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All posts created by JoJampa

Not sure if bug or not but tested invoking stealth during PVE combat.

Specifics, tested against ogres in the extreme upper NE corner of map, only reachable by death in the right hex at the right spot smile

1) Get close enough to mob to gain aggro/attacks
2) Immediately invoke Stealth
3) Walk away .. never attacking .. just walking away.

I noticed that almost all melee attacks missed even with mobs of 4-5 ogres. Even if hit, did not break stealth and continued walking. Hits occurred so infrequently that could often regen quicker than damage was being taken. Mobs lost interest rather quickly in most cases as well.

This did not work with Shamans and AoE attacks as the Shamans spammed the AoE and would kill me.

Also, Nihimon .. I'll be a volunteer for the test if you need anyone .. just ask Miksi ..
I had this bug and also all the recipes would disappear at every crafting station. Logging out/in fixed the issue for a little bit and then it repeated. Sometimes I'd see just one or two recipes but often I wouldn't see any until after logging.

This seem to occur more quickly if I added anything to the crafting queue.
Lol .. as I sit here sipping my coffee totally relating to this except as a spell caster I'm waiting for the spell that works with the effect I just triggered to become available.

It does get old "spamming" a few fast/quick spells because of cooldowns on the ones that you really want to use. No good idea on how to actually fix this though since spamming the second spells would be overkill.
A confirmation for selection is excellent but what about adding a Cancel/Apply option so that none of the feats selected during a given visit to a trainer are committed? A player could select several feats, look at synergies and decide it isn't what they want, click cancel and be back to initial start? Only after clicking "accept" or some such would they actually have the feats committed? Not sure how this would interfere with pre-req requirements though.

*Note: what I'm suggesting is similar to how DDO works for leveling and enchancements.
Yep .. that just started for me as well. I think I'll reinstall and see what happens.
Thanks .. I obviously need to look better next time.
Lee Hammock
Looking for verification, particularly for all the different combinations people may try to get there. My attempts to straight to a given level in a class have followed my math as predicted, but I am curious what actual players try and do. You guys have far more brains than we do to try and find weird corner cases that take far less or more time.

I have to admit that my approach has been much less than optimal since I don't know what-contributes-to-what without using the dev provided spreadsheets at the moment or Nightdrifter's PFO calculator (which is very nice!) … I've managed to get to Int 19 just by adding various crafting levels and got to lvl 6 Wizard … but how should we know what the pre-reqs are for a given "level"? Levels 1-6 are posted but what about the rest? Will there be a list?
May be late to the party … but I spent the whole evening trying to figure out how to acquire the component "blue" which is required for creating Clerk's Ink .. I've got no idea where to find this nor how I would ever determine where it might be found. I did manage to craft some Wool mittens though smile
It seems that terrain and trees don't stop arrows or spells? Several times I was shot by (and able to shoot targeted ) enemies through the terrain. Hiding behind a tree doesn't help .. I was shot through the trees. Running behind a hill likewise. A lot of this happened at the bridge to the North of Sotterville (? .. you'd think I'd remember the town name, blame it on age). Should trees and terrain stop arrows/spells?
First a great big THANK YOU! to CBDunkerson for this awesome opportunity smile

As for me .. well, I'm a member of Outsiders which says a lot about me .. I guess. Tend to solo or play in small groups on other MMOs. Prefer PVE/Crafting but looking forward to the excitement (I hope smile ) and challenge of PFO and PVP.