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Bringslite of Staalgard
Training costs certainly have not made any dent or drain for coin that makes any difference.

Training costs help cause people to abandon multiple accounts because they can't support XX characters on one character's income.

Some of you may see that as a feature, but fewer subscriptions can't be good for a struggling subscription funded game.
I am no wonderkynd of coin gain and I have never had an issue affording training for as many as 6 DT accounts at once. What I have had trouble with is having coin "on" certain characters, which shows that I earned almost all(maybe actually all) playing ONE character.
Neighboring infectable hexes used to transfer a percentage of their escalation strength to each other every hour.

Bob, is your use of the word "transfer" intentional? It makes it sound like some of the Escalation Strength is subtracted from one hex and added to another. I thought it worked by each hex simply adding Escalation Strength to neighboring infectable hexes, proportional to its own Escalation Strength, without reducing its own Escalation Strength.

Nope, that was not my best choice of words there. You are correct that this process didn't reduce the strength of the original hex. A better phrasing would be "neighboring hexes used to boost each other's strength by a percentage of their own every hour."
@ Bob

Wouldn't that cause exponential growth? Is that something to look at when you consider reestablishing "spread"?
The limiting factor on the economy at present is a lack of gatherers. Selling stuff is not an issue but buying mats and refined goods for gold is difficult even at silly prices. A lot of Keepers crafters are flat out (we have 4 T3 armorsmiths and all have had full queues for 6 months) but most of their business is trade deals with the buyer providing the mats. Contracts would be a fantastic thing making that trading much easier.

As far as T2/T3 difficulty goes I think the aggro bump and difficulty changes (combined with nerfing the stupid number of gold coins dropping in the Revenge) have made the T3 escalations about right for the returns.

The suggestions above that T2 escalations are too easy and need a difficulty bump I tend to agree with (I think I saw Tyncale elsewhere complaining that the way he could solo T2 escalations needed nerfing) though bare in mind that these T2 escalations are not "too easy" for characters new to T2. You are not going to see 3 month characters soloing mordants and Dark Elves.
That bolded part really is the largest part of the issue and I had thought about adding that to my point about how characters should NEED coin. The very bottom line is that gatherers, in general, have little need for coin themselves. Things will likely pick up with a nice population bump and the new things being added to the game like taxes and ammo. I am just not convinced that the "original economic cycle" has much meaning anymore. At least it does not hold up well with a crafter heavy, low population, low PVP and low gear churn reality…
Was and still will be one of the best unique features that set PfO apart. Once there is a larger population that is.

When the population passes a certain critical mass, I do wonder if any Esc will have a lifespan long enough to spread though. smile
On the OP's topic: Yeah I too have asked for a "contract system". I think that it could be a majorly popular feature for all sorts of reasons. It isn't on the Map yet so we will have to wait. smile
Stilachio Thrax
Scarcity only partially helps solve the problem. There has to be a reason to equip T3. Right now, any skilled player can participate on any PVE content with high T2 equipment and be fine. T3 might be more useful in PVP, except the costs (healing decreases, replacement costs, EPow/EPro wonkiness) for using it often far-outweigh any real benefit from it, particularly with armor.

If you want people to use T3, give them a reason to- whether by carrot (its much better than T2) or stick (escalations can't be defeated without it). But then you get into making anyone not in T3 useless in PVE/PVP.

Not everyone tools around in T3. New players, for instance will be at and interested fairly soon, after beginning, in T2 gear. They will be a long time to reach significant need for very much in the range of T3.

Scarcity promotes trade, poaching, banditry, value and demand. Gear gets worn out and consumables get used up faster than currently is the case. Scarcity of the T1 and T2 mats therefore promotes content. Without the kind of content that requires gear to have value(whether coin or barter), much that is possibility sits stagnant.

Everyone should NEED coin to function in this world. They should need coin for more than just coin drains. They should need coin to function as high risk/high reward adventurers as well.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Yea lots of the trade minded people would love a contracting system, it's been brought up a few times. Would be another interesting 'perk' to having an auction house in the first place.

As for how 'easy' it would be to slot in, programming always sounds simple on paper, reality is often different. Some of the core is probably there as you pointed out, but it doesn't mean it's in a useful framework that can quickly be turned into something similar but different. Plus you get into how it's searched/displayed, should it be open to individuals or by ranks? By company membership? By Settlement? By permissions? How much is required to make it minimally useful? Not saying I wouldn't use even a simple version, but will a simple version be worth the effort for the gain at the time? I dunno.

The whole coin economy not jump-starting is just people refusing to put some value on coin, it's really not hard but people are all over the place with their valuations so w/e we have a piss poor economy at the moment. Eventually it will happen, till then hoard coin I guess.

Without a major jump in player population so a major jump in demand for goods, and a consequent reduction in the percentage of "crafting types" to pure adventurers, only scarcity in crafting materials will ever make coin take on value. As things are, no one really needs coin to get what they need(generally speaking here).

It is proposed that coin will take on value when players become taxed for settlement citizenship. We will have to see what those taxes are. Training costs certainly have not made any dent or drain for coin that makes any difference. Coin costs to maintain buildings may also help the drive to acquire coin. Raiding may cause a bit more gear churn and so stimulate crafting and demand a bit. Ammo will open a new cost for doing business(PVP or PVE).

I think that the above will help a bit but not enough to create any actual "healthy" economy. Solutions that only most prevalently drive players to get more coin for drains, have little impact on "Player Interactive Economy". So many accounts per player, as things are now, creates an "in-house" gearing system that smothers both need for coin and demand for supply. If as population rises, availability of materials also rises(raw mat totals are turned up), you will be in almost the same place. Also, so long as almost every major staple of crafting materials is available in all regions of the map, the diehard crafters that we have now will certainly be able to meet demands easily. Even as population rises.

Scarcity is the stimulant that we need now and that we will need for a good long time despite subscription growth.
Agree! And "under sung" things that I would like to mention and as usual completely different: Really appreciate the new information available to look at in the holding and outpost UIs. Very cool!
Did you make sure to keep the minis and flip mats in their original condition?
I've got 7 sets of the minis in original shipping boxes. Are they special?
Bringslite of Staalgard
From Peanut #374: If you have the time and it will easily move to Paizo forums. The more great info that we(or anyone) can access on the main site, the better.

Adding sub-topics to the forums is pretty simple, and sometimes I just need to take a break and do something easy. As for the Paizo forums, I'm not sure how well our current forums will transfer over, but we use sub-topics elsewhere, so it's something we'll have to deal with. If some aspect of the forums turns out to be incredibly useful but doesn't translate well, I think we'll just have to figure out something that achieves the same thing in a different way. In the meantime, if folks would find these sub-topics useful, then I'm happy to add them. If they wouldn't be very useful, or worse yet just felt like they'd overly complicate the forums, then I'm happy not to.
I know that we are getting "some" new faces in-game lately, but they aren't many. So YMMV on whether it is worth doing now. Fully understand moving back from mind intensive tasks for a break though.

No other Peanuts feel like chirping an opinion?