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Begging is a time honored tradition and one I fully endorse!
Ryan Dancey
We are working very hard on things like the New Player Pack, the Class Pack, the Regional Trait thing, and a few others. We want them available at the start of Early Enrollment.

Daily Deals will not be in Early Enrollment, or at least, not until near the end. They have minor (if any) mechanical values anyway so they won't affect your ability to play.
Fantastic news! Thank you.
This concerns me a little as well since I purchased some of the add-ons thinking they would be at the start since they are "new player" add-ons.

Specifically, from the Kickstarter:
$10 - Class Pack

When characters arrive in the River Kingdoms in Pathfinder Online, they do so with little wealth or equipment to their name. A Class Pack will provide the character with a selection of items appropriate to a lower level character
of the class selected when the class pack is used. Each pack will include a weapon, a suit of armor (torso, legs, and helmet if applicable), and three or four other items of such as thieves tools, shields, boots, gloves, belts, hats,
etc. One Class Pack is required per character. You may purchase this Add-On multiple times.

As others have mentioned in other threads on this, if these are not available then they will quickly be superceded by better gear. Maybe they could be converted to cosmetic items for players that want an option to customize the look of a character?

The other add-ons would seem to have a little more leeway on when they are introduced but this particular one explicitly says it applies to lower level .. I guess the definition of "lower level" is subject to interpretation. smile
Well .. Cheatle will be pleased .. seems like a reasonable balance I guess between craft everything and start with nothing vs having everything drop.
Yeah .. hemp was pretty nonexistent. I essentially spent all my time harvesting/refining/crafting and never collected a single item that qualified for refining hemp. There were also a lot of issues with getting enough gems of the right type.
I thought that I had a cleric in Alpha 6 that could use heal for 350. Or did something change in Alpha 7 and since I didn't try a cleric I completely missed it?
@Cheatle .. I'm gonna have to take the Devil's advocate role here .. I think part of the issue in Alpha 7 was that the hexes where we could mine copper or collect indigo and woad (so we aren't completely reliant on Blue Mud) weren't in play in Alpha 7. I'll withhold judgement on the viability of crafters being able to create the implements until after Alpha 8 where I hope the map gets expanded and we will have a better idea about drop rates.

Likewise, I hope RD's optimism is true .. just want to see Alpha 8 before worrying that implements will be a severe bottleneck.
So to activate a token we need to activate some other magic item? So they will stack with the magic items? Oh so confused.
Ah .. that reminds me, I have another batch I should have submitted smile
Stephen Cheney
… However the art department would be pretty unhappy with your items just appearing in your hands …

I didn't realize that GW was literally concerned about drawing a weapon. I'll be sure to keep this in mind as a mob descends on me trying to quickly "draw" my weapon .. it is my duty to die in an aesthetically pleasing way! smile