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Kenton Stone
We have no problems with most structures the problems arise when 2 codex collections are required.
Instead of having 3 mats and 1 collections it becomes 2 mats and 2 collections. This makes it mathematically problematic.
Taking an Engineer of level 20 with a score of 245 when geared up fully.
Lets use the +5 lab as an example

* 17 x Cleaning Supplies
* 2 x Workers Tools
* Alchemist Codex Collection x 3
* Engineer Codex Collection X 3

Now if we Make all 17 Cleaning Supplies at +5 and all Workers Tools at +5
We still need 5 of the Codex Collections to be +4 and one to be +3

To Get a +4 Codex collection one must make a +3 and hope for a crit.
A +3 Codex Collection requires 33 codices. That is [330 T1], [110 T2] or [33 T3]
Probability suggests that with Azoth you will get 1 x +4 for each 7 attempts.
So if luck is with us it will take
[6930 T1], [2310 T2] or [693 T3] for 3 x +4 collections.
[4620 T1], [1540 T2] or [462 T3] for 2 x +4 collections with a +3 also gained in the process.

This is after building the +2 - +4 versions.

Maybe we are not getting enough recipes but we seem to be a few thousand recipes short.

Someone explain how this is going to be possible or where my math is

Kenton Stone.
Kenton Stone
Bob, this system means that a settlement with lower level buildings will pay less in bulk resources to have
support at level 20 than a fully developed city. Is that your intention? Can the city effectively have no buildings and still be set at level 20 and pay 750 of each bulk (using your numbers) while a developed city has to pay more for level 20 support? Is a plus X keep required to be able to set support at a certain level? Is anything required in order to set support at a certain level?

I don't think it seems fair for an undeveloped city to be able to set support at the same level as a developed city if that is indeed the correct interpretation of your explanations.
They would pay about the same for support but nothing for buildings. What is unfair?
750 bulk of each type weekly to "support" a city with no buildings is expensive. Why would anyone do that?
Kenton Stone
Blah Blah Blah…

Settlements have 3 Development Indexes (DI):
  1. Security
  2. Civilization
  3. Morale
These work much like Influence, with
  • Available
  • Banked
  • Total
  • Max
Seems good up to here.

Each starts at 500 Available, plus whatever amount Banked is necessary for the settlement’s current buildings.
Example before any upgraded buildings

      Available = (500 + (Sqrt(# of holdings)*40) + Upgraded holding bonus
      Banked = (total Security DI for all buildings at +0 in settlement)
      Total = Available + Banked
      Max = (Average daily DI generated *30)
Each Index keeps a history of how much DI was earned each of the previous 28 days, with each day initially set to Total DI divided by 30 or the amount of DI that would be generated that day, whichever is greater.
I assume this is to smooth out spikes

The Max for each Index is calculated right after Daily Maintenance:

  • Calculate the average DI earned by that settlement in that Index over the past 28 days, 14 days and 7 days.
  • Take the greatest of those averages and multiply it by 30.

Does 30 have relevance (30 days etc) or is it arbitrary?

The amount of DI generated each morning is also calculated right after Daily Maintenance:

  • Total hexes controlled by the settlement contribute the square root of total hexes multiplied by 40 to each Index.
  • Upgraded Holdings controlled by the settlement contribute a total of 6 points per upgrade (not counting +0), with the amount per Index set in the spreadsheets. Nothing is added for +0 Holdings.
  • Holdings/hexes that are shut down or held by companies that only joined the Settlement the previous server day don't count.
  • Infrastructure/Support Structures contribute a total of 10-45 each to DI each morning. The specific amount at each upgrade for each Index is set in the spreadsheets. They start adding DI at +0. Nothing is added for shut down Structures.

This seems straight forward
Holdings = Sqrt(# of holdings)*40
  • Upgraded to +1 = # * 6
  • Upgraded to +2 = # * 12
  • Upgraded to +3 = # * 18
  • Upgraded to +4 = # * 24
  • Upgraded to +5 = # * 30

When S/M/L Structures (or Keeps) are built or upgraded, the amount of each Index specified in the spreadsheets is banked. If there isn’t enough available, the structure can’t be built or upgraded. Players are told which Indexes are insufficient when this happens.

I assume the amount is also deduced from Available?

If a settlement doesn’t have sufficient Max DI in one or more Indexes to cover the Banked DI, then all S/M/L structures (plus the Keep) shut down. When things are adjusted so that there is sufficient Max DI in all Indexes or all structures are at +0, any structure shut down purely due to DI becomes active.

To reiterate: Available is mentioned one time but no usage is indicated.

DI requirements will be set so that it’s not possible to have a really advanced settlement without controlling a reasonable amount of territory. Preliminary numbers are listed in the Public Spreadsheets. Not counting Support Structures, here's roughly how many hexes would be needed to have enough DI for the following settlements:

  • All +0 Structures (4650 DI): 2 +0 hexes
  • All +1 Structures (9300 DI): 7 +0 hexes or 6 +1 hexes
  • All +2 Structures (13950 DI): 12 +1 hexes or 9 +2 hexes
  • All +3 Structures (18600 DI): 15 +2 hexes or 12 +3 hexes
  • All +4 Structures (23250 DI): 17 +3 hexes or 14 +4 hexes
  • All +5 Structures (27900 DI): 18 +4 hexes or 16 +5 hexes

This area is a major stumbling block for my thoughts.
Lets just take the first example
All +0 Structures (4650 DI): 2 +0 hexes
above it was stated that you begin with banked DI equal to all of your settlement
buildings. So this seems to indicate that all the necessary DI is already banked
so what do the 2 +0 holdings provide in DI that is necessary? Or is this indicating
they will provide the bulk resources to pay for the buildings. If that is the case
that is a different topic from DI.

Assuming most settlements will have some Support Structures to lower these hex requirements, and reasonably upgraded Holdings, there are plenty of Wilderness hexes to provide every current settlement with the DI they need.
Post your feedback here for discussion, and I'll make adjustments to this post with any changes that arise from discussion, or that turn up during implementation.

For clarification I will post an example settlement to work through my problems. Adjusting based on your response to this.
Kenton Stone
The more important question is when you play.
Your build and alignment would fit most groups. A little less the North and the far south as they are a bit rules oriented but I think you could work with it.
So it mostly comes to finding a group that plays at the time you are available.
Dominion is Good/Non-Evil, Aragon Alliance is CN allowing banditry, Carpe Noctem is mostly Europe/Australia so late US time, the Pheonix is mostly good, Keepers is Crafting focused.

This is just a summary talk with the various groups and see what is your best fit.

If interested in Aragon we hang out in the public Discord server, link is in the patcher or ask in general for someone from Aragon and they will answer any questions you might have.
Good Luck and Welcome to the game.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
No this was a Carpe Noctem initiative - I thought it might provide some entertainment for all involved. The RP reason is that the citizens of Fort Orobourus (ex Sigil) asked us for aid in relieving the siege of their settlement.
This is entirely true. Fort has been rebuilding with the help of a number of independent settlements who whilst seeming to disagree on a large number of things, have in common a desire to keep Fort independent and stop it becoming another empty satellite of one of the larger groups on the server.

The renewed activity in 'Sigil'/"Fort O" is a recent thing. We made an attempt to capture the city when the old rules were in place but were blocked. That next monday Bob posted that you now have to siege cities to capture them. He then waited like 9 months to actually release the rules for a siege. Recently the name of Sigil Changed to Fort O and some activity was seen. I have been waiting to see what comes of it.I would like nothing more than another active settlement in the game. But I have watched many try fail and leave.

Given that most of Forts current characters are new players or less than a year old we were not in a good position to do anything about the bandit holdings in our area ourselves. Aside from which to be quite blunt about it - after paying influence for a feud we would struggle to erect anything the bandits could not just knock down again. This game does not favor smaller groups. Asking a PvP group politely to remove holdings seemed somewhat pointless.
You makes some points here that are quite valid and some assumptions that are unfounded.
    You are correct there is nothing you can make I cannot destroy, but that is true of anything I build also. I will however savagely defend what I build.
    You are correct the game does not favor smaller groups, why do you think we banded together.
    You declared diplomacy a failure before you even tried.
We actually initially asked Keepers Pass if they could help us clear out some of the +0 Inn holdings that have been around since the character "Egg" had randomly decided to take Sigil for no reason other than to rename it "Eggtopia". Keepers at the time where unable to help, potentially due to lack of influence to feud, they did not say why.

Egg did not decide to take Sigil I did. If there was going to be an Eggtopia in this game it was going to be as far away from Aragon as possible. He was Chaos incarnate I figured he would be likely to gather a group of avid PvPers and attack me as much as everyone else.

Carpe however thought it may have been a "bit of fun" to squabble over some +0 holdings and decided to help out. I was surprised to hear the response to trying to clear one or two hexes in our core 6 was a defense of the bandits holdings by representatives of I think 4 of the major alliances of the server. That is quite a political statement.

You are reading way too much into the situation. That was just a lot of bored ass PvPers who saw a chance for some action and wanted in. It was unfortunate that I have had more interactions with them so they all jumped in my boat. This somewhat skewed show of force caused Carpe to forfeit before we even met on the battlefield. It was an opportunity for some fun lost to all.

One alternative is just join a bigger group but the former Sigil always had the option of being part of AL we preferred independence. There is also the option to close down Fort and demolish all the buildings and move Clueless either to one of our former affiliated settlements now in AL or to one of the independent settlements (back to Phaeros, KP, PFU etc etc) but if possible we prefer to stay where we are.
It is not my intention to capture an active settlement. I have reasons that I will not discuss here to have that settlement, but if you are serious about making it an active settlement I will take no action to capture it from you.

Here is a word of advice: Get to know more leaders in the game. Most are more reasonable than you give us credit for. For a small group Diplomacy is your best weapon.

You are a Troll
…I prefer the *bounce them back home* option. This fact alone would have been a huge force multiplier for Fort O in trying to clear some space in their core 6.

I believe in this instance it would have favored us, as both groups involved were from across the map. Only local people would have been favored in this fight, but none of them were involved to my knowledge.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
If you wish to avoid disappointment in the future, don't hire every single mercenary on the server to defend you. I would be fine with even odds even though none of my guys have PvP experience and we would even have come out at 2-1 odds but if you experienced PvP-ers want to outnumber us by three to one or more you may find we are less keen to play…

*Edit* It seems that our psychotic dwarf decided to ignore the decision to abort and take you all on by himself. Doesn't sound like he achieved much success but I'll have a pint of whatever he was drinking smile

First I didn't hire anyone. Apparently word got around that there would be PvP and some extras showed up for the fun. I was prepared to scale back our response but the total "black ops" nature of this made it unclear of your motivation or the number of people you would be fielding.

If Fort O is concerned about my intentions in the area, they have been quite silent about it to me. It's not hard to get a hold of me. Those were placed before whoever runs it was active. I have no intention of moving them unless given sufficient reason.

At the moment I am the only thing guaranteeing it's security. As you have seen "I hold what I have". If Fort O wishes to have some diplomatic relations try or stop by the PFO Discord.

Now as stated in Carpe Noctem posts you have a reciprocal relationship with other groups. Reciprocal goes both ways, up till now I have given up holdings around Carpe so you could control your core 6 when requested and refrained from raiding your holdings. Carpe Noctem is now considered a raiding target. We will, for now, limit our raiding to Doom holdings only, pending further developments. This is not a declaration of war or any such, just a change in or diplomatic relationship.

The ball is in your court.

Kenton Stone

P.S. We appreciated "The Dwarf" showing up none the less, he at least made the night mildly amusing. A few more and we could have had some fun. Hats off to Gross stubborn as a Dwarf should be.
Kenton Stone
First: I would like to thank Starchild and Net for offering a defense of a hex claimed by Doom. Good fight, it was a pleasure to finally have someone defend.

Now to the other part.
We were hugely dissapointed tonight, we were expecting a party but we got nothing. Due to the no show I suspect this was not a sanctioned Dominion event. In the future please supply a roster of attendees and we will endeavor to only match the number so all can have some enjoyment.
{This means you Nails, don't think for a second I don't suspect you were behind this}

Maybe next time there will be some music and dancing.

Kenton Stone
Kenton Stone
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
We are the funniest little bunch of gamers! We ask for features. We demand features. We howl for features.

We get the features.

We cry about the features. We hate the features. We dislike anyone that uses the features. Instinctively we assume the features break things, wreck things and all for the bad.

@ Bob,

I find things(sometimes) a bit of a cluster frack while doing gushers. At times the mobs, I am assuming, also trying to get LoS on me, dogpile onto my character space and no one can hit anything, or a few can hit me but most can't. Still the strength of the kit-site declines rapidly.

To be clear, using some quick thinking reflex actions I can always extricate myself(so far) and lay about me to "Strike down the rascals".

What I am wondering is if mobs "stacking" onto each other(or the character) to be able to get LoS on characters, but thus causing themselves being very hard to lock LoS FOR characters can be or should be addressed?

This doesn't happen often but I agree with Bringslight on this.
I tested it on Zog and found it adequate for play.
In the game I have noticed the Pile on and find it an excellent tactic [even if unintended] you just got mobbed.
My whirlwind fighter loves when everyone gets close and my Light blade never stops moving and avoids it.
If you stand in one place expect to get overrun.
When I do gushers I use a decoy to lure the mobs away from the site and kill them quickly.
Am I annoyed when my prey escapes into the mob? Yes, but so what, its reprieve will be short lived no one escapes me for long.
Get used to it and adapt.

Note: as an aside I like where gushers are at now. The mobs will turn and attack me as they are moving in and not ignore me remaining Good work on this Bob. I always for get to give Cole a big {You Rock dude}smile keep hacking at that code.
Kenton Stone
Bob, is there a way to get the flag and box off the tab list when the mobs spawn? Always having to tab through them to select a target is annoying.
Kenton Stone

smileThings about mules that need to be fixed
    A mule Icon need to show on the full map.
    Mules need a marker when lost until reclaimed or claimed by another
    The De-spawn time needs to be extended
    Husk life need to be extended depending on capacity of mule

Tonight I got distracted talking to a team member and the [Heavily Edited] mule got stuck on some [Edited] blade of grass or something.
Shortly after noticing the missing mule we began a frantic search for it.
The search took about 10 minutes when we found where the mule got stuck it had already De-spawned to a husk. This was a Medium +1 mule with thousands of resources from 3 weeks worth of gushers and around 5000 bulk resources. We were only a fraction of the way through recovery when the husk De-spawned destroying everything remaining.
Three people working frantically could not recover the items fast enough.

The new mules can carry too much for the old timing, it needs adjusted to compensate for the time necessary to recover all the material on the mule or the "Owner" [The one that spawned it] needs to be able to do a take all on the husk. Preferably a marker appear so the mule can be recovered quickly before it De-spawns.

Hope this gets some attention before someone else has a horrific event like this.