT.

Maxen gets it. When you are paying for the sub you non DTs would have the option to sub as regular or sub +(two characters earning xp) or sub ++(3 characters earning xp).

Destiny Twin sub + would be that 3rd character earning xp.

This way it is simply a monthly sub or some kind of "+" or "++" sub but not confusing to the accounting department.