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Story Quest for New Players

•Give new players a quest storyline to follow that offers a more structured introduction to the world.

Settlement Improvements

•Add Town Criers to Thornkeep that point new players toward existing settlements.

@ Bob
These two agenda item's. Are they being done from scratch? Are they worth your effort at this early stage?
… gamers seem to think its hilarious to spam phallic shapes…

Yeah… "gamers"…

Google Images
Dirty gamers! smile
Hobson Fiffledown
So, say Character 1 drops some honeypot chats in general about the location of a gusher. Character 2 stomps out to go harvest said honeypot and gets quickly attacked, killed, and looted by Character 1. Is that fair play or a violation of the ToS? Who decides what "haven't had a chance to learn the game" means? What is tricking? How would an ambush-style attacker tell the difference between a beginning player's character and an experienced player's 1k alt?

Would the planned release in November of the core rulebook mark the end of this policy?
So looking at your scenario, I would bet the GW answer is… "Tough World, Tough Luck" You have a situation here were an individual is either dorfing out loud in chat or faking a dorf. Either way, if you are trying to get out there and take it from him, you have naughty intent. If he is calling for help… well be sure that you know someone at least a little before being lured out to aid them. In that case, you shouldn't be running to help if you are very new. You would likely not be very affective anyway.
Very well Guys. I'll curb my enthusiasm on that front. smile
Any raiders worth their salt are going to bring a mule or three with them. Meanwhile any counterattack by the holding owners can loot the husk and deposit it directly to the bank.

Good point on the counter-attack, we'll at least make sure that the original owners can't steal everything out in one fell swoop and deposit it back into safety.
Actually the mule being the property of the raiders puts the kaibosh on that, doesn't it? I mean they will have to "loot" the mule just like any.
Alright, I will yield the field… Again. smile

Unpaid Internships are not uncommon but I do admit I know little of local laws that might affect Paizo and GW. Hopefully they can get to a state that some of the easiest and less intensive stuff CAN BE HANDLED by other than the two poor overworked guys.

@ Duffy,
I read you. I wasn't suggesting that very complicated stuff be handled by Interns. Just whatever doesn't take advanced skill or deep relevant, to a specific project code's guts, experience. I wouldn't take on Interns and expect them to do the heavy lifting. That wouldn't be wise.
Didn't Seattle just mandate $15/hr… for interns and pretty much all jobs… (or something along those lines.) I imagine the issue is, if paizo has the funds to hire an intern.. they may as well just look for another permanent position.
How internships work without pay or how that all works, I don't know. Within Seattle City limits, yeah they have or are trying to get the min wage up.
I suppose that what I am bulling through for is getting out of the small box of "we can do all of this ourselves" attitude and using whatever legal things are possible to get more done, moar kwiker! Unpaid Internships, WA State. That is just within Seattle though. Take some strain off of Bob, Cole, and Lisa with SOME of the less intensive parts of their roadmap. That would be up to them to figure out, but hopefully Bob and Cole won't be spending time on the Core Rulebook. I think that their time could be better spent. Honestly, I have no idea if they already have other plans about that. If so, I hope that they have other plans to utilize whatever free Intern angles or low cost contractual or volunteer sources they can scrounge legally.

Whatever might save time and cost.

What if there is some eager young game designer out there that knows(or can figure out) an easier way around "the water problem" (for example) or anything else that PfO base code has made difficult? I am not saying that it would be easy to find "magic people" to help with this stuff for free, but has any effort been put out to try?
Duffy Swiftshadow
Bringslite of Staalgard
I still wonder what kind of possibilities there are for interning up and coming game development students, amateurs and volunteers there might be. There certainly must be some sort of angle to approach that would allow for such development methods.

Negligible to non-existent. For coding 99.999% of fresh interns/amateurs will be some form of net loss for months to years depending on the scope and complexity of your product. That's not a knock on newbies, it's just that while you may get a firm grasp of the basics from schooling or self learning there's so much detail variance between languages, tools, standards, techniques, and even just team processes that anyone who hasn't been spending years working with similar tools or inside similar teams will require guidance and support.

That is normally fine and expected, but with such a limited team and funding that could seriously cut into their ability to make forward progress. Adding a new intern doesn't mean you get 3 people's worth the work when they start. It means you get 1.5 (or less) people's worth the work for some training and up to speed time, then you just over 2+ people's worth of work after a few weeks or months, and then you spend most of a year getting up to that full 3 people's worth of work regularly. Assuming of course the intern works out, if they don't and you need to get a new one you reset the cycle.

They would need enough 'extra' coders redundantly coding that the 'senior' in charge spends less time sorting through their output and picking/fixing the 'best' solutions than if they just did it themselves. I don't think they have the funds or fan base for that.
It would be that difficult to get an intern(a near or new graduate) to put background music into the game? Volunteers to grab new players and guide them through their first few days?
What if they could train someone in two or three weeks to handle customer service and email so Bob could free up that time?
Interns for modeling new mobs, animating them and such. It is Unity isn't it?
How about just improving this website?

There is quite a bit of info under "find game design interns" just by Googling it. Seems like that is largely how new designers get something to put on their resume. There is eager to learn new talent out there right now. The Seattle area has many schools that offer Game Design. Isn't ANY new staff going to need to learn the particulars at ANY studio that they hire on to?

Why pay Pros full salary for learning your methods and getting up to speed when you can help yourself with eager interns and volunteers for the hundreds of little projects that need improving and implementing for this game? They need and want to get something to put in their resume. I would think that Problem Solving would be a damn fine addition to any portfolio for a beginner.

By your logic how, where and when is the magic going to happen?

P.S. How much time and effort did The Goblinary cost GW? There were numerous player made guides when beta and EE started. Why not have volunteer players design at least some of the Core Rulebook Project? Hell offer something nice for the best one that is put forth.
It would add some basic tactical depth to playing if there were actual choke points because of height and water obstacles. We have to keep in mind that this is a really small team of Developers. They don't get much smaller, hehe.

There really is a great deal of room for game improvement here but certainly no matter what state a game is in, with ToT you will have somebody crying about something no matter what you spend your efforts on improving or adding.

I still wonder what kind of possibilities there are for interning up and coming game development students, amateurs and volunteers there might be. There certainly must be some sort of angle to approach that would allow for such development methods.
Is that bad? I usually just post in the personals… "Unlocked house seeks strong man or men with moving van." smile