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All posts created by Grip

Tuck The Unknown - Evoker
Captain's Chain +1 (Keywords: Masterwork, Medium, Military) with Dragoon 6

You sure it is not Archer 6 ?

clearly he meant archer
Looking to trade Adv Leather Sheets +2 recipe and Spell: Enervation
yes still have the Redouble … and a Chase now also
Grip's Mobile Forge Inc. is looking to expand!

But in order to become Grip's Semi-mobile Forge of Doom Inc., we need dwarven steel recipes. I have the following to trade for said recipes:

Holy Light spell
Sanctified Steel Rapier recipe
Various other T2 recipes
About a zillion T1 recipes (well maybe not a zillion)

PM me on Paizo to discuss smile
For the second time in a week, a troll has shown up spouting profanity and verbally abusing players.

Goblinworks PLEASE slap on a filter, monitor 24/7, enable a squelch …. whatever it takes so that we in game don't have to read some troll spouting "Suck my fat dick" and telling people to "Go fuck themselves" among other foul things.

absolutely intolerable smile
Donated em to the University because an oversized rat told me to.
I have Redouble and Chase which are both level 5 maneuvers. I am looking for T2 smelting recipes in return.
These are purple maneuvers … expect to overpay.
Thannon, I have the ability to make the copper bar you need now and have some in stock. Let me know what you want or need.
I have … what do you have to trade?