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All posts created by Kenton Stone

Kenton Stone
@Harad Navar
I have began working with QGIS and was wondering if you ever finished the remaining video tutorials for the creation of PFO maps. Your first video was extremely helpful. I am months away from producing anything useful and any assistance would be extremely useful.

Kenton Stone.
Kenton Stone
Waited 45 minutes no one else showed - Very Disappointing.
Finally Flitwyck and Dolken showed up and some fun was had
Kenton Stone
One of particular note seems to be missing.

…of Holding

Is there going to be an entry for what Item type they can be applied to?

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
Archer feat rank 14 should give the Light Keyword the text says "Rank 14 adds the Medium minor keyword…"
Kenton Stone
Looking to trade for Emerald Base Defense Stones.

I currently have 6x Basic Sapphire Perception Stones and 1x Basic Turquoise Speed Stone

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone

The Manor Holding offers Seneschal training and crafting facilities (seemed fitting as it's kind of like a mini-Keep), a 1 Trade Good and 1 Bulk Ore resource bonus for each upgrade, and 2 DI in each Index for each upgrade. It mostly uses Bulk Food for upkeep, followed by Trade Goods, and finally Bulk Ore, in the usual amounts. The recipe for the Manor Holding Kit is granted by default at Engineer 7 (same as other default holding recipes).

The Hermitage Holding offers Weaver training and crafting facilities, a 2 Trade Goods bonus for each upgrade, and a mix of DI for each upgrade (2 Security, 1 Civilization, 3 Morale). It mostly uses Bulk Food for upkeep, followed by Bulk Wood, and finally Bulk Stone, in the usual amounts. The recipe for the Hermitage Holding Kit drops as loot and can be learned at Engineer 9 (same as other dropped holding recipes).
It would seem according to this post:

The Manor Holding
+3 will use 22 Food, 6 Trade Goods, 1 Ore

The Hermitage Holding
+3 will use 22 Food, 6 Wood, 1 Stone
Kenton Stone
Google's decision to mark non-HTTPS websites "not secure" takes effect soon.
Due to this decision the host for the PFO Storehouse is now issuing free SSL Certs and so I have enabled it for the Storehouse. If there are any issues let me know.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
Hey Bob, the following things and maybe a couple others I am not familiar with need to be added to the refining sheet on the Wiki as they are now also considered refined goods.
Queries against the Wiki for settlement buildings are messed up because these items are not found on the refining sheet.

Hunter's Shortbow
Staff Uniforms
Workers's Tools
Softwood Greatclub
Apprentice's styptic
Targeting Dummy
Decorative Coat of Arms
Student's Trophy Charm
Decorative Weapons
Cleaning Supplies
Decorative Censer
Extermination Enchantment
Warding Stones
Decorative Fixtures
Basic Incense
Weighted Dropcloths
Laborer's Protective Gear
Workers's Torches
Waterproof Tarps
Builder's Blessing
Targeting Dummy

While I appreciated the adding of the Azoth to the sheet smile that broke queries as well. All these changes are killing my poor spreadsheets. Have some compassion
What did my spreadsheets ever do to you?
Kenton Stone
Sorry to hear about your struggles getting into the game, most players are US time so are on in the evenings, I am surprised that a Carpe person was not around to assist.

You are always welcome on the public Discord server the link is in your launcher and provided below.
Aragon Alliance is where my group hangs out guest is always open for someone to come down an talk. We always monitor the text channels for new player questions or request for assistance.

For looking up what things do try the Goblinary.

The Aragon group would be happy to get you setup and answer any questions you have.
We have social tools coming in the next patch, hopefully they will help with some of the finding people to run around with issues.

If you are looking for gathering resources try the Pfostorehouse.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
I don't engage in these "debates" often but I get annoyed when the "Not Bandits" try to speak for the Actual Bandits.
The current raiding mechanic is broken, but even without that the fact that someone can move their wallet from their right pocket to their left pocket and that makes it impossible to pickpocket them for some reason is ridiculous.

I do not see a need to give them access to the other vaults as the purpose of the raids is to get bulk
Who said the only purpose of a raid is to get bulk, the purpose of the raid is to take anything not nailed down. The current situation is we can only get bulk and nothing else and even then only 5% from the Secure vault and one days production.

If I used the minimum of 25 influence I lose to the raid to upgrade an outpost the payback would dwarf any haul from a raid.

We are trying to spice up game but still need some incentive. I have to pay for the privilege of robbing someone and don't even get an achievement for it.

, not peoples harvest kits and heal tokens they have stashed.
Consequences, if you leave it undefended it should be subject to raids.

Giving access to Company bulk will not help much as people will just move it to a settlement or freehold more often.

This at least has the potential of offering more targets for banditry, the ridiculous number of high security hexes aside.

HOWEVER … I do concede its a bit of a fruitless exercise for bandit types at present as they have no way of knowing what they are getting until after they feud and attack. The holding may have just been emptied.

You have no idea!

What the bandit types actually need is a way to expend some small amount of influence to find out what is in a holding secure vault. If they then decide to go ahead and raid that initial influence can go towards the feud cost.

I am not spending influence to learn that, anyone should be able to kill the guards and take a quick peek at the holdings contents.