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All posts created by Grip

One of their maneuvers should be "A Surprise Left"

with the applied effect as 'your jaw left hurtin'?
Same problem today in different hex.
Ways to make coin:

- put gathered items on the AH
- sell your coal, hemp, and pine to me thereby avoiding the AH surcharge
- kill enemies - preferably ones in escalations

No one is saying you don't play in the sandbox correctly. But I AM saying that if your company or settlement can't or won't front you the pitifully low amount of coin required for training then you are in the wrong company.
Holy crap the bulk food and trade goods are heavy! Nearly dropped my colon when I picked up 15 of em!
Many thanks to those who delivered coal to the Lodge this morning! I hope the business was profitable for you!

Still need more coal if anyone is interested in delivering to EL. Also need hemp.

Willing to trade my +3 steel ingots for your +3 hemp ropes on a 1:1 basis … I will do the travel.
The specific situation regarding the holding in the hex resolved itself after reset. Goblin Bob saw the hex before reset and couldn't determine why the hex wasn't allowing me to build the holding.

I hope the issue doesn't become a daily occurance.
Email sent regarding the hex in which I want to build.

I disagree with your assertion that posting regarding phantom escalations without precise locations 'serves no purpose'. There have been several charred goblin escalations around EL lately that either don't spawn the escalation mobs, or where tasks remain even after the escalation is gone. Obviously something is wrong with the mechanics regardless of position on the map.
I shall not reveal my location … where I need to build is a secret smile
A large escalation was cleared, yet I am still unable to place a holding in the hex and am getting the message "you must clear the escalation before you can build a holding". No escalation symbol on the radar and no escalation mobs in hex.

Also near EL a Charred Goblins mini escalation was cleared but a 'butchers' task is still showing.
Welcome Bill to The Free Settlers!