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We have a current policy of trading black to all groups, bringslite, but stripping remains a problem that threatens all trade of black. If anyone wants to trade for black, they merely need to talk to us and negotiate. As long as poaching continues though, which I don't expect will stop, quantities available for trade will be limited. I am well aware of the consequences of black not being open to trade for, which is why I made it a point to to offer it and our other resources for trade to hrc after the war, as part of the peace process, though they dissolved before the moratorium of maybe 30 days. We have offered to trade to certain bandits found poaching our resources. The black is there for trade, and prices can be negotiated, but it won't be cheap that's true. I'm sure there are a fair number of people that will refuse the prices we expect, and will thus prefer to poach, or people who don't like to feed monopolistic control of resources.
Well I didn't know all of that. It sounds like you guys are at least trying on your side of things. Which isn't something that you are obliged to do.
I am not regularly mining plat like I used to but I do several times/week as do many Dominion players. I haven't seen myself or heard that those hexes have been stripped in a long time. Platinum is far less in demand but there are only about 56 pieces available at top level.
I'll amend my statement because you're misconstruing it - I don't currently sell anything for coin for reasons beyond ability to buy market items, so it would take more than what your example addresses to get me to sell anything for coin, and I have no concept of what a coin price for much of anything would look like at that point. You're asking me an amazingly complicated question that I would need to be prescient to answer, so any answer I could give would almost certainly be wrong or meaningless. My inability to answer the question is not tied to the value of black, or to my unwillingness to state a value, so you're conflating issues in ways that simply are misleading.

Easy Tiger! I did write in my reply that it would have to be a custom trade did I not? There is nothing wrong with that. We have made successful trades with you that I think were mutually beneficial.

The fact remains that lots of players are unable to have access to their character's abilities because they don't even know if you WILL trade some black or craft spell books for sale. Not really your fault if THEY WILL NOT ASK YOU ABOUT IT! <—That's a hint for bookless Wizards.
Just trying to start a dialogue. You will find yourself stripped constantly if there isn't at least a minor meeting of demand for black. Or maybe it doesn't matter to naughty players either way, but I am only trying to help you out.
That's too vague a question, and I wouldn't sell for coin right now. I'm not trying to dodge your question bl, but that's a truly impossible question to answer. If stripping was stopped completely, there would certainly be a drop in price, but it still wouldn't be in coin.

Alright, Coin is far too common. I figured that I'd get a non answer. smile

It kind of goes to show that it is so valuable that each trade needs to be custom designed. I am glad that I don't play a wizard.
@ Bob

Will a raid in progress show the red line like a feud does?
@ Fiery
I know that you don't like to get pinned down but let me ask a question with a cpl hypothetical qualifiers.

Let's say that you could get the things that you want at certain market places and I mean pretty much anything that can be sold. Let's say that stripping of your "black" hexes went away.

What would PR sell black for on the open market, in coin?
You are a Troll
I kinda like the tabard idea, and certainly more color customization is a good thing, but please don't lets give yet another special thing to the tiny number of settlement leaders as opposed to the bulk of the player base.
Naw. It should be for everyone. If more armors could take more colors, it would already be better. If there were vivid colors for each god and they could be displayed better and with more crispness? in-game even better. Like gold compared to yellow or orange and red were more defined.

I understand Bob though. I have a touch of red-green… challenge myself. smile
I know that it is a really big one but along with some variety of scenery, I have a feeling that lack of water will be a pretty serious deal as far as criticism issues go. Something GW can't help but out there, in the marketplace, MMO players have little heart.

P.S I really like Tyncale's short list. I believe that line of sight is on the Roadmap as a filler if things go faster than planned.
Duffy Swiftshadow
You are a Troll
I think the gathering up of bulk from a raided holding should work more like moving stuff on and off a mule, not a character husk. Picking up one piece of bulk wood at a time when there might be 50+ seems like a punishment rather than a reward for raiding.

It would be one stack at a time, so at most there would be maybe 4 stacks?
Yeah. So having to move the Bulk to the mule "slowly", while slower than being the owner and moving stuff is as fast as you can manage, moving a few stacks from a husk really isn't a "slow" operation. Not enough to add much danger to the situation.

My main problem is the selfish point of view that I don't want Raiders to pop out a mule at my holding that they are raiding. Bob has addressed that if they can get restrictions in.
Hobson Fiffledown
RaiderTown play. smile

Fill your core6 with high+ towers or barracks. That is your only land claim. Permafeud the top 3-5 landowners (or whatever your PvE time allows). Encourage constant raids by your citizens to keep the support fires stoked.

Hmm. Not too shabby.
Hehe, somewhat tempting…
Bah! Colors were KING back in the day. They spoke to who you were and where your home was. They identified you on the field of honor or field of fools.

"Mr Edam! I would be most pleased if you should Hoist The Colors, forthwith!"