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Kenton Stone
Well now that we are going to have to customize our defenses with enchantments how about finally getting a Combat Log so we can see what is going on and what defenses need improvements.

It does not even have to be on screen just a key press to begin logging and it writes a txt file I can review later.

Kenton Stone
I have adjusted permissions you should be able to get to them now
Kenton Stone
@rangertarus85 welcome back.
If you need anything holler out to any of us in Aragon and we will help you get started with info and gear.

You are always welcome to join us on the Discord server where you can chat with or send messages to others in the settlement.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
Two cents from an "unemployed" bandit.
No settlement that is [Dead/Inactive]{not paying upkeep} should participate in active alliances protecting hexes. All their hexes should be vulnerable to raiding and not protecting neighboring hexes.
Kenton Stone
You are missing nothing, that is why no one raids anymore, it's pointless. It is more reasonable to just take the holding and gather all the resources yourself.
Kenton Stone
I am not 100% sure I understand your question but I believe it revolves around the difference between
the [Valid Enchanting Group] and the [Item Category]

The [Valid Enchanting Group] being the actual item and Tier and this being altered to the [Item Category] which is the slot on your paper doll the item can be slotted in.

This is all kinda meshed up on the [Misc Gear] tab and requires some parsing to sort it all out.
Kenton Stone
Happened to notice a new company in game today, "Artisan des Cauchemars", but not sure who started this company and why.
If anyone has some info please let me know.
Would be nice to have some others working with me on this new settlement. Settlements certainly aren't designed for a low population.
Well this was all a major pisser, I was going to give a surprise Christmas gift to Cauchemar. Make a new company give it a couple holdings and attach it to the settlement so it could have some extra DI. But I got noticed the day I made it but was keeping the secret even though the Jig was somewhat up, then some D..K makes a company with almost the same name to ruin everything. Too bad I thought this would be a fun deal but now it's a no deal.
Sorry, I will now deliver 1 unit of coal to Cauchemar. smile

Merry Christmas
Kenton Stone
You are Welcome
Kenton Stone
First check the Master Spread sheet
The Information is found on the Settlement Structures tab.
Find: Keep level 1 it lists {330 Security 60 Civilization 60 Morale}
Kenton Stone

  • Unassigned (Staalgard 5-5-6): Currently on escalation 15 (The Shadow of Nhur Athemon) at 20000 strength.
  • Staalgard (5-5-6)?