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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

I think that at least increasing the available Black, and PR allowing some trading for it will make for a better atmosphere. No one likes to have put so much time and blood and sweat into their characters only to be stuck using inferior tools.

If it isn't made available in other hexes <shrug>, I don't really see any problem with any types of control over what the Gods have left to you in your areas, as long as you can hold them! smile Nor would I mind if the price for it reflected someone's control over it and it's scarcity. It isn't as if anyone that can use a T3 spell book doesn't have ways to be prosperous. Yes it is true that coin is almost without value when compared to T3 materials. You just have to find out what they want.

On resource distribution, I admit I am a bit sad that general materials probably will not be tightened up and more regionalized. Scarcity could definitely empower all kinds of possible content that is pointless ATM. I can get whatever I need(except T3) in pretty much every region on the map with little need to trade for it, fight for it or steal it. <—Lots of content left on the table there for all three of those activities.

We should be encouraged, TO PLAY THE GAME'S POTENTIAL, because of local scarcity of some of the things we need.
Exciting! smile
I am wondering if, and if yes then how, they got around the Open Gaming License.
Father Bronin
I had the same thing happen to me. Placed a new holding. Waited for it to construct. When the guards spawned, they started attacking me. I ran away. They retreated. Afterwards they went back to normal.

It was a protest over low pay! smile
No, not yet…
You are right, Midnight.

It's mostly why people, especially Duffy, are always asking for tools with more granularity to be able to get at specific "characters". Because it is so difficult to do that, RP and playing a Villain on Wed and a Holy Warrior on Saturday are impossible in this game.
Have to admit, I am thinking about the player behind the avatar when I am killed or trying to kill. I know it's a sin. Probably why I can't be a Paladin yet.

Far Too Sinful… <shakes head slowly>
C'mon Paddy! You know that is CRAZY TALK! Much more effective to just b!tch about things on the forums than actually DO SOMETHING.

P.S. Seriously, Influence is much easier to pile up now. Raiding is coming. Things will eventually get more exciting. smile
It is very Golgothan.

Good to see the carebear Brighthaven with all it's White Knight pretensions of providing a safe haven for the warm and cuddly have been abandoned in favor of an approach Phyllain would have approved of.

I've always said those southerners out-eviled us. Territoriality is the height of evil, while sharing is the height of goodness.

This is why I claimed a coal hex and refused to share it for the first 55 days of the game. (After 55 days I decided that the community couldn't handle such role-play evil and stopped).

While I no longer feel comfortable claiming ONE hex, settlements with an average of 1.5 players are claiming over 30 hexes per settlement.

They are acting at heights of evil I can only dream of.

Lol. Thanks for the laugh. smile
You are a Troll
I don't know. It seems that since the layoffs the whole world has been in a slumber that almost doesn't count, in my opinion. The only way I can judge if the Forever War is ongoing is to judge the actions of players when the game becomes active again. Show me 2000 players and we can judge whether there was merely a player hiatus or not. Judging the status of an MMO war while the game's online population is occasionally smaller than a Diablo3 group isn't sensible.

I can't decide if this is more sad than laughable or more laughable than sad. I think I am going to go with laughably sad!

Which part isn't true?

There was a persistent war with both sides refusing to make peace.

There was a layoff of devs after bad news about funding, that led to a population crash where you often can't find 4 people in general chat, even though you can join a 4 player Diablo game any time day or night.

I'm not sure that he meant any part is untrue. Maybe just that the situation of the server is both sad and humorous, both in general and in terms of talking about war. There probably aren't enough of us willing to fill two sides of a small "rumble".