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Not sure where else to post this ..

Will the AH be updated in the next patch to include the +2 items that can currently be crafted but listing them in the AH isn't useful because no one can then find them .. e.g. Pine Pole +2 .. also the +2 wizard staffs don't show up either.
Ironically the ranged nerf has substantially more effect on wizards and clerics then archers.

I always thought putting the weapon away was just an animation thing. I had not realized there was a time delay involved in getting the staff back out.

And in switching there is a delay as well, so putting away a staff to draw a wand (or the reverse if wand is used first) can be deadly. I still find that if I positively must remove a single threat quickly then using an untrained longbow works best.
I'm not sure it is always an interrupted state .. attacking from range I can take an archer to about 25% health and then the archer just quits losing health until I force the archer to move. I can see my cantrips firing .. at least I get the animation and the effects .. but no damage on the archer. Wolves are similar. If I change to different attacks but still use the same weapon (staff) then switch back it might cause damage. Some of this could be interrupts but all of it? With no indication to the display, I can't tell for 100%.

Finally … I've reported before but when I stun mobs they continue to slide towards me. They don't stop in their tracks but continue to close the distance between the now stationary me and them. Should they be stopping or do they just slide along even while stunned? They do get the animation for stunned. Archers that are stationary stop attacking for the duration of the effect and do not move at all.
I'm getting Moonstone in hex 2, 5, immediately south of the two forest hexes in the northern mountains. Here's a handy map Valkenr made to help with coordinates.
That is an oh-so-convenient spot to go to smile More seriously I picked up some moonstones and freshwater pearl in the pass just north of TK .. not sure if it was from gathering or from killing bandits .. I did a lot of both in the 3 hexes in the pass along the cliff. line from gridpoints (0,0) to (-3,2)
I'd expand #2 to actually show what the system has your XP .. so 3 decimal places .. no more hovering over some feat/skill to try and figure out what your character actually has.

I also "hit the wall" when trying to raise a stat .. without resorting to the spreadsheets, I have no idea what is needed and would also be beneficial .. e.g. I don't want to be taking armor feats for my wizard just to raise con or str to so I can then raise miner.

The prior method allowed us to raise stats rather dramatically (e.g. easily get to stats of 21 or higher) so something had to be done .. but now it seems we are at the other extreme ..
I've noticed this but once in game they are ok. Restarting the game also tended to resolve this.
So far, in alpha 7 and alpha 8 I have found zero .. nada … zilch wizard spells. I have no idea why.
Copy/Paste of reply I had elsewhere:

Similar issues but see my comments in about #7 ..

Basically, delete the Pathfinder_Shared.dll and renaming Pathfinder_Shared.dll.OLD to Pathfinder_Shared.dll allowed the patcher to run. Also, when it ran it again moved Pathfinder_Shared.dll to Pathfinder_Shared.dll.OLD but did not create a new Pathfinder_Shared.dll … very strange.
Not sure if report here but do not appear to be getting credited for crafting achievements. Crafted a Common, +0 item as artificer and now that achievement does not appear in either the Completed nor the In Progress tab. (Nor the third either). Have similar issues with other achievements not being credited .. have to log later to get a complete list together .. time to head off to work.
I've bounced all around the map so far … smile