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Generally I am just lobbying for commonsense based on actual game mechanics rather than the flights of fantasy based on theory crafting we get on these forums a lot.

In terms of rep loss it does not effect me personally at all. My gatherers are generally in T3 addy shirts and hence relatively immune to new players ganking them and experienced players wanting to be bandits are going to do it regardless of rep loss as rep loss is a bit of a toothless tiger for experienced players. (I know this from experience as Edam is basically a jack of all trades gatherer but I have other characters that spent a lot of time in negative rep in the past).

My personal opinion? The rep system could actually be a touch tougher to discourage random griefing among new players. This should not effect older players as it is social issues that restrict banditry among experienced players not rep.
Banditry is not random griefing. Experienced players are not the only players that are supposed to make up a game's population. You should not advertise that banditry is a "thing" in your game if it is so punitive that it is "not fun at all". Might as well make PVP outside of feuds impossible and be done with it if you really want it to be "not fun" for any playstyle what-so-ever. Problem is, there are a more than a few players around here, sticking it out in hopes of taking on those sort of roles and more than a few looking for a game that will allow them a viable chance at that type of play.

Let me borrow from your book: I think the actual issue here is some people around here are very satisfied with the status quo, the lack of any serious challenge and do not want the boat rocked with actual risk vs reward….
Bringslight what issues have you actually had when at negative rep ?? It generally just mean you need to stick your loot in a holding until an alt can bank it for you and you cannot train for a few weeks which is no big issue now its months between training for most characters.

The rep system is really only an issue for new characters and, given the tendency in many games for people to create disposable anonymous alts to create havoc with, that is arguably a good thing.
Me? Only once I had to wait to enter an allied town.

Again Edam, not everything that I suggest or lobby for is always something in my personal interest or with a goal for personal benefit. That seems to be an idea that you find difficult to grasp. Why is that? Could it be that much of what you suggest, lobby for and debate in support of is for your own singular personal benefit so therefor you can't understand any other way?

Edit: Even though I really do not want to be held up by Bandits and possibly killed and looted by some, banditry is supposed to be a viable playstyle here. Well it really isn't. The vast majority of hexes are Medium Security hexes which lead to very fast non viable crippling of access and long downtimes.
And last thing… I suggest that Reputation penalties be lowered.

Wow! What did he write?

There are now areas and opportunities for players not interested in random PVP to have "safe areas" to play in. Instead of all the piled negatives to PVP, why not make it a bit less punitive to encourage some of those kind of players to try out the game?

Edit to be clear: I am not a big fan of PVP. I am even less a fan of being ganked and certainly not a fan of perpetrating random PVP. The game is supposed to be a balance of both PVE and PVP.
As for PfO, even after the current road map, it will still be a tough sell. I believe that Paizo is perfectly aware of this fact. It will still have staying power relative to a player base that isn't looking for fancy graphics, landscape atmosphere, tons of PVE variety, etc… But it IS BEING IMPROVED.

My largest concern, is that there will be a major lack of realistic opportunity for new players to establish their own "place", like holdings or settlements. I am not so sure that Paizo is aware of how critically important that will be considering that so much else about the game is far behind the modern curve of offerings. The core reason that many are still here, IMO, is because they are running holdings and settlements and that is kinda fun.

All that said, I do believe that they are doing what is possible at this time. Probably a bit beyond what is possible. Hard working devils that they are! smile

So TDLR: Yeah there will be LOTS of negative critique if ToT try out the game. Some of that is just because "internet". Some because the game will be marketed along side more developed titles at the same cost(I think). Some because it isn't PFRPG Online. Finally, because haters always gonna hate and sheep love to ride on negative waves.
Any potshots will likely be well deserved.

The developer's of this new game do not deserve critical judgment for any other games than those they have been in charge of offering to the public.
@ Bob … maybe make it so if you combine two different plus items it defaults to the lower plus for the output.

That or average upgrade rounded down. There are probably other solutions as well. Most wouldn't be particularly difficult to implement, but even small code changes have a certain amount of overhead to make sure they're done right.
This is all speculation at this point in time, but I have to ask, why complicate things? Items that are different in "+" or in tier simply shouldn't be compatible as repair parts.
Maybe we should need the repair kit AND an extra piece of exact same spec gear to be able to fix some dings out in the fields where and when we don't have an appropriate lvl armorsmith/tailor/leather face.

Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living
I don't need to fight
To prove I'm right
I don't need to be forgiven
Again, as for Edam's repair idea, it isn't too bad. Any other repair system using refined materials in amounts by comparing against how much damage needs be fixed is problematic. First because there isn't a single good way to measure how much one "tick" of damage should cost across all the different types of gear and all of it's "+" variations. Second, because the "costs" of repairing gear should fall somewhere in a zone that is lower than "brand new" but higher than "an exact cost per ding". That could be included easily with a set total number of dings left in the two pieces needed to bring it to full. It could even allow for partial repairs.

Whether the partially broken gear used is in player paper dolls still or sitting in vaults, it still represents prior investment and is also still viable for use. Edam's idea does remove them from the system.
You are a Troll
The last thing we need right now is a way to further slow down gear-churn. Save this for after the ToT please.

The main beneficiary of this would be crafters as they will be the ones getting work restoring gear.

Aside from which there is no issue with gear churn, keepers crafters are flat out. The real issue in game is lazy crafters trying to rely on the auction house for trade rather than drumming up business and making deals.

Sorry, but I can't agree with this. Keeper's Pass may be staying busy as our current population is filling out all of it's Alts with T3 gear and/or stockpiling extra gear. Y'all may also be busy replacing a fraction(large or small) of player gear for those that use T2 lost fighting the toughest escalations. I say Bravo for you if you are, but one small group among many small groups experiencing an economy(of sorts) doesn't make for any healthy server wide economy.

Common sense should show you, by looking at how slowly your own gear gets used up, that demand is low and supply is high. The triggers that require "coin" to be the natural way to acquire everything from raw to finished crafting are absent. Probably a large number of factors, actually.
Have to admit it isn't a bad idea. Also it does make for gear churn(in a way) as 2 damaged items become 1 item.