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They just cycled the server due to issues ..
Yep .. and that is on the list of things to fix in the tooltips .. in the meantime, check out Nihimon's spreadsheets which list all the cantrips/orisons/etc …

edit: you want Nihimon's formatted data
I've had the same issue with that combo. Perhaps it is somehow related to the fact that if you stun/daze the mob continues moving towards you anyway instead of stopping .. so if you knockback, maybe the mob just keeps moving towards you instead of moving back.
I was dragging and dropping abilities to the bar and notices that some skills only fit 1-3 and some 4-6. It was extremely confusing.

Hopefully there will eventually be a Primary/Secondary note in the tooltips .. until then, the way I've been able to tell just from the tooltips provided is to look at whether the ability applied a condition or made use of an existing condition. If the effect applies a condition, e.g. flat-footed or dazed, then it is normally a primary ability. If it makes use of a condition, then it is secondary.

e.g Use descriptions in Haunting Mists and Wilting Surge as examples:

Haunting Mists:
Standard Effects: Psychic Damage, Short Blast, Dazed (1 Round, 75% chance) to All

Wilting Surge:
Standard effects: Targets Fortitude, Stun (2 Seconds) to All Targets with Dazed, Base Damage +10 to All Targets with Dazed

So, Haunting Mists can apply the Dazed condition with a 75% chance to any creature in the Short Blast range, and then Wilting Surge can stun and also add additional base damage to targets that now have the Dazed condition. Haunting Mists is a primary attack, Wilting surge is secondary.

If I've managed to get this wrong, I hope that someone will correct me … smile
I've found it so easy to switch to the out-of-game map, that I'd forgotten that was an issue.

Yep .. even went so far at to download that map so I could add "pins" to it so I know what can be found where …
Hmmm … not sure "lied" is the correct word .. it is one of those "big red button" words … Definitely can see how expectations not being met are disappointing, but GW has been straight up with the community about getting to MVP as quickly as possible. All of us have to adjust expectations to fit what GW has determined is MVP. I have a whole laundry list of items that I'd like to see at EE and some of them are very important to me, and GW has stated that some might make it and others definitely will not .. so it is simple .. can I enjoy the game with MVP features or do I wait till later in EE or even OE ..
Try the following:

Open a command promtp: cmd.exe
Then, instruct nslookup to use Google's public dns: nslookup
If that works, you could manually set your DNS servers on your system to point to Google's public dns …

Also, check if the DNS server you are using is the DNS server of your ISP provider. One way: type: ipconfig /all
at a command prompt, look for the line DNS Servers ……. :

If the DNS servers do not default to your ISP, you need to determine why. .. not saying you have to use them, but non-default settings mean something was changed.
Not sure how good I am at troubleshooting .. GW is probably better and Ryan is correct .. seems like a DNS issue (server not found implies that), so,

If you open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and use


you should get some responses …

just for sanity also try


This is just to check that DNS is working for anything .. you can't download from alpha smile

I assume that all other web browsing is working correctly, antivirus doesn't report issues, firewall isn't blocking the site, etc.
I just tested the link you posted and it works as well for me. Try clearing the browser cache as well forcing a refresh?
When I first created my character, my first thought was that she had RBF .. and then after playing for a few hours I noticed that it didn't matter .. what really mattered were the game mechanics. And those still need some tweaking but the game is close to MVP ..

**RBF .. Resting B Face …