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You may need to allow a couple of minutes for the server to forget about you?

Also, when the chat doesn't appear to work it actually still does send what you enter .. it just doesn't show on your screen. Not very useful for chatting but just know that what you type does appear for everyone else .. e.g. could shout out to the devs smile
Caldeathe .. try the following:

DELETE the Pathfinder_Shared.dll, renam Pathfinder_Shared.dll.OLD to Pathfinder_Shared.dll and try to launch the patcher. In my current install, I don't even have a Pathfinder_Shared.dll so not sure where it went …
Similar issues but see my comments in about #7 ..

Basically, delete the Pathfinder_Shared.dll and renaming Pathfinder_Shared.dll.OLD to Pathfinder_Shared.dll allowed the patcher to run. Also, when it ran it again moved Pathfinder_Shared.dll to Pathfinder_Shared.dll.OLD but did not create a new Pathfinder_Shared.dll … very strange.

Game has serious Desyncing issues .. one or two minutes in-game before have to log out and then wait at "Waiting for character" ..
Well … reinstalled PFO 8.1 client and the patcher fails even if running as admin. Downloading the 8.2 client from GW instead.

Update: I deleted the Pathfinder_Shared.dll that is created, renamed Pathfinder_Shared.dll.OLD to Pathfinder_Shared.dll and then launched the NEW Patcher.exe that was downloaded. This seems to have worked using the old 8.1 client as it is now updating. I'll add a second update if this completes and is successful.

Update2: that worked .. not sure what was the problem with the Pathfinder_Shared.dll that replaces the existing file with the same name.
It may be that the server isn't online but the patcher now fails to run at all.
Pine is in the wooded hexes N/NW of Rathglen

edit: sometimes I get directionally challenged

The first character I tries followed the rogue role, with a bow.

It got 10? shots with the bow, which then ran out. I managed to drop another bow - equipping either of the two bows was out of ammunition.

I followed the tutorial to craft arrows, produced them, but there does not seem to be any way to reload the bow with the arrows - they sit separately in the inventory and do nothing.

Eventually I deleted this character as there did not appear to be any way to restore the bow attacks.
That is strange .. I've used shortbow and longbow without issues with 2 different characters, and no training for either. Ammo isn't used in the game at present. Perhaps a silly question but did you toggle "~" and switch to the secondary weapon slot which might have been empty?
I just started a 50 hour craft .. assuming that patch is Thursday mornining'ish and skills are corrected it seemed to be a wash between starting now or waiting .. Now if you roll out the patch really soon, it was a bad gamble but I'll live with it in that case smile
Nice .. but that build won't be deployed till Thursday? So items needing less than 36 hours will still complete before it is active?
Uhmm .. I rolled the dice on this type of decision the other day and ended up waiting an extra 25 hours for an item .. if you have enough for 2 items I'd start one .. worst case is you "destroy" one item if the second will still craft faster.