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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Caldeathe again
Glad we found an arrangement that lets the Mumble retain my vision of a useful and neutral territory.

Best of luck in game, everybody.

Thanks Cal! A fine legacy… or an ongoing contribution if we were graced with your return to the lands… just saying. smile
What I remember reading about epro and epow was, I think it was Lee, saying "we will be turning on the epro/epow system". As if it had been planned and was worked on already. That gave me the impression that it was a planned inclusion. I could be completely wrong with this memory.

I will state that I think it is a real extra complication and goes against intuitive play and progression. I imagine that taking it out and the required overhaul of the system is likely well beyond the scope of what can be done ATM.

Two plus years skilled players vs new players. Our minor numbers should not be an issue for hordes of new players that have a lick of sense, but single comments can run havoc in internet communities and alter the thinking of Soooo many.
We are really only a few and would be buried by masses of new and determined players but the reason that they will not see that is because of the real facts that we are all appearing invincible and we are all entrenched in the Places of Power.
I can see some sort of benefit(to the house) in mobs attacking and stalling mules. For one thing the mule sits down and you have to regain control. Something you can't do while fighting mobs. On the other hand if you just move away from attacking mobs now, you can eventually leave them behind, usually even if you could never fight and beat them.

I also see and agree that the goal isn't necessarily that "The House" take the most from these situations. smile
That aspect of guard behavior didn't change for EE 12. When you're in a settlement, guards won't attack members of that settlement just for being low rep or aggressors against other players, but they don't make any special allowances for members of allied settlements. Ideally we'd do something similar to the Settlement Access settings that let settlement leaders decide which rules the guards enforced and which groups were exempted from each kind of enforcement, essentially adding a system for creating laws. Definitely something we'd like to do, but outside the scope of what we were shooting for on EE 12. I've thrown a feature request into our database to look into it when we have a chance. If it turned into a really big issue for a lot of people, we might be able to do a short-term fix of just automatically giving allies the same exemption as settlement members, but that would make alliances a lot more risky if you don't absolutely trust your allies.

I think it would be a good thing to do the short term fix. True that you sometimes can't trust your allies, but sometimes you can. Please add more power to alliances and allies even if it means that there are also dangerous turns possible. It adds to the stories that can develop.

Edit: I would just like to add that we have all been waiting quite some time for features just exactly like this kind of thing. Let us have them if they are not too difficult to get in, please.
Lisa Stevens
Hobson Fiffledown
Yes, there needs to be an eventual website revamp or something one day for a whole bunch of reasons, I'm sure that's planned for already.

Eventually, all of this will be on The whole Paizo website is in the middle of a website revamp and redesign. As part of that redesign, we will move all the Pathfinder Online functionality into that website and shut this down. I don't want to waste too many resources right now on when it will be going away sometime in the future. It is functional which is all I need now. When the ToTs come, well, it will need to be a lot better.

The Lady serves us wisdom!
Content and unexpected results deserves +1 to all participants! smile
@ Bob and Cole

Hey Guys, any chance(if it is an easy thing) to get mules to persist for their whole timer even if abandoned? There are some interesting player made quests(yeah simple but better than none) and player competitions I think many of us would like to be able to do. It would help a lot.
He had to see a guy about that thing….
One more thing to suggest for the Time of the ToTs: World Bosses or similar random and scheduled events.