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Thanks Bob
Bob can you clarify the dates when we need to upgrade structures to +3, +4 and +5 in order to maintain level 20 training?

Bob, how do we tear down structures in the settlement that we want to replace with something different? I don't see an option to tear down while using a leader from the settlement owner company.
Bob, have you received the data for gathering from gushers that you asked for? If not we have accumulated over 100 results we can forward.

Apart from the bug in T2 gushers which I hope will soon be fixed, I agree with some other people who have stated that they just take too long. If the amount of resources generated increases significantly for higher level gatherers (as opposed to the current situation where it hardly matters) then the time might be more reasonable as is. If not it needs to be shorter.

It would be nice to be able to dismiss a gusher that you don't want to gather so you can continue looking for one you do want.

The line of sight on a gusher camp needs work. The carts, tables and boxes don't seem to impede LoS but the flag poles and torches do. Mobs can run through these obstacles but PC can not. Mobs get stuck in hills and aren't targetable but they can attack PCs.

But still for me the biggest issue is the lack of scaling for higher level gatherers on the amount of resources gathered. My opinion is a level 20 gatherer (skill 240ish) should gather close to the theoretical maximum so let's say between 900 and 1000. If a level 14 gathers about 400 (skill 160 ish) then you can scale between those.
Mules block line of sight for players but not mobs.
This still has some confusing elements to me. In fact its confusing enough I'm not sure I can generate relevant questions. But here goes:

The 500 DI each settlement starts with is I assume 500 of each of the 3 DIs is that right?

Eventually if you are generating enough daily DI the 500 becomes irrelevant because you will hit your maximum.

Holdings generate additional DI according to their type. Was this a recent addition, or did I just miss this before? I thought they generated equal amount of each of the 3 before someone pointed the figures out on the WIKI.

To take an example. Let's say a settlement controls 16 hexes. This generates (sq root 16) x 40 = 160 daily DI of all 3 types, correct? Or 4800 DI over 30 days. Let's also assume all the hexes are upgraded to +3 and the DI is once again evenly split (6 each per day per holding) = 16 x 6 = 96 daily or 2880 over 30 days. So now the settlement has 7680 of all 3 types which would be both its max after 30 days and if nothing was spent on buildings it's available. Is that correct? You could then add to this with infrastructure buildings.
There appears to be a bug on T2 gushers. Every single pull takes about 15 seconds, which means T2 gushers take longer to harvest than any other gusher as you get only 6 pulls between invasions.

I know that other players have observed this on T2 gushers also.
Bob, this system means that a settlement with lower level buildings will pay less in bulk resources to have
support at level 20 than a fully developed city. Is that your intention? Can the city effectively have no buildings and still be set at level 20 and pay 750 of each bulk (using your numbers) while a developed city has to pay more for level 20 support? Is a plus X keep required to be able to set support at a certain level? Is anything required in order to set support at a certain level?

I don't think it seems fair for an undeveloped city to be able to set support at the same level as a developed city if that is indeed the correct interpretation of your explanations.
Just FYI this was actually aimed at getting an approximate amount of gathering for our group to do for a project.
Updated Link for now a +5 Keep…under the assumption you will get the resources for a +3 and a +4 while making a +5

Assumed skill 220 on the crafters doing the subsidiary recipes and 200 on refiners.