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Father Bronin
Short term:

(1). Fully implement settlement development.

(2). Clean up. Work on the Monster AI. Clean up animations. Fix the crossing hexes borders issues where features turn off and back on. Fix the bank so items are sort-able. Fix the auction house to make it easier to navigate. Clean up the buy orders. Clean up graphics so seams are not so obvious. Etc.

And add water. Passable and impassable water. We can't pretend there is a drought in the River Kingdoms any more.

New players need to see a complete game in progress not a work in development. Polish what already exists so they will have something to game. Adding more incomplete features do not ultimately draw in new players if they cannot work with what is already exists.

(3). T3 artwork needs to be completed. Apparently there are people in t3 armor without any graphics.

(4). All the roles need to be put in the game or dropped altogether. There are still players sitting on experience waiting for Stonemasons to start. If the role will be in the game, it needs to get in soon. If not, drop the role and let people know to move on. Architect has already been dropped. What other roles may open or be dropped?

Medium term:

(1) Implement factions. Not just Pathfinders vs Aspis but others as well.

(2). Magic Items. This is supposedly mostly complete. The developers just needed time to work on it to get it online. Finish that process.

(3). Implement Religions. This is another promised feature that needs to be finalized and placed in the game. At least the first round of deities needs to be implemented. (And round two if possible - where is my Torag?)

(4). Improve AI so there can be wandering monsters. Monsters do not need to just stand there until we get too close. Add creatures that will move around and actively seek out combat.

(5). More fantasy creatures, especially Inner Sea specific ones owned by Paizo. The elementals were a very nice start.
I don't think we are up to dragons yet but wandering Forest Drakes or Mountain Hydras would be nice to see.

Long to very long term:

(1) Other Races.

(2). I would like to see race specific buildings. Dwarven and Elven especially. Gnomish, Halfling and Orcish next.

(3). Other classes. Paladins and Rangers specifically. Maybe Druids as well. (Animal companions can wait in my opinion.)

Just switched things around a bit to a more realistic short, medium and long term basis, given the current status of the staffing. Subject to change if staffing gets better, with rehires smile
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Bob, this topic seems way out of place given Lisa's request to keep things positive, or at least creatively constructively critical. Could you please look into locking it down, along with the pointless "Whither Eternal War" topic - as neither are in any way helpful; rather, they are both unhelpful and do nothing but take the dialog backwards. Thank you.
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Anyone know if people are still buying accounts? Pretty much done. Unsubbed and my account expires 9/30/2015. Two chars, both max exp possible and training. Destiny's Twin

I might be, if the price is right - please PM me with details and price. Thanks!
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Thank you Nihimon!
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It's always interesting to discuss this game with my closest friend - similar state of mind in a lot of areas, an IT Tech like myself, both into PC gaming, etc. etc - and we've known each other extremely well over the past ~16 years. Some of his views are obviously very different than my own, because, well, he's a different person. Okay, enough about this guy.

He was one of the "guild" backers with me that never started playing, and while discussing the recent "Events" with him regarding the status of the game, he was not too surprised. He said, "Honestly, when I put money down for this game, I wasn't expecting to see a finished product for 4-5 years. Sounds like that's probably going to be the case now, so whatever."

This comment really made me think deeply about the development timeline of this game. I really do believe that GW was too "rushed" to deliver the product. They were too rushed to bring the game out of Alpha into EE at the end of 2014, which was [in my opinion] the first critical mistake. They were too rushed to get an "MVP" ready for Q1/Q2 of 2016. And in doing so, it seems they skipped a few crucial "MVP" elements (like all the things mentioned in this thread and my previous post(s) here) before [they had to begin] charging subscription fees.

So, as my friend was basically saying, if the game takes another few years to be completed, it now won't be much of a surprise, and honestly, it might be good for the game if it does take that long.

Anyone else agree that there's no longer any need to rush?

I agree with your friend. Frankly, no MMO needs to rush, but they do, and that is why there have been so many horrific MMO launches (not to mention PC game launches - Total War: Rome 2 anyone?). Slow the pace down, even with a new publisher, and get it right. Timelines are artificial constructs, and thus, are subject to change. Paizo and GW have gotten a second chance here. I hope Lisa sees that and decides to take full advantage of it and use the next few years to polish this game up and add in the features the majority of people want. Personally, I think she will: Lisa is intelligent, and her keep side chats show a dedication to making sure the Pathfinder name isn't sullied. On the table top side of things I have witnessed the game designers/writers take ideas from those of us that post in those forums on Paizo's website, so why not here? And one thing I love is that they don't let a vocal minority dictate what gets done, but rather put the community first and allow a lot of discussion to take place. This is why I so love Paizo.
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Bob - to answer your question, yes, they do seem to drop lower level loot than what their level appears to be, at least from this side of the game. Took place in two escalations so far involving Ogres (the one with green ogres and the Eternal Ogg one). Both times the loot was rather poor by the standards of how much effort we needed to put into killing them. While maybe one or two people got any sort of recipe, no spell expendables dropped of either Arcane or Divine power, and to my knowledge no settlement recipes dropped at all. If they can be tweaked so the loot is a bit better, and recipe/expendable drops were increased it would make the effort worthwhile.

Speaking for myself, Gloreindl didn't receive any loot above a green level, and copper coins looted amounted only to about 4.5 silver. In contrast, when doing the undead escalation, he received 2 purple maneuvers and a number of blue crafting raw materials, plus 1 silver for each skeleton hero or captain we killed (plus the coppers earned from other kills). If these escalations are supposed to be of equal risk v reward, the Ogre ones seem to be rewarding too little.
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Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
If you keep giving this person attention, you will keep getting trolled. I still think that I know this person….

This is basically his Mr Hyde.

I'm going to guess his Dr. Jekyll is also a douche, but only has one layer of anonymity to wrap himself up in.

+1 smile
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The pvp was always supposed to be a large part of this game. Isolating it like that would destroy part of the core game itself in my opinion.

There should be more risk, not less.


PvP was not supposed to be a huge part of this game, MEANINGFUL PvP was/is supposed to be part of the core game. Huge difference. PvP just for the sake of PvP is wrong for a Pathfinder inspired game, and even worse is random PK and griefing (such as repeatedly killing characters as they return to their husks, and/or at the shrines they are sent to following death). I have been a victim of this by well known griefers who should have been banned from the game a long time ago (and we all know of whom I speak).

Once Stand and Deliver is in place, those who wish to play bandits will have a chance to do so, and it will be up to the player confronted by the bandit(s) to decide to PvP or give in - in other words, meaningful PvP. If said bandit kills the mark, he/she will be flagged. Do it too much and they get banned, as that has now gone from meaningful PvP to griefing by way of exploiting an in-game system.

Stand and Deliver should have been one of the first "PvP"-centric system put in place. For whatever reason it was not, but a GW headed by Lisa can now fix that. My firm believe is that Mr Dancy decided to try and attract more players, hard-core PvPers to gain more revenue and disregarded his own words that PfO would not be a murder simulator, since he had to know that doing so would attract Goonies seeking to ruin the game. I, for one, want and hope to see Lisa return PfO to what it was intended to be - a place where PvP HAS to be meaningful of it isn't condoned. Those willing to play within the rules will still be able to PvP, while those who can't are sent packing to other games who don't mind disruptive players. Lisa and Paizo have more integrity than that IMHO, and for that I am glad Lisa is now acting CEO.
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Fanndis Goldbraid
I think GW ran out of time. The article is accurate, I think GW tried to target the wrong audience. If they made the game more PVP/conflict driven, and advertised like EVE did "Become a pirate, or a miner!" then they would have attracted more big named guilds. Also, if they had the time/money/investment to dev it internally then released EE. But instead they rushed it out the door to a non-receptive public.

As the game being dead, I doubt it. This game can run on life support for a while, look at EMU servers, it just depends if Lisa wants to put it out of it's misery.

I think the complete opposite. If they had abandoned the open PvP aspect of the game they would have had many more players. Most players that come into a game with "opportunities" for PvP will partake. It is having hostile PvP jammed down your throat that lost the huge bulk of player of TT who might have expressed an interest in a Pathfinder Online game.

Suppose PvP was an on/off toggle. So gathering was safe, and running from one place to another was safe. However, factions, holdings and outposts, settlement wars, and other larger, organized PvP events required attackers and defenders to be vulnerable by forcing the toggle to be on if those players wanted to participate. There are many more non-PvPers here, even now, that there are PvPers. Just the way the numbers fall. That's one reason there are so few open PvP games compared to non-PvP games. The market for that is quite small.

Well put sir! +1
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Gloreindl has been here since the first Kickstarter and he isn't going anywhere. I am here until Lisa herself tells me it is over. Until then, she has my full support, as will any producer she brings aboard that repects Paizo's great Pathfinder IP. smile
Wizard/Cleric; Chosen of Nethys and Yuelral. Magic is Life.