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Kenton Stone
In an attempt to keep this from going off course and becoming another, what is wrong with this game instead of offering suggestions.

Here are some off the top of my head suggestions.
Reasons to log on daily
(1)…..Bonus: Some Xp/Crafting materials/1 hr buff/chance at aeon stone/Weapon,gathering,kills-award{e.x. 500 boss knight kills}/Some Azoth
(2)…..Special Daily Events: (Named boss groups that drop)/Special Crafting Material/Unique item 1 use recipes/visiting super trainer(Unique feats)/Super Gusher
(3)…..Crafting bonus: +1/consecutive day to: craft skill/refining crits./Knowledge skills (better loot drops)
(4)…..Gathering Bonus: +1/consecutive day to: Gathering Skills,+1/consecutive 10 day to: Node multiplier x(1-5)

Kenton Stone
I was doing some inventory and using the /logvaults command and realized that the Wearable enchaned items are not listing their enchantments, the Superior Smelter's Adventurer's Hood, +4 was just listed as follows: Adventurer's Hood, +4, 3, 1, 20. Could we get the enchantments for items to show up in the log. Please and Thank You.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
I really didn't want to have to wade in on this but it is significant enough to warrant my input.

I think most of this is a slight overreaction to Bob’s original Post
Bob Wrote:
The daily decrease would be based on the number of holdings a company owns (perhaps .5 per holding), so each company's ability to retain influence banked in holdings would be limited by its ability to earn new influence regularly. Over time, companies would reach a point of equilibrium, earning roughly the same amount of influence each day as is lost from their holdings.
His initial value of (.5/holding)/day was a doctor saying I am going to test your reflexes and then pulling out a sledge hammer and taking aim at your knee cap. My reflex is to freak out, jump off the table, grab a large object and pummel you to death with it.
That is effectively what happened, I actually feel sorry for Bob if he had suggested a .14 loss per day I don’t think the reaction would have been nearly so severe.

He is not incorrect, inactive companies should begin to lose influence but 1 point per holding per week is way more reasonable than 1 point every other day.
100 holdings at .5 would mean the loss of 50 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 350 influence.
100 holdings at .14 would mean the loss of 14 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 98 influence.
100 holdings at .08 would mean the loss of 8 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 56 influence.
100 holdings at .05 would mean the loss of 5 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 35 influence.

For more reasonable Examples:
20 holdings at .5 would mean the loss of 10 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 70 influence.
20 holdings at .14 would mean the loss of 2.8 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 19.6 influence.
20 holdings at .08 would mean the loss of 1.6 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 11.2 influence.
20 holdings at .05 would mean the loss of 1 influence a day, a week's vacation would cost you 7 influence.

So to begin let's drop the concept of Max Influence.
Bob Wrote:
The basic idea is that Max Influence would increase as a company earns influence, but would decrease a little bit each day during Daily Maintenance.
Really means {The basic idea is that Influence would increase as a company earns it, but would decrease a little bit each day during Daily Maintenance. If the “Max Influence '' increases it's not a Max it's just your current Influence.

Bob Wrote:
Companies would start out with Max Influence set to Banked Influence plus Available Influence plus a buffer amount (perhaps 25), meaning new companies would start out with Max Influence set to just that buffer amount (since Banked plus Available would equal zero for a new company). There would also be plenty of warning beforehand so that companies can start building up their Available Influence and figuring out where their equilibrium point might be.
So a company's influence would be its influence +25.
Why would a new company need an influence buffer? They couldn't have any holdings so no daily loss.

Now to the nuts and bolts.
Blog Post :Saturday, July 18, 2015
Territory Warfare Is Here!
With the next patch to the game, players will be able to vie for control of hexes in the River Kingdoms. There are currently 603 claimable hexes in the game; as of the writing of this blog, 219 of them have been claimed by someone by putting down a holding and some outposts. Holdings and outposts produce the bulk goods that settlements will need to grow and thrive once that system starts to come online in a month or so. For the last few months, settlements have been putting down the holdings in anticipation of this. But until now, those holdings were impervious to attack.

In EE10.1, a company will be able to feud the owning company of a holding and then try to seize control of that holding's hex during the controlling company's PvP window, which that company sets. This will be a multiple-day affair. First, the invader will need to capture the hex's outposts. NPC guards will attempt to fight off the interlopers and will give the hex's current owner time to arrive in force to prevent the seizure. The more you upgrade your holdings and outpost, the better and more numerous the guards will be, giving you more time to arrive on the scene and beat back the attackers.

If the attacker is able to take all the outposts in the hex by killing all the guards and then accumulating enough capture points at the holding, the next day they will be able to try to do the same thing to that hex's holding. If they are successful, the attacker will take over ownership of those structures. Ownership of the holding gives ownership over the hex. This is the way that countries, kingdoms and empires will be built, hex by hex. And it all starts in a few days!
I play this game like I play any game - to Win! In this game the only winning move is … Not to Play. Sorry I had to throw that in there.
As the game stands right now everyone(Yes I know not everyone) is T3 can make all the same T3 stuff as everyone else it all looks the same it all functions the same etc etc etc.

The only way to differentiate success is by how many Hexes you claim and hold. As stated most hexes have been claimed with the exception of the ring of hexes around Fort Inevitable that Bob has never gotten around to adding pads for holdings and

As things stand, the Argon Alliance controls around 165 Hexes I am building my Country, Kingdom and Hopefully Empire one hex at a time. I will not be stopped! I will be coming for your hexes, Surrender or be destroyed.

Right now nothing but your resistance can stop me but (Resistance is futile). The only thing stopping me from doing that right now is Influence and the rate we can generate it.

I hated that actual Max Influence we used to have but I can’t say I like the 1,000,000 cap which is no cap.
Like a mob boss who does not send his goons out to intimidate the locals in the area he controls, people soon forget about you and your influence over the area erodes.

In my opinion Influence erosion needs to occur, just at a more reasonable rate than was first suggested. Does it need to occur now, probably not. As I see lots of priorities higher on the list than this but I am not opposed to it.

All that said(and yes I know it was a lot.)

For the Love of GOD Bob, make this game more fun to play, give people a reason to log in every day and play, not just check queues.

For my last slightly off topic point, Give me a way to reassign a Hex(Holdings and Outposts and influence intact) to another company so distribution of Hexes among companies can be achieved, Make them a marketable commodity. Right now the cost to move a hex to a new company is Hideous and therefore almost never happens.

So remember Submit to the might of my Empire or you will be Happy Father's Day
Kenton Stone
Bob, I came up with a simple way to do this with NO influence tax that can hinder expansion.

Right now your just looking at the influence, but what about the holdings?

As currently settlements can have infinite holdings, what if instead you capped the number of holdings a settlement can have?
Then that means if a settlement aims to expand, they'd need a proxy settlement to allow expansion, BUT to get the support level to have strength for taking more holdings, they'd need to spend resources increasing the proxy settlement's level.
Azure you know as well as anyone Companies own holdings not Settlements you would just limit a companies ability to join a settlement if they had too many holdings for the settlement…Blah Blah Blah
This would not work with the current structure of the game
Kenton Stone
Well now that we are going to have to customize our defenses with enchantments how about finally getting a Combat Log so we can see what is going on and what defenses need improvements.

It does not even have to be on screen just a key press to begin logging and it writes a txt file I can review later.

Kenton Stone
I have adjusted permissions you should be able to get to them now
Kenton Stone
@rangertarus85 welcome back.
If you need anything holler out to any of us in Aragon and we will help you get started with info and gear.

You are always welcome to join us on the Discord server where you can chat with or send messages to others in the settlement.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
Two cents from an "unemployed" bandit.
No settlement that is [Dead/Inactive]{not paying upkeep} should participate in active alliances protecting hexes. All their hexes should be vulnerable to raiding and not protecting neighboring hexes.
Kenton Stone
You are missing nothing, that is why no one raids anymore, it's pointless. It is more reasonable to just take the holding and gather all the resources yourself.
Kenton Stone
I am not 100% sure I understand your question but I believe it revolves around the difference between
the [Valid Enchanting Group] and the [Item Category]

The [Valid Enchanting Group] being the actual item and Tier and this being altered to the [Item Category] which is the slot on your paper doll the item can be slotted in.

This is all kinda meshed up on the [Misc Gear] tab and requires some parsing to sort it all out.