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Kenton Stone
Got my first Ghost Mule today, did not lose the saddlebags but was unable to use them, it says you already have a mule following you, /releasemule says you have no mule to release. Leaving hex made no difference, finally had to have another Alt come and use the Saddlebags, I had him release the mule but was unable to claim it with the original character as it again said I already had a mule following.
Kenton Stone
I'd love to hear from avid PVP players. What is important about open PVP?
I do not believe "open PVP" is necessary in the game. That having been said PVP is necessary in this game. Any Territorial control and capture game needs conflict and a way to resolve it. Also some people just like challenging others as opposed to scripted PVE monsters. I don't go looking for PVP often but have enjoyed every fight whether I won or lost, the ferocity and variety offered by a real person far exceeds any PVE battle.
"You have what you hold" while a bit of a cliche, is a important tenant of a volatile area in any world. Defense of land and resources is vital to survival.
There are areas of the map that are set to low security for a reason, there are rare resources found only there and the escalations spawn there, If you are unwilling to risk anything you should gain nothing.
We just "recently" got the ability to set security on hexes we control. Now that is being tossed out as now there will be a new "class" of scavenger able to move indiscriminately around the map with no ability to stop them from doing as they please in territory you "control".

I could go on but I will stop here.

Is it being able to attack ANY player whether they are also looking to PVP randomly, whether they are strong or weak, whether they are "built" for it or not?
Is it about fighting challenging players that know they are challenging and so flag up?
What is more important to you?
Do you always speculate on how someone is going to answer a question you ask them?

Lets face it banditry is never going to be a thing in this game. No effort has been made to make it viable or profitable.
The alliance is the most aggressive group in the game right now. I drive that, believe it or not I intend to win this game. I Intend to control every City and Hex in this game. Right now vast areas of the map are still up for capture from defunct groups. When I have all of those, I will be coming for Yours. You will have to choose whether it is worth fighting for or surrender it with no conflict.
This is what I enjoy about PVP, do I frighten you enough to make you surrender what you have or will you scoff and meet me in battle to keep what you have.
If you are unwilling to risk PVP at any level you should not have access to any T3 Mats, Enchanting Mats, or Victory markers. If you want them you will have to trade for them or buy them.

I have lots more to rant about but this will do for now.
Kenton Stone
I hate to do it but Congratulations smile to the Eastern Alliance of University Commons, Carpe Noctem and Keeper's Pass for a challenging competition.
We were having lot's of fun trading the lead each day.
Then Keeper's joined in and alas the die was cast, we were unable to challenge a day and night crew.
The Victory is yours

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
We appear to have a problem with the Aragon hex at the moment.
Two events spawned on the same pad so the boss pad has remnant prisoners and we cannot finish the escalation, we are hoping that it will clear itself in an hour. If not we may be stopped cold.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
Fortunately, most mobs won't drop their leash ranges down too far no matter how damaged they are, so as long as you fight them relatively close to the encounter site, you usually won't have much problem. There are a few exceptions with pretty tight leashes regardless of whether or not they're damaged, so you may need to fight very close-in to keep them engaged, which of course was a large part of the goal in making this change.
Wow, this makes ranged combat very frustrating, time and time again I began firing at max range by the time the target got close and had taken considerable damage they turned and ran back to the start becoming invulnerable forcing me to constantly switch targets or move into full melee combat which is dangerous as at any point the closer melee opponents could and do turn on me and attacked while I am focused on a target at range unable to get Los because of the Melee opponents getting in the way.
I can see this being a big issue with the Ninja/Samurai etc.

I can see this being murder on gear.

Kenton Stone.
Kenton Stone
I cannot find any item in the auction house list either Raw Gathered or Salvage listed as Serrated Ore. I even checked the test server. I am wondering if this was omitted from the game?
Kenton Stone
When trying to gather from a node, the gathering animation starts and goes on for about normal time and then … nothing. No loot window, no message. it has happen to me three times so far, in three different hexes and of three different types of nodes. I think there may be a new bug as I haven't seen exactly this behavior before.
My speculation is that it has something to do with new mats, because i have only found one new mat so far, and that was together with several other mats, perhaps it is something that happens if there is only new mats in the draw.
Bug reports sent in but I wanted to see if other have seen this too.

Edit: Are we sure the gating is working correctly? i have only found Scavenging stuff so far which I have at level 10 and nothing in the other three (lvl8-9). Could it be something in the lv3-T1 gating logic that's throwing a hissy fit and thus creates the empty loot sometimes? Any sub level 10 gatherers that found stuff yet?

The only time I get no box is when hitting a gusher, other than that it seems fine.
Hex borders can cause it also.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
Gushers are sucking all the achievement points from my gatherers. It seems whenever I go to gather I get a gusher between 1-10 pulls in the hex. Sometimes it is what I was focusing on, sometimes not.

As can be seen from the following chart we are all very familiar with. It takes 8000 points to finish level 10

Achievement      Points
Midden Digger 1	 10
Midden Digger 2	 20
Midden Digger 3	 50
Midden Digger 4	 100
Midden Digger 5	 250
Midden Digger 6	 500
Midden Digger 7	 1250
Midden Digger 8	 2500
Midden Digger 9	 6250
Midden Digger 10 8000
The biggest problem with this is that you gain no achievement points for the gusher other than the 1 point for finding it.

Monsters can be found in groups of up to 8 or more each monster getting you potentially multiple achievement points, Weapon, type of monster killed, escalation quest, etc. while gathering you only ever get one point at a time, making it a grueling ordeal to gain all 10 levels of a gathering achievement.

Gushers rub your face in it, every one of my gatherers have by now gained achievement level 10 in over 5 weapons as I have to defend my gushers, netting around 175 kills per gusher.

Now don't get me wrong I love gushers but I walk away with 400-475 resources and having spent around an hour after finding it, getting a kit and hauling it back to somewhere having only gained between 1 and 10 gathering achievement points and 170+ Kill achievement points.

Can we get some gathering achievement points for doing gushers please, getting to level 17 for enchantment gathering is going to be horrible at this rate.

Kenton Stone
P.S. Yes I know the subject was click bait.
Kenton Stone
@Harad Navar
I have began working with QGIS and was wondering if you ever finished the remaining video tutorials for the creation of PFO maps. Your first video was extremely helpful. I am months away from producing anything useful and any assistance would be extremely useful.

Kenton Stone.
Kenton Stone
Waited 45 minutes no one else showed - Very Disappointing.
Finally Flitwyck and Dolken showed up and some fun was had