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Thank you for asking this question! I hope that someone answers it.
Hallelujah! in-game information before we spend XP smile

Now if I only understood how to use wondrous items, charge gems, feat activations and all the rest .. in time I guess I'll know.
Actually Sin I did get 1 moonstone during the alpha .. so it was dropping just at an abysmally low rate it seems?

In any event, I'm not above begging that the drop rates be increased so we can test the crafting process.
Just my little bit of feedback:

This weekend was my first foray into Alpha. That being said, I very quickly learned that using my buffs in combat was not an efficient use of my cooldowns and began ignoring them completely. This was in solo play, melee combat as a cleric. Taking the time to buff instead of doing damage wasn't very cost effective because of the short duration of the buffs.


I'll second this .. I tried self-buffs and it just wasn't worth it .. I could focus on the enemy and survive or buff and then find myself engaged in combat with the enemy at full strength and my 1 round buff already gone. And forget about applying multiple buffs if each is only 1 round ..
What are the chances of us finding someone to program a XP calculator for the wiki site - akin to ye olde talent calculator on WowHead back in my day? Something that takes into consideration the Ability Score requirements and such, too…

I think Nightdrifter already has one, but you have to download Python.

At the moment, I'm focusing exclusively on getting the data formatted for easy bulk updates to the wiki.

I can confirm that Nightdrifter has created this tool and it is very useable to help plan a character. v14 was just released .. though I don't remember the thread over on the paizo forums.

I think they are wiping the server again for the next alpha, but I'll definitely keep you in mind when crafting the spellbooks. I didn't know Soothing Blue Mud also worked .. and I never found any either.
I definitely agree that +1 is a very important step. I did find issues with getting the resources though for even +1. That is likely just my skill/abilities, but without some more testing I don't know.
Ok .. confused .. I ended the Alpha with Int over 22 but personality only at 14 .. and didn't see a way to get to 15 to craft some required components for the Adept level items for Artificer .. specifically the Intense Crystal that requires Sage 10. I ended with Sage 9 because my Personality was .22 short of 15.

So was my character bugged and not getting Personality added .. or do cantrips not add to both?
I posted elsewhere that I was able to make these once the issue with "blue" e.g. Indigo/Woad and copper was addressed. I agree with Cheatle that they probably won't be mass produced in week one but disagree that they should be purchaseable. Those that want them will be willing to buy/trade and that means there will be a need for the crafters that produce them. If someone really wants one, they may be willing to help supply the mats which means player/player interaction .. one of the goals of PFO. If +0 are free, then those crafters will take an immediate hit by needing an even higher crafting level before being considered useful. If a Jeweler (trophy charms), Artificer (Spellbooks), or Iconographer (Holy Symbol) finds an initial niche in creating these, then they'll be on the same footing as the other crafters whose need is obvious (armor/arms).

Perhaps part of the issue was the accelerated XP which quickly made +0 implements obsolete when compared with the basic attacks that could be used.

I did manage to get more than 4 hours sleep .. the unintended extended downtime did help in this regards.
As a player that tried to create implements: Spellbooks and Trophy Charms I'll simply say that it was not easy to get everything required in this alpha. Not impossible (see below), but we know these are not going to be crafted on day one in significant quantities .. maybe by the end of the first week if a group is focused on them and forgets about "profit" for the moment. (I could be way off on this .. just my opinion)

The bigger issue is whether anyone actually wants them …

Take an Introductory Spell Book: Artificer 1 is easy enough .. but then the components require:
Basic Hide Sheet, 10 Beast Pelts at Tanner 1 .. not difficult
Parchment Sheet, 4 Beast Pelts at Tanner 3 could be a first day lvl at only 357 total XP
And finally, Clerk's Ink and Apothecary 2 .. and the ingredient was not available in this Alpha. The ingredient is listed as "blue" which I learned from Tester Prime (thank you , thank you, thank you) is actually made from Woad (?) and Indigo. I'm assuming these are found in a swamp hex as that hex type was not in the alpha. Tester Prime very helpfully gifted me at total of 40 Indigo which I used to create two Introductory Spell Books and two Learner's ..

I broadcasted availability at no charge (though those that asked still gave me items in return .. I thank them for that) so I "gave" two away, kept one for myself and had no takers for the last book.

I also crafted a couple of Trophy charms (only made possible by Tester Prime providing copper for our use), broadcasted they were available free to anyone that asked .. and still had them when the alpha ended.

I have no idea what this indicates .. lack of interest? lack of expendables to use with them? Lack of understanding on how to use them?

I look forward to Alpha 8 which might answer the above ..