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".. and my bow…"

I read your a rogue so back of the bus! smile
jk/jk had too smile
you guys are awesome thank you so much why I love this community
Does anyone know about any CC immunity timers going to be placed into the game trying to read up on anything I can and read though the PvP section about people being chain stunned/snared/rooted ect. over over with no diminishing returns any plans to have it put into game?

thank you again for the help! smile
It is still not Open Enrollment / Final. That's scheduled for Q1 / 2016.

Realistically, the game is still in a sort of grey area between Alpha/Beta.

You pay to enter now to get a chance to influence the games development, not to play a polished game.

you guys are awesome thank you for the understanding.
If I bought it now though do I get to keep my character?
If yes has there been any info about class/race changes since there not an option at this time to play anything other then the min starting combo. Being if I get the game Id buy the 100$ package for the extra backdated exp but then once the race comes out I want play id lose that just cause it was not available at this time?

and thank you again really appreciate the help trying to get all the info I can smile
with the game now being permanent (you keep your toon) is there a lot people playing I can't seem to find any new youtube vids or a lot info anywhere on forums other then the 1-3 post per day debating on buying the game but it seems like its kinda slow/empty please tell me I'm wrong I love the IP and very interested in playing.

Thank you