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Considering both the cost and crafting time for T3 armor, compared to T2 not to mention the extra training and that it is end game stuff, you do need it to be a somewhat significant boost over T2. It does lose viability if it is just a small jump. Don't nerf it too much.

Also consider that it would have to probably readjust for PVE balance as well. All things to think about carefully or the work will get far out of proportion to the goal.

Edit: Not trying to back away or be contradictory to my dislike of the epow/epro system. Just don't want an "overnerf" situation that you most often see in most adjustments. Ranged attack nerfing might be a good example.
Duffy Swiftshadow
The moral of the story - Dusty Suckerpuncher may have had less fun making a deal to join the boss crew but it would have been far less effort and far more profitable.

In the end business is business.

It's real easy, don't break the Law. We don't make deals with lawbreakers after we catch them breaking the law. That's our shtick, that's what makes the interactions predictable and fun. Profitability is not a factor, we don't buckle principles (as RP b.s. as they may be) for personal gain.

Besides, in the end I did get the boss loot and a little extra, soooooo technically it was very profitable for a lot less effort.

(Reminder because people still get confused but we're not the least bit seriously upset or anything. This is our thing and how we go about it, it's what makes the game fun and should make interacting with us predictable. What aggravates me is the attempt at subtle insults, jabs, and smug superiority b.s. Get over it we don't care if you approve or not, it's a sandbox, stuff will happen.)
Another +1
Additional armors were definitely planned for the later roles like Bard, and some of those would have filled in these kinds of gaps. I've filed a bug to take a closer look and consider either adding some of those armors in advance by reusing existing art assets or to possibly change the rank 14 keyword to something more useful if it's clearly the result of an oversight rather than something intended to be useful to a future role.

For bards, the light armor arcane casting ability is pretty unlikely to arrive without a pretty thorough consideration of exactly how to implement bards, and that's not likely to happen until we're feeling ready to introduce them in some form.
How difficult would it be to code in a feature that crafters could use to swap out a keyword or two of choice into items? Not exceeding total keywords allowed, just to customize a bit.
I'm somewhat excited for this too.
Stephen had long intended to ignore Effect Protection on beneficial effects (while still incorporating Effect Power), and it's one of the feature requests in our database that we've been intending to get to as part of the polish phase because beneficial feats just don't feel right when their power drops off so dramatically, to the point that they kind of feel unfinished. Making that change will require revisiting the beneficial feats to rebalance any that become too powerful, and the percentage-base cures are one of the most likely ones to need rebalancing. My temptation there is to give those a base-line heal with a smaller-percentage cure. That way they'd still ramp up as the target's hit points ramp up, just not as quickly.

The big cleric expendable heals are mainly set hitpoints anyway.

With regard to focus based minor cures and channel positive I am not sure how that will work as the feat is levelled up. If your focus minor cure has fixed hitpoints heals that do not increase with level and there is no longer any epro/epow to reduce your effect per level why not just run around with a T1 focus and level 1 minor cure ? Same issue with channel positive why level it up and equip gear for keywords if level 1 channel with no gear does the same job for you.

Why should they do a better job if you don't increase the number of keywords that you match for it?
If you leave them with low # of keyword matches, the amount of healing that they do should stay low. Assuming that things got switched to a stock amount rather than a percent or a "per level".
Why are "beneficials" an attack roll vs armor anyway?
Wolf of Rathglen
@Bringslite: Minor Cure- heals 50 + heals 10 per keyword power, 1 round (6 second) cooldown.

T1: 60/70/80 (target's HP 600-900? ~8-10% for equally progressed targets but definitely not hax on higher level targets)
T2: 90/100/110/120 (target's HP 1200-1800? Gaining quantitatively but proportionately a little less powerful on equally progressed than when first trained; GREAT on less progressed characters with fewer HP; commonly expected from Level 1 abilities in computer games and just like in Pathfinder IP)
T3: 150/165/180/195 (same as T2)

As mentioned earlier, total attack is divided by total defense and if that result is a decimal like .92 for a close to full strike or .60 from a severely underpowered attacker (like a tier lower) the stacks and durations that came with the attack get an 8% or 40% penalty just like the damage.

That can apply to the effectiveness of beneficial spells and heals too by rolling a total attack for that skill compared in the same manner to a fixed Friendly Defense threshold for beneficial effects; such as 70/140/200 depending on how many major keywords the target's armor has. That requires the caster to be developing for real as a character gaining attack bonus and BAB -with all the achievements, increased attributes, and xp invested involved with that- to get the full benefits and heals of his skills when compared to the 70/140/200 threshold. Potions, tokens, etc. can be affixed with the number appropriate for their tier so a T2-wearing character using a T1 healing token only gets 70/140 the healing from it.

Attacks and beneficial effects from a character not developed enough compared to the target get proportionately penalized for not being high enough like we want, AND our own character development prevents our own beneficial skills and heals from quantitatively losing power as the character develops. All without Epow.

Maybe beneficials should not be based on attack rolls vs armor, but rather simple calculations with higher buff and duration results for more tier, more keywords and varied by the results of your roll.
I believe that both better gear and better training, combined, are a normal and expected gap between low and high levels. A higher Tier is a great place to add a good extra bonus to help demonstrate this. Players are used to and expect such things. Not every player likes time=exp vs grind=exp but that was known when the game was designed.
I kind of agree with Lisa here. At top end, I only have 10 to what? 15 times more hps than a starting character?

Percentages of effects for character totals are the problems, IMO. Without percentages there would be no need for epro/epow. Yet without these percentages, you need to make sure that there is still some viability of effectiveness in T1 vs T3. You can do that with set numbers. A low level healer should have to use many more low level cure spells to heal a high level character, but they SHOULD still heal a high level character. <—for example.

What about stacks or effects like Hold Person? Well there are also skills that help you reduce these things and get over them more swiftly or deny them. You need to train these to be all you can be against low level combatants and spell casters.

The tier with the keyword system is enough of an innovation to be an interesting concept. Just get rid of basing things off of percentages. Let tier, matching keywords and other feats be the measure of how effective you are without epro/epow.

Unfortunately, this is probably much more work than is possible ATM.

Edit: We are considering the affectiveness of threading and that is good. Also consider the affect that ammunition is going to put on cantrips and orison use. It will still be a terrible waste of ammo for my low level healer to heal that high level player…
Duffy Swiftshadow
I think it's a far bigger problem and way more confusing that beneficial effects get weaker for better geared characters.

Yes. This is the central problem. Being harder to harm because you wear better gear makes some sense at least. Though it could be that it is too hard to harm vs better gear.