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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

I'll bet Bob and Cole could salvage something out of those things. Now they just need to prioritize what I want

I would discourage rewarding truly Random Kills too much more than we do today. I think the idea of reinforcing that the rewards come from using the systems that have costs and requirements to really affect each other is important

Agree on that. Not thinking before posting, as usual.
I'll bet that there aren't even any GM tools to locate specific players in-game. Seems like Bob and Cole got left with very few as priority wasn't on that, back then. smile
If by some miracle there is such a tool, half their work would already be done.

That said finding people is still a huge problem in general.

At this point just something as simple as being able to tell if someone is in a certain hex would by helpful. Sure there should maybe be a specific type of small holding or mini crafted holding(scout's camp) for it.
The more that I think about this, the more that I can't shake the feeling that Reward for PVP needs to be addressed before any of this. Yes there is reward for attacking haulers and gatherers if you can catch them at the right time. There is pretty much NO reward on offer for winning against a RPK attack, except the reward of not losing your own stuff and sweet victory hormones.

Raiding will hopefully be a good answer for some gang sized Risk/Reward. I wish that the GW team had the time to look into our gear dropping in some semi random way. I think that will be an important missing aspect for OE if there isn't a good, well developed, PVP reward system.

Edit: Reward for Duffy's "vendetta" idea could be covered by a debuff, but a general system of gear loss would overall be better(IMO) because it could cover more cases and risk/reward scenarios.
It all goes back to why tiny issues have to be full blown feuds that are at minimum attacks on Holdings. You just can't find the rascals that you want to find when you want to find them. A particular character's company affiliation and any holdings of that company are EASY to find. Where an individual is at any given moment is almost impossible if no one who knows will cooperate.

This patch will help a bit as far as what can be done to inconvenience a player that you want to punish and I think that it will be a powerful tool when used in concert with many settlements but a weak tool in general for this purpose.

I agree that skills for locating individual players should be trained skills. The more training, the better and more potent the efficacy. What I am really wondering is: can ways to accomplish this be done with a limited number of coding fingers and limited time? OR would it be worth the precious time to make happen?

IMO, yeah adding options to conflict resolution could only be a plus.
It didn't serve the good of the game to ultra-nerf the Longbow. From what has been thrown back and forth here, I am now of the opinion that nerfing the DC combo thingy won't serve the game well either.

The player pop is very low. Save decisions like this for when you can get exponentially more amounts of data from different users of it.
Special thanks to you Testers as well! smile
What kind of debuff could be impactful enough but not too much that it makes players think twice before digging in your garden? What makes a vendetta a reasonable Risk to suffer for the Reward of getting away with whatever you might do to incur The Wrath?

Remember the original assassination mechanics debuffs were more about weakening aspects of settlements than direct character punishment.
Nihimon has been wanting divination to have a stronger role since before we had a game to play. Actually not sure if he still does or if this is one reason he thought it was needed.
Congrats Bob and Cole!
Duffy Swiftshadow
Bringslite of Staalgard
Ok, tools to be able to "see"(locate) other players in larger areas. Tools to allow counters for the first tool. Tools for assassination to… put a gimp on a player for a certain time?

I'm sure Duffy would never want assassination tools!

Nothing's more personal that a dagger in the back! But all seriousness in the original blogs the mechanic's end result was a way to impact settlements via a personal interaction. Adapting that to impacting a player instead seems plausible, albeit exactly what those impacts could be was only vaguely outlined.

What's sounds appropriate and more interesting game-play: Me and my buddies go attempt to burn some holdings down and maybe siege a settlement cause Random Guy A keeps "stealing my flowers" OR I (and maybe a buddy or two) use these theoretically new tools to find the person, sneak up on them, and kill them whereas they receive a temporary gimping of some sort? I get they might not be able to do a lot right now but even something as simple as removing our current temporary 'threading' so your stuff has the normal husk chances is a big enough reward for using the 'assassination' mechanic.

What about a "Grudge" mechanic that is below a feud level situation? The player with the grudge banks influence and can keep it going until he settles the particular Grudge. You finally catch the rascal, settle your grudge, he takes a temp debuff and you drop the grudge…