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I also think being able to add our own markers on a private map would be fantastic. It is more realistic that an adventurer would take notes and keep them on the map than always having a rather bland blank map and rely on memory as to what is where.
I have been searching for indigo/blue or drops from kills that is used for ink .. so far I've had no luck at all. Still have a few hexes to check but as ink is required for spellbooks I'm not sure how many wizards there are going to be .. of course it might not matter since I didn't find a single spell either.
I'm not sure they have posted the latest client yet ..
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I still can't see anything but the three files in the Raw folder if I'm logged in, and if I'm not logged in it won't show me anything unless I log in.
Same for me
I have an I5 and the game ran smoothly (enough) for me .. I played in Windowed mode .. have a second monitor for all the spreadsheets needed at the moment.

Processor: Quad core I5-2500K @3.3GHz
Memory: 8Gb <– I will upgrade this to 16Gb as I noticed I was using all memory on this system
OS: Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit
Graphics Card: low end Radeon HD 6700 PCI Express 2.0 1Gb memory … (3 year old card) .. may upgrade it as well but game ran at 30+ FPS almost everywhere which is "good enough for me" smile
Primary Monitor: Asus VS228 1920x1080
Servers up …
So with "Small" option suggestion, the item would be globally available external to the settlement (e.g at all other markets, whether large or small), but only a particular settlement members could access a small auction house …

I like that idea very much. It would also mean that characters without a settlement would naturally move to the settlements with a Large option. If Thornkeep itself was the standard starting point for all new characters and provided a Large auction house with the starting crafting facilities then would this also benefit new players by providing a reasonable starting location from which they could then branch out?
I believe I had the most luck finding hides to the South and SW of Sotter
Lol. Look at the poor Apothocary's list. I know because I "tried" to be one…

Yep .. there are a lot of things that require a lot of help from others to complete. I'm looking forward to seeing how much of the apothecary list can actually be completed now with in-game horsetrading of materials.
A side question .. I assume that there will still be numerous server-side fixes this week? I'm not sure I'm ready to send in another couple dozen crash logs smile